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Publications in category: Progressive Review

Strike on Iran Still Possible
New Torture Memo Shields Interrogators
Cost of Loan Bailout Could Be $25 Billion
Bin Laden Driver Headed For Trial at Guantanamo
US Troops Withdraw From Afghan Outpost
Bush Signs Spy Bill and Draws Lawsuit
Cheney Aides Altered CDC Testimony
China Inspired Interrogations at Guantanamo
Who's Planning Our Next War?
Obama and Clinton Join Together
Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty
Obama Forgoes Public Funds
Report Questions Pentagon Accounts
Justices Rule Terror Suspects Can Appeal
Records Could Shed Light on Iraq Group
Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control
Ex-Press Aide: Bush Misled US
New Fears on Global Oil Supplies
Liberals Work to Change McCain's Image
America Is Unprepared For Nov. 4th
Antiterrorism Role for Elite Forces Rejected
Republican Election Losses Stir Fall Fears
Clinton Beats Obama in West Virginia
It Will Be Decided In June
Obama Wins N.C. and Clinton Takes Indiana
No Authority Over The Vice President?
Some Vets Find GI Bill Falls Short
Barack Obama Still Takes in Oil Money
The End of Cheap Food?
Debate Dwells on Obama's Past
Housing Bill Brings Big Tax Breaks
Olympic President Makes Rare Rebuke of China
Homeowner Relief Losing Momentum
Is It Time to Disband NATO?
McConnell Is Cast as a Lobbyist
Clinton Backers Rebuke Pelosi
Bush Given Iraq War Plan
Richardson Endorses Obama
Iraq War Cost Not Close to Ballpark
Democrats Face Racial Issue Again
Obama Wins Mississippi Primary
Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority
FCC Official Wants Probe of "60 Minutes" Blackout
$4 Gasoline? It's News to Bush
Gas Prices A Threat to Family Budget
FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending
Supreme Court Won't Review Bush Spying Case
A Clinton Ally Tilts to Obama
White House Pushes Waterboarding Rationale
New Charges of Guantanamo Torture
The Madness of John McCain
Obama Reaped $32 Million in January
Clinton Wins in Florida

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