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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Michael Dudikoff

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Hello fans,

We're catching up with Martial Arts (and hottie) Michael

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following BASEBALL PLAYERS have had 
  a visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Sandy Koufax: Hall of Fame pitcher for the Los Angeles 
  Dodgers baseball team

- Kirby Puckett: Hall of Fame baseball player for the Minnesota 
  Twins, his teams won the World Series in 1987 and 1991,

- Bobby Bonds: Baseball player and father of Barry. He too
  played outfield for the San Francisco Giants.

                 (Answer at the bottom)



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                    MICHAEL DUDIKOFF

BIRTH DATE: October 8, 1954, Redondo Beach, California

BIRTH NAME: Michael Joseph Stephen Dudikoff

CLAIM TO FAME: Michael had his breakthrough role in the 
1985 martial arts action film American Ninja. Though the 
part was originally intended for film star Chuck Norris, 
Dudikoff made the role his own.

But many may remember Michael from when he was cast in 
a supporting role on the TV show 'Dallas.' 

FAMILY LIFE: Found that he as a daughter, Nancy. But 
there is no info on if he has or was married.

INFO: He began his acting-career with small roles, and it 
wasn't until 1985-86, when he got big parts in Avenging 
Force (1986), American Ninja (1985), and Radioactive Dreams 
(1985) that he made a big screen-impact.

Continued below....   


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TRIVIA: His father is Russian.

He was a student at Harbor College studying child 
psychology when he was discovered as a model. 

He likes to play tennis.

He was often dubbed a "Dean-Mcqueen" and this stigma preceded 
him in his career. He admits self-effacingly, "I considered 
this to be the ultimate compliment [being compared to screen 
legends such as James Dean and Steve Mcqueen]."

His favorite word is equanimity. "Everything in moderation," he 
says, with a smile and a wink. This is truly the secret to his 
success as he takes pride in balancing his life by "mixing it 
all up" - career, marriage, traveling, partying, healthy living, 
and watching ultimate fights on pay-per-view.

Hobbies: Cars, motorbikes, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite meal: Poultry, fish
Favorite drink: Heineken
Favorite colour: Black and green
Favorite music: Van Halen, Styx
Favorite magazine: TIME
Favorite animal: Golden Labrador Retriever
Favorite clothes: His black leather jacket
Favorite time of day: Sunset
His idols: His parents

WHERE IS HE NOW: Michael isn't getting many acting roles 
coming his way. In fact his last role was in 2002. 

But he does keep busy. His other passion is designing homes 
and always seems to be working on homes he likes to call a
 "Dudarosa"... which is a ranch style home. 

He often sits around with his "cowboy cup of coffee", a stack 
of real estate home magazines and a sketch pad while fervently 
scribbling ideas for every nook and cranny in his home. You'll 
sometimes find him at a friend's house with his skill saw and 
crow bar ripping something apart and putting it back together.

Occasionally he retreats to his studio and works on sculpting 
bronzes or to some location to take inspiring photos. His muse 
always has a storyline to it which fuels him with screenplay ideas.

Michael Dudikoff 
c/o Sid Craig
Craig Management
125 South Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036 

WEBSITE: www.michaeldudikoff.net

Rare Video Clip of Michael: Click Here


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Quicksand (2002) .... Bill Turner
Gale Force (2002) (V) .... Jared
Ablaze (2001) .... Daniels
Stranded (2001) .... Ed Carpenter
... aka Black Horizon (Canada: English title: DVD title) (USA: DVD title) 
... aka On Eagle's Wings 
... aka Space Station (USA) 

Fugitive Mind (1999) (V) .... Robert Dean
Counter Measures (1999) .... Capt. Jake Fuller
... aka Crash Dive 2 (USA) 
The Silencer (1999/I) .... Quinn Simmons
Ringmaster (1998) .... Rusty
Black Thunder (1998/II) .... Vince
Freedom Strike (1998) .... Tom Dickson
Musketeers Forever (1998) .... D'Artagnan
In Her Defense (1998) .... Andrew Garfield
... aka In Self Defense (Canada: English title) 
The Shooter (1997/I) .... Michael Atherton
... aka Desert Shooter (USA) 
Soldier Boyz (1997) (VG) .... Toliver
Crash Dive (1997) (V) .... James Carter
... aka Crash Dive: The Chase Is On 
Moving Target (1997) .... Sonny
Strategic Command (1997) .... Dr. Rick Harding
Bounty Hunters (1997) .... Jersey Bellini
Hardball (1997) .... Jersey Bellini
... aka Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (USA: video title) 
... aka Bounty Hunters II 
Soldier Boyz (1996) .... Major Howard Toliver
Cyberjack (1995) .... Nick James
... aka Virtual Assassin 
Chain of Command (1994) .... Merrill Ross
"Cobra" (1993) TV Series .... Robert "Scandal" Jackson (1993-1994)
Rescue Me (1993) .... Daniel 'Mac' MacDonald
... aka Street Hunter (USA) 
The Human Shield (1992) .... Doug Matthews
The Woman Who Sinned (1991) (TV) .... Evan Ganns
American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990) .... Joe Armstrong
Air America (1990) 
Midnight Ride (1990) .... Lawson
River of Death (1989) .... John Hamilton
... aka Alistair MacLean's River of Death 
Platoon Leader (1988) .... Lt. Jeff Knight
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) .... Joe Armstrong
Avenging Force (1986) .... Matt Hunter
"North and South, Book II" (1986) .... Lt. Rudy Bodford
"Blood, Sweat and Tears" (1986) TV Series .... Sonny McClean
American Ninja (1985) .... Joe Armstrong
Radioactive Dreams (1985) .... Marlowe Hammer
Bachelor Party (1984) .... Ryko
Young Hearts (1984) (TV) .... Keith
Uncommon Valor (1983) .... Blaster's Assistant
"Gimme a Break!" .... Greg Hartman (1 episode, 1983)
    - Nell Gets Sick (1983) TV Episode .... Greg Hartman
Sawyer and Finn (1983) (TV) .... Huckleberry Finn
"Star of the Family" (1982) TV Series .... Douggie Krebs (1982)
TRON (1982) (as Michael Dudikoff II) .... Conscript #2
I Ought to Be in Pictures (1982) .... Boy on bus
Making Love (1982) .... Young Man in Bar 2
Enter the Ninja (1981) (uncredited) .... Venarius' Man
... aka Ninja I 
The Best Little Girl in the World (1981) (TV) .... Chuck
Bloody Birthday (1981) .... Willard
... aka Creepers 
The Black Marble (1980) .... Millie's houseboy
"Happy Days" .... Jason / ... (2 episodes, 1979-1980)
... aka Happy Days Again (USA: syndication title) 
    - Joanie's Dilemma (1980) TV Episode .... Jason
    - Smokin' Ain't Cool (1979) TV Episode .... Jim
"Out of the Blue" (1 episode, 1979)
    - The Random Bust (1979) TV Episode 
"Dallas" .... Joe Newcomb (1 episode, 1978)
    - Triangle (1978) TV Episode .... Joe Newcomb

