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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Teri Garr...

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Hello fans,

I'm sad to say that some hard times have fallen upon our 
featured person this week - the talented actress Teri Garr. 
However, despite the serious medical issues she has dealt 
with, Teri has continued to work and keep a positive attitude. 
She has even used her experiences to help others in the same 
situation. Read on to find out more about what Teri has been 
through and how she keeps on fighting...

Take care,



  See if you know if the following celebrities have had a 
  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

--Ralph Bellamy: He appeared in numerous movies, including 
"Trading Places" and "Pretty Woman"

--Jan Clayton: Played the mother, Ellen Miller, on the TV 
series "Lassie"

--John Fiedler: He was the voice of Piglet in the "Winnie 
the Pooh" cartoons and he played Mr. Peterson, one of Bob's 
regular patients, on the TV series "The Bob Newhart Show", 
among other roles

                 (Answer at the bottom)


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                      TERI GARR

BIRTH DATE: December, 11 1947, Lakewood, Ohio

BIRTH NAME: Terry Ann Garr

CLAIM TO FAME: Teri has had memorable roles in classic films 
such as Young Frankenstein, Close Encounters of the Third 
Kind, and an Academy Award-nominated performance for Best 
Supporting Actress in 1982's Tootsie. 

FAMILY LIFE: Daughter of Eddie Garr, a Broadway stage and 
film actor, and Phyllis Garr, a dancer. She is divorced 
from John O'Neil. The two were married from 1993-1996, and 
have an adopted daughter, Molly.

INFO: While Garr's dancing can be seen in nine Elvis Presley 
movies, her first speaking role in motion pictures was in 
the The Monkees film Head (1968). She appeared frequently on 
television, first on The Andy Griffith Show, and later on 
Batman, Star Trek, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, The Ken 
Berry 'Wow' Show, and The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour. 

Her film career took off in the mid-1970s with significant 
roles in Young Frankenstein, Oh, God!, Close Encounters of 
the Third Kind, The Black Stallion, Mr. Mom, and Tootsie. 
She hosted Saturday Night Live three times throughout the 
late 1970s and early 1980s.

As a recurring guest on Late Night with David Letterman, she 
was renowned for her unscripted banter with personal friend 
David Letterman. She played a recurring character in Friends 
in the late 1990s. Garr appeared in a series of local 
television commercials in several markets for various FM 
radio stations.

Continued below....   


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TRIVIA: In 1990, she smashed the windows of her ex-boyfriend's 
house after a woman called Garr to tell her she had slept 
with Garr's boyfriend. Charges were never filed against her.

Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1977" in 
John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 29.

Marriage to John O'Neil took place on the day their adopted 
daughter Molly was born.

Friend of Connie Sellecca.

Was the winner on a celebrity edition of "Weakest Link" 

Friend of Toni Basil.

Has two brothers.

Attended CSU Northridge along with her "Close Encounters" 
co-star, Richard Dreyfuss.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: In October 2002, Garr went public with the 
news that she has multiple sclerosis. After years of 
uncertainty and secrecy surrounding her diagnosis, Garr 
explained her reasons for deciding to go public: "I'm telling 
my story for the first time, so I can help people. I can help 
people know they aren't alone, and tell them there are reasons 
to be optimistic because today treatment options are available". 

Garr has since become a leading advocate in raising awareness 
for MS and the latest treatments for the disease. She is a 
National Ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis 
Society and National Chair for the Society's Women Against 
MS program (WAMS). In November 2005, Garr was honored as the 
society’s Ambassador of the Year for her commitment to 
raising awareness about MS. This honor had been given only 
four times since the society was founded.

On December 21, 2006, she suffered a brain aneurysm in her 
Los Angeles area home; her 13-year-old daughter called for 
help when she couldn't get her to wake up. Following surgery, 
her publicist Heidi Schaeffer said she expects Garr to make 
a full recovery. Earlier this summer, she appeared on the Late 
Show with David Letterman to promote her new movie, Expired. 

