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Publications in category: Coffee Break

Fisherman catches Swedish swimmer
River log turns out to be alligat
Conan O´Brien - The Crocodile Hunter
Party on, Gators
Trash sculpture erected in Russian city
Pope prays during Last Supper staging
Sweden hosts footballgolf tournament
Deported terrorist in Canada since 1988
Bible-based toys may go mainstream
Space alien advocate descends on DNC
Hartford defends its scooter parking ban
Man promoting anti-Democratic Party song
Man sues over mistaken identity
Comedy Critters - Bloopers and Blunders
Polar Bear Mothers
Police send bill to car theft victim
Cemetery to accommodate eternal Cubs fans
Bank swindler gets unusual sentence
$55,000 found in jail bathroom
8 hospitalized after eating pot brow
Man charged after stopping suspect
The Dark Knight - Trailer
Security camera roils remote village
Dead lawn could yield $746 fine
Sept. 11 rescue dog to be cloned
Amazing Catch By Ball Girl
Long-lost rings found in toilet
Personalized drill leads to arrests
Restaurant in trouble over drugstore name
Teen sends thousands of texts a month
Baby girl born at subway station
Who Said Dogs Can´t Talk?
Company offers dog clone to contest winner
Wikipedia blamed for test score drop
Family forced out of home by skunks
Return to duty delayed for White Castle
Police say man ordered python to attack
Trial aborted after jurors play Sudoku
Compressed Air Car
Teen, dad arrested for pony prank
City: Bikini ban accidental
Colorado to release smelly lottery tickets
Man drives ambulances sans license
Minister launches drive-in church
Bikinis too risque for Utah city
Activists place masks on Rome statues
Man says car runs on water
Man arrested after fish assault
Fun With Cheetahs
Whale bone arch replaced with fiberglass
Bakery may lose kosher approval
Newlyweds to stand trial after brawl

Mentos Explosion

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