To see Then & Now pictures of Michael Dudikoff, visit: 
Michael Dudikoff Then & Now

LOOSE LIPS: "I didn't even know guys modeled before that. I 
thought Fabio was the only male model, and I really didn't 
fit that bill." - Ashton Kutcher


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

- Sandy Koufax - ALIVE
  Born: 12/30/1935   
- Kirby Puckett - DEAD (Stroke)
  Born: 03/14/1960   Died: 03/06/2006
- Bobby Bonds - DEAD (Cancer)
  Born: 03/15/1946   Died: 08/23/2003



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- Giuseppe Baldo, 93, Italian last surviving member of the winning 
  1936 Olympic football team. 
- Kerry Brown, 35, Canadian former CFL receiver and assistant coach 
   of the Green Bay Blizzard, truck crash. 
- Bob Burpee, 65, American hurricane researcher, former head of the 
  National Hurricane Center, pneumonia. 
- Bill Ireland, 80, American, UNLV's first football coach. 
- Oliver Morgan, 74, American rhythm & blues vocalist, heart attack. 

- Ingmar Bergman, 89, Swedish stage and film director (The Seventh 
  Seal, Wild Strawberries, Fanny and Alexander). 
- Frank Magovern, American assistant to Bruce Springsteen. 
- Thomas McGraw, 54, British mobster, heart attack. 
- Bill Walsh, 75, American three-time Super Bowl-winning football 
  coach of the San Francisco 49ers, leukemia. 
- Eric Wishnie, 44, American former television producer for NBC 
  News, fall from building.  

- Chet Currier, 62, American financial reporter (Associated Press, 
  Bloomberg), prostate cancer. 
- James David, 79, American football player (Detroit Lions), 
  after long illness. 
- Bart Kinch, 86, American journalist (United Press International). 
- Mike Reid, 67, British comedian and actor (EastEnders), heart attack.
- Bill Robinson, 64, American baseball player (Braves, Yankees, 
  Phillies and Pirates) and coach. 
- Michel Serrault, 79, French actor (La Cage aux Folles), after 
  long illness. 
- Tom Snyder, 71, American talk show host and journalist, 
  complications of leukemia. 
- Marvin Zindler, 85, American reporter, pancreatic cancer. 

- Melvin Lane, 85, American magazine publisher (Sunset), 
  Parkinson's disease. 
- Jim LeRoy, 46, American stunt pilot, air crash.  
- Sal Mosca, 80, American jazz pianist and educator. 

- Lucky Grills, 79, Australian comedian and actor 
- Cheryl Kosewicz, 35, American contestant on reality 
  television program Pirate Master, suicide. 
- A.C. Overton, 80, American bluegrass banjo player, 
  brain aneurysm. 
- James Oyebola, 46, British heavyweight boxer, shot. 
- Scott Bowerbank, 42, American helicopter pilot, mid-air 
  helicopter collision. 
- Jim Cox, 37, American photojournalist, mid-air helicopter 
- Craig Smith, 47, American helicopter pilot, mid-air 
  helicopter collision. 
- Rick Krolak, 56, American photojournalist, mid-air 
  helicopter collision. 

- Carole Meyers, 50, American first female rabbi in Los 
  Angeles, bone cancer. 
- Wayne Pratt, 64, American antique dealer and television 
  personality (Antiques Roadshow), complications of heart surgery. 
- Skip Prosser, 56, American college basketball coach for Wake 
  Forest University, heart attack. 
- Uncle John Turner, 62, American blues drummer, complications 
  of hepatitis C. 
- Lawton Williams, 85, American singer and songwriter, 
  respiratory failure. 

- Jake, 12, American search and rescue dog for September 11, 
  2001 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, cancer. 
- Bill Kitchen, 78. American editorial cartoonist for The 
  Miami Herald (1960–1985), pancreatic cancer. 
- Jesse Marunde, 27, American strongman, heart attack. 
- William Schuyler, 93, American patent commissioner (1969–1971), 
  heart failure. 

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