Teri (Terri/Terry) Garr
Paradigm (LA)
360 N Crescent Dr North Bldg
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Video Clips of Teri Garr


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God Out the Window (2007)
Kabluey (2007) .... Suze
Expired (2007) .... Claire's Mother
 Unaccompanied Minors (2006) (uncredited) .... Valerie's 
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" .... Minerva Grahame-
Bishop (1 episode, 2005)
    - Starved (2005) TV episode .... Minerva Grahame-Bishop
A Taste of Jupiter (2005) .... Ginnie
Aloha, Scooby-Doo (2005) (V) (voice) .... Mayor Molly Quinn
"Greetings from Tucson" .... Helen (1 episode, 2003)
    - Coffee (2003) TV episode .... Helen
"Life with Bonnie" .... Mrs. Abigail Portinbody (1 episode, 
    - Buy This Book (2003) TV episode .... Mrs. Abigail 
"What's New, Scooby-Doo?" .... Sandy Gordon (1 episode, 2003)
    - Toy Scary Boo (2003) TV episode (voice) .... Sandy 
Life Without Dick (2002) .... Madame Hugonaut
"Strong Medicine" .... Mimi Stark (1 episode, 2001)
    - Control Group (2001) TV episode .... Mimi Stark
Ghost World (2001) (uncredited) .... Maxine
"Felicity" .... Dr. Zwick (1 episode, 2001)
    - It's Raining Men (2001) TV episode .... Dr. Zwick
A Colder Kind of Death (2001) (TV) .... Tess Malone
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) (V) (voice) .... Mrs. 
Mary McGinnis
"Batman Beyond" .... Mrs. Mary McGinnis (7 episodes, 1999-2000)
"King of the Hill" .... Laney (1 episode, 2000)
    - Bill of Sales (2000) TV episode (voice) .... Laney
The Sky Is Falling (2000) .... Mona Hall
Batman Beyond: The Movie (1999) (TV) (voice) .... Mary McGinnis
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" (1999) TV series (unknown episodes)
Dick (1999) .... Helen Lorenzo
"ER" .... Celinda Randlett (1 episode, 1999)
    - Getting to Know You (1999) TV episode .... Celinda 
Half a Dozen Babies (1999) (TV) .... Lee Dilley
Kill the Man (1999) .... Mrs. Livingston
Casper Meets Wendy (1998) (TV) .... Fanny
"Sin City Spectacular" (1 episode)
    - Episode #1.15 (????) TV episode
"Friends" .... Phoebe Abbott Sr. / ... (3 episodes, 1997-1998)
    - The One with Phoebe's Uterus (1998) TV episode .... 
Phoebe Abbott Sr.
    - The One with the Jellyfish (1997) TV episode .... 
Phoebe Abbott Sr.
    - The One at the Beach (1997) TV episode .... Phoebe Sr.
Black Dahlia (1998) (VG) .... Madame Cassandra
"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" .... Witch Yenta (1 episode, 
    - Dante's Inferno (1997) TV episode .... Witch Yenta
A Simple Wish (1997) .... Rena
Changing Habits (1997) .... Connie
NightScream (1997) (TV) .... Julie Ordwell
Ronnie & Julie (1997) (TV) .... Elizabeth Monroe
Murder Live! (1997) (TV) .... JoAnn McGrath
The Definite Maybe (1997) .... Dionne Waters
Michael (1996) .... Judge Esther Newberg
"Men Behaving Badly" .... Carol (1 episode, 1996)
    - Christmas (1996) TV episode .... Carol
Double Jeopardy (1996) (TV) .... Cindy Dubroski
"Frasier" .... Nancy (1 episode, 1995)
    - She's the Boss (1995) TV episode (voice) .... Nancy
"Women of the House" .... Sissy Emerson (12 episodes, 1995)
Perfect Alibi (1995) .... Laney Tolbert
"Good Advice" (1993) TV series .... Paige (unknown episodes, 
Pret-a-Porter (1994) .... Louise Hamilton
Dumb & Dumber (1994) .... Helen Swanson
"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man" .... Vanessa La Pert (1 
episode, 1994)
    - It's the Thing of the Principal (1994) TV episode 
(voice) .... Vanessa La Pert
Aliens for Breakfast (1994) (TV) .... Mrs. Bickerstaff
Save the Rabbits (1994) .... Lisa
Fugitive Nights: Danger in the Desert (1993) (TV) .... Brita 
The Whole Shebang (1993) (TV) .... Edna Doe
Mom and Dad Save the World (1992) .... Marge Nelson
"Dream On" .... Sandra McCadden (1 episode, 1992)
    - And Bimbo Was His Name-O (1992) TV episode .... Sandra 
Deliver Them from Evil: The Taking of Alta View (1992) (TV) 
.... Susan Woolley
Stranger in the Family (1991) (TV) .... Randi Thompson
"Good & Evil" (1991) TV series .... Denise Sandler (unknown 
"Tales from the Crypt" .... Irene Paloma (1 episode, 1991)
    - The Trap (1991) TV episode .... Irene Paloma
"Adventures in Wonderland" (1991) TV series .... Duchess
A Quiet Little Neighborhood, a Perfect Little Murder (1990) 
(TV) .... Marsha Pegler
Waiting for the Light (1990) .... Kay Harris
Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990) (TV) .... Jill (of Jack 
and Jill)
Short Time (1990) .... Carolyn Simpson
Let It Ride (1989) .... Pam
Out Cold (1989) .... Sunny
Full Moon in Blue Water (1988) .... Louise Taylor
