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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Helen Crump

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Hello fans,

Before we get to today's issue it's that time again. Time to 
vote for the next round of celebrities that you want to find
out... Where Are They Now. The list is a good one too. I found
it hard to decide on just one. Here is who is up for vote:

- Candace Cameron - Full House
- Dick Gautier - Get Smart
- Jim Nabors - Gomer Pyle
- Nia Peeples - Fame
- Helen Slater - Supergirl
- David Soul - Starsky & Hutch
- Pia Zadora - Entertainment

To vote, head on over to: CelebrityNooz