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Publications in category: Clean Laffs

Does this make any sense at all?
It's perfectly safe.
A little ointment should clear it right up.
That's what summer is for, right?
Clean Laffs Video - Chop Sticks? - I Dream of Jeannie
The company picnic is tomorrow.
I'm fresh out of excuses.
Dark Knight Review.
Ow, ow, ow!
I don't believe it's unbelievable.
Clean Laffs Video - Ralph and Norton Play Pool
Only seven weekends left, folks.
Whatever you have to do to win.
Don't you wish you lived my life?
It's good to have goals.
This time without the general mayhem.
Clean Laffs Video - Yes, a snail drinking beer.
You can look just like Reed Richards!
Women's Self Defense
I am vulnerable to sticky dance floors.
The whole thing was loads of fun.
Survival of the fittest.
Clean Laffs Video - I'd only have to land on my face once.
Down with the Quartering Act and the Stamp Act!
Steer away from the pork-stuffed bananas.
There's fun and then there's plain stupid.
Cutting it close.
Clean Laffs Video - Swine bird!
The harbor cops are gonna get me.
Tonight's the big night.
We all interpret "relax" a little differently.
This is going to be my summer.
It's change jar time.
Clean Laffs Video - The Bridge on the River Kwai
Kiss Me It's the Solstice!
Guess what I found out last night!
It's time to buckle down and cram.
How can I miss you if you won't go away?
A nice way to come home.
Clean Laffs Video - Bumper cars.
Now I'm paranoid.
I could be in the air right now!
I don't know if I can handle it.
I didn't see any tornados.
Busy as a beaver.
Clean Laffs Video - The Three Stooges Crash a Wedding
Somebody's going to get a mouthful of knuckles.
Thanks for all the great stories.
What are you prepared to do?
Fortunately I don't own a sledgehammer.
You'll impress the chicks with this one.
Clean Laffs Video - Jack Benny and Liberace
The kitchen luge.

In Living Color - Fire Marshal Bill

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Little Shop of Horrors - Feed Me

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Andy Kaufman - Mighty Mouse Theme Song

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