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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Kristen Johnston From 3rd Rock

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Hello fans,

Today we're catching up with Kristen Johntson. I had seen 
her in ER a few years ago and like many of you wondered
what else she had been up to.

I was quite surprised to find out she has been steadily
working on stage, in film and TV.

It looks like she has hardly slowed down since '3rd Rock
From The Sun.'

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following celebrities have had a 
  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Bob Denver: He played Gilligan on "Gilligan's Island" and 
  Maynard G. Krebs in the series "Dobie Gillis"

- Alan Hale Jr.: Played the Skipper on "Gilligan's Island"

- Russell Johnson: Played the Professor on "Gilligan's Island"

                 (Answer at the bottom)


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BIRTH DATE: September 20, 1967, Washington, DC

CLAIM TO FAME: Kristen is most famous for her Emmy Award 
winning role as Sally Solomon in the television series 
'3rd Rock from the Sun'. 

Kristen is also known for her tall 6 ft frame and relatively 
deep voice.

FAMILY LIFE: Kristen is single but has dated actors,
David Newsom and Ryan Reynolds

INFO: Kristen appeared in the sixth and final season of Sex 
and the City. In the episode entitled "Splat!", she plays 
Lexi Featherston, an aging party girl. After the character 
accidentally falls out of a window and dies, Carrie Bradshaw 
(played by Sarah Jessica Parker) reexamines her life and 
decides to move to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky (played 
by Mikhail Baryshnikov).

Continued below....   



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TRIVIA: Went to high school in Wisconsin.

Spent a large part of her teens traveling as an exchange 
student to Sweden and South America.

Her father is a former senator.

BFA in Drama - New York University, Tisch School of the 
Arts (1989)

She appeared on the cover of punk band Bad Religion's 1998 
album "No Substance".

1993 Appeared in the off-Broadway production "The Lights"; 
earned a Drama Desk Award nomination 

1993 Feature film debut in the short "The Debt"; shown at 

1994 Moved to L.A.; began making guest appearances on TV 
shows like "Chicago Hope" and "The Five Mrs. Buchanans" 

1996 TV series debut as Sally Solomon in the NBC sitcom 
"3rd Rock From the Sun" 

1996 TV-movie debut, "Neil Simon's 'London Suite'" 

1997 Appeared Off-Broadway in Peter Hedges' comedy "Baby 
Anger" (summer) 

1998 Returned to NYC theater in the summer to play Sabina 
in a revival of Thornton Wilder's "The Skin of Our Teeth" 

1999 Co-starred as Ivana Humpalot in the sequel "Austin 
Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me", starring Mike Myers 

2000 Portrayed Wilma in the live-action "The Flintstones 
in Viva Rock Vegas" 

2001 Had a leading role in the Broadway revival of "The Women" 

2005 Appeared with Amy Sedaris in "Strangers with Candy" 

2007 Joined the cast of the Atlantic Theater Company's 
production of "Scarcity" 

WHERE IS SHE NOW: After '3rd Rock' Kristen continued to act.
She has been in all kinds of things... from theater to movies,
to more TV.

In 2005 she had a six-episode run on 'ER' in a very memorable
role as Nurse Peyton.

In November 2006 Kristen crossed the pond to star in 'Love 
Song' on the West End stage in London with Neve Campbell, 
Cillian Murphy and Michael McKean.

Then in 2007 she let her voice do the work as she voiced a
character in 'Kim Possible'.

Also in 2007 she hit the big screen with Drew Barrymore and
Hugh Grant in 'Music & Lyrics'.

Soon she'll be seen in the film 'Finding Bliss'.

Kristen Johnston 
c/o Judy Hofflund
9465 Wilshire Blvd #890
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 



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Finding Bliss (2008) (post-production) .... Irene
"Kim Possible" .... Warmonga (3 episodes, 2007)
    - Graduation: Part I (2007) TV episode (voice) .... Warmonga
    - Graduation: Part II (2007) TV episode (voice) .... Warmonga
    - Mad Dogs and Aliens (2007) TV episode (voice) .... Warmonga
Music and Lyrics (2007) .... Rhonda
"ER" .... Nurse Eve Peyton (6 episodes, 2005)
Strangers with Candy (2005) .... Coach Divers
Don't Ask (2005) (TV) .... Suzanne Collins
Duane Incarnate (2004) .... Fran
"Sex and the City" .... Lexi Featherston (1 episode, 2004)
    - Splat! (2004) TV episode .... Lexi Featherston
Nobody Knows Anything! (2003) .... Miranda
"Queens Supreme" .... Maude MacPherson (1 episode, 2003)
    - One Angry Man (2003) TV episode .... Maude MacPherson
Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) .... Dancer at Austin's Pad
Stage on Screen: The Women (2002) (TV) .... Sylvia
"3rd Rock from the Sun" .... Sally Solomon (139 episodes, 1996-2001)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) .... Wilma Slaghoople
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)  .... Ivana Humpalot
"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man" .... Kathie Lee (1 episode, 1997)
    - My Feral Lady (1997) TV episode (voice) .... Kathie Lee
"Microscopic Milton" (1997) TV series .... Narrator (US release)
Colin Fitz (1997) .... Stalker Fan
London Suite (1996) (TV) .... Grace Chapman
"Hearts Afire" .... Margot (1 episode, 1995)
    - John and Georgie's Not-So-Excellent Adventure (1995) .... Margot
Backfire! (1995) .... Kate
"The 5 Mrs. Buchanans" .... Zena (1 episode, 1994)
    - Spare the Rod, Spoil the Buchanans (1994) TV episode .... Zena
"Chicago Hope" .... Dr. Wendy Smythe (1 episode, 1994)
    - Genevieve and Fat Boy (1994) TV episode .... Dr. Wendy Smythe
The Debt (1993) .... Alice Kosnick
The Orkly Kid (1985) 

Scarcity (2007) 
Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare in the Park 
Aunt Dan and Lemon (2004) 
The Women (2002) 
The Lights (1993)

To see Then & Now pictures of Kristen Johnston, visit: 

Kristen Johnston Then & Now


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Bob Denver - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 01/09/1935   Died: 09/02/2005

Alan Hale, Jr. - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 03/08/1918   Died: 01/02/1990

Russell Johnson - ALIVE
Born: 11/10/1924



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- Bob Kames, 82, American polka musician, songwriter, and 
  popularizer of the Chicken Dance, prostate cancer. 
- Daniela Klemenschits, 25, Austrian tennis player, cancer. 
- Elizabeth Stefan, 112, American supercentenarian, 7th 
  oldest person in the world at the time of her death. 

- Cedella Booker, 81, Jamaican mother of Bob Marley, natural causes. 
- Stanley Kamel, 65, American actor (Monk), heart attack. 

- Phil Urso, 82, American jazz tenor saxophonist and composer.  

- Abraham Osheroff, 92, American social activist, heart attack. 
- Gib Shanley, 76, American radio sportscaster (Cleveland Browns). 

- Iris Burton, 77, American talent agent, pneumonia 
  and complications of Alzheimer's disease. 
- Eugene Ehrlich, 85, American lexicographer and author. 
- Charlton Heston, 84, American Academy Award–winning film 
  actor (Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments), NRA executive. 
- Walt Masterson, 87, American baseball player, stroke.  

- Jerry Rosholt, 85, American journalist and historian. [40] 

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