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Publications in category: Music History

Frank Sinatra on Larry King Live
Mariah Carey: One Sweet Day
Dance Scene at Jackrabbit Slims
Cher Extravaganza
Is That Britney Spears?
Monty Python: The Amazing Pianist
Pavarotti Live in China
Robot ASIMO Conducts The Detroit Symphony Orchestra
James Brown: I Feel Good
Hey, Bo Diddley
Blondie Live: One Way Or Another
Jim Croce: Operator
Gladys Knight: You're All I Need
Kenny Rogers: Reuben James
Ike & Tina Turner: Get Back
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven
Bobby Darin: Mack the Knife
Hendrix at Woodstock
Riverdance: Special Olympics Performance
Music Video - David Cassidy: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
American Idol: David Archuleta Sings 'Imagine'
Tom Jones: I Who Have Nothing
Jerry Reed: Amos Moses
5th Dimension: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
Jim Croce: You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Jimi Hendrix Playing Hear My Train A Comin'
The Pick of Destiny: Master Exploder
Walk Hard: Du-et
Walk The Line: For Your Warden
Hoffy Holidays: David Hasselhoff
Winter Wonderland: Christmas in Vienna
Ike & Tina: Proud Mary
Irish Flute Player Of Overton Bass G Whistle
Nothing's Gonna Change My World
Joe Cocker Live Performance
Crashbox Rocks with 'Radio'
Primus: Amos Moses
The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Voodoo Child
Michael Jackson's Thriller
James Brown: I Feel Good
Star Wars Orchestra
Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday
Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley
Crazed Britney Fan Singing Gimme More
Britney Spears VMA 2007 Uncensored Version
Pavarotti: Live in Munich
Grateful Dead: Casey Jones
Jack Black on American Idol
Blue Rondo A LA Turk
Faith Hill: Hands Off My Man's Balls!
Pulp Fiction: Dance Scene
Tom Jones: I Who Have Nothing

Hard to Handle - The Black Crowes

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99 Luftballoons - NENA

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Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize

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Frank Sinatra - Come Rain and Come Shine

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