Teri Garr in Flapjack Floozie (1988) (TV) .... Helen Eagles
Martin Mull Live from North Ridgeville, Ohio (1988) (TV)
"Trying Times" .... Robin Stone (1 episode, 1987)
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Pack of Lies (1987) (TV) .... Helen Schaefer
"Fresno" (1986) TV mini-series .... Talon Kensington
Intimate Strangers (1986) (TV) .... Sally Bierston
Miracles (1986) .... Jean
"Saturday Night Live" .... Host / ... (3 episodes, 1979-1985)
    - Teri Garr/Dream Academy/The Cult (1985) TV episode .... 
    - Teri Garr/Mick Fleetwood's Zoo (1983) TV episode .... 
    - Ted Knight/Desmond Child & Rouge (1979) TV episode 
(uncredited) .... Diner Waitress
After Hours (1985) .... Julie
Firstborn (1984) .... Wendy
To Catch a King (1984) (TV) .... Hannah Winter
"The New Show" .... Various (1 episode, 1984)
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The Winter of Our Discontent (1983) (TV) .... Mary Hawley
Mr. Mom (1983) .... Caroline
The Black Stallion Returns (1983) .... Alec's Mother
The Sting II (1983) .... Veronica
Tootsie (1982) .... Sandy Lester
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The Escape Artist (1982) .... Arlene
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"The Frog Prince")
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"Cher" .... Mrs. Oscar Smedley / ... (1 episode, 1975)
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Olivia/Mrs. Oscar Smedley
"McCloud" .... Police Sgt. Phyllis Norton / ... (5 episodes, 
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Phyllis Norton
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Sgt. Phyllis Norton
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Sgt. Phyllis Norton
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Sgt. Phyllis Norton
    - The Million Dollar Round Up (1973) TV episode (as 
Terry Garr) .... Norma Mullins
Young Frankenstein (1974) .... Inga
"Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers" .... Engineer (1 episode, 
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The Conversation (1974) .... Amy Fredericks
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Mrs. Brennan
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"The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour" (1973) TV series .... 
"The Ken Berry 'Wow' Show" (1972) TV series .... Regular 
(unknown episodes, 1972)
"Banyon" .... Mabel (1 episode, 1972)
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"The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" .... Various Characters / 
... (13 episodes, 1971-1972)
The Moonshine War (1970) (as Terry Garr) .... Young Wife
"It Takes a Thief" .... Maggie Philbin (2 episodes, 1969)
    - The Beautiful People (1969) TV episode (as Terry Garr) 
.... Maggie Philbin
    - Guess Who's Coming to Rio? (1969) TV episode (as Terry 
Garr) .... Maggie Philbin
"Room 222" .... Marianne (1 episode, 1969)
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"The Mothers-In-Law" (1 episode, 1969)
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Changes (1969) .... Waitress
"Mayberry R.F.D." .... Cashier (1 episode, 1968)
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Head (1968) (as Terry Garr) .... Testy True
"Star Trek" .... Roberta Lincoln (1 episode, 1968)
    - Assignment: Earth (1968) TV episode (as Terri Garr) 
.... Roberta Lincoln
"The Andy Griffith Show" .... Girl (1 episode, 1968)
    - The Wedding (1968) TV episode (as Terri Garr) .... Girl
Maryjane (1968) (as Terri Garr) .... Teri
For Pete's Sake (1968)
Clambake (1967) (uncredited) .... Dancer
The Mystery of the Chinese Junk (1967) .... Susie
The Cool Ones (1967) (uncredited) .... One of Hallie's 
"That Girl" .... Estelle - Credited as Dale (1 episode, 1967)
    - This Little Piggy Had a Ball (1967) TV episode (as 
Terry Garr) .... Estelle - Credited as Dale
"Batman" .... Girl (1 episode, 1966)
    - Instant Freeze (1966) TV episode (uncredited) .... Girl
Red Line 7000 (1965) (uncredited) .... Nightclub dancer
"Dr. Kildare" (1 episode, 1965)
    - With Hellfire and Thunder (1965) TV episode
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home (1965) .... Harem Girl
Roustabout (1964) (uncredited) .... Carny dancer
Pajama Party (1964) (as Teri Hope) .... Pajama Girl/Girl in 
What a Way to Go! (1964) (uncredited) .... Dancer in 
Shipboard Number
Viva Las Vegas (1964) (uncredited) .... Showgirl
Kissin' Cousins (1964) (uncredited) .... Extra
"Mr. Novak" .... Lisa (1 episode, 1964)
    - How Does Your Garden Grow? (1964) TV episode .... Lisa
Fun in Acapulco (1963) (uncredited) .... Extra
A Swingin' Affair (1963)

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Teri Garr Then & Now


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Ralph Bellamy - DEAD (Infection)
Born: 06/17/1904   Died: 11/29/1991

Jan Clayton - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 08/26/1917   Died: 08/28/1983

John Fiedler - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 02/03/1925   Died: 06/25/2005

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-Lee Cheong-joon 68, South Korean novelist, lung cancer

-Anne Armstrong, 80, American diplomat and politician, US 
ambassador to the UK (1976-1977), cancer.

-Edie Huggins, 72, American journalist and reporter (WCAU-TV), 
lung cancer. 
-Mate Parlov, 59, Croatian boxer, Olympic and WBC light-
heavyweight champion. 
-Adelina Ramos, 82, Portuguese fado singer. 
-Ishmeet Singh Sodhi, 18, Indian singer, drowned. 
-Eric Varley, Baron Varley, 75, British politician, secretary 
of state for Industry (1975–1979), cancer.

-Jee-Hyun Kim, 44, South Korean opera singer, heart attack.
-Wendo Kolosoy,aka Papa Wendo, 83, Congolese musician, after 
long illness. 
-Midhat Mursi, 55, Egyptian al-Qaida chemical weapons expert, 
missile strike. 
-Margaret Ringenberg, 87, American aviator and airplane racer, 
natural causes. 
-Suzanne Tamim, 30, Lebanese singer and actress, stabbed. 
-Carlos Trapaga, 57, Mexican sport journalist, cancer. 
-Anatoliy Tyazhlov, 66, Russian politician, governor of Moscow 
Oblast (1991–2000). 

-Osvaldo Alvarez Guerrero, 67, Argentine politician, cerebral 
-Youssef Chahine, 82, Egyptian film director, cerebral hemorrhage. 
-Graeme Crallan, 50, British rock drummer (White Spirit, Tank). 
Head injuries from a fall. 
-Bob Crampsey, 78, British sportscaster, after long illness. 
-Russ Gibson, 69, American baseball catcher.
-Russell Johnston, Baron Russell-Johnston, 75, British politician, 
-Fenwick Lansdowne, 71, Canadian wildlife artist. 
-Marisa Merlini, 84, Italian actress.
-Alvaro Rana, 75, Portuguese trade unionist (CGTP) and politician, 
after long illness. 
-Isaac Saba Raffoul, 84, Mexican billionaire. 
-Julius B. Richmond, 91, American vice admiral, surgeon general 
(1977–1981), cancer.
-Horst Stein, 80, German conductor. 

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