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Publications in category: Doonsbury Comic Strip

Left something on the battlefield. (Final Issue)
Unworthy of injury benefit.
Powerful medicine, little girls.
A ridiculous crotch rocket.
Model-thin patent holders from Seattle
Your head must be spinning.
A fairy princess on steroids.
Complaints About the Suspense
Fat envelopes.
Committed Terrorist Motivation
The greatest recruiting tool in the history of terrorism!
Dream of fighting in Kansas
It's a small world after all...
Hunt for Iraqi stability.
Preventing civil war
"Remember the fall elections?"
Battle cry.
As long as it keeps the troops motivated.
I don't want the money.
Wrong place at the wrong time.
You're giving the money back?!
Put the check down slowly...
Traumatic Injury Benefit Payment
There were 1,100 murders in Philadelphia?
On the other hand, I understand moms.
Now there's a blogger's delight!
Screenshots of random opinion blogs
I'm on Deadline for my Blog
Impressive resumes.
You look like a million bucks.
Fortunately, I don't need any money.
Maybe you were just dead to me.
I'm still gonna have to pat you down.
Second chances.
Now that I'm a celebrity!
A Mardi Gras No-No!
Coming up on the next float...
You've only been working for an hour.
Total chaos.
If she's available.
I call it my phantom pain.
Why did it bother you so much?
I knew you wouldn't understand.
Phrases in the future tense.
Company performance awards.
128 oz. sirloin.
You wouldn't have to eat again until Monday.
That place is disgusting!
A farewell peck on the cheek
Oh, he wasn't so bad.
He requires me!
Ringtone for Christmas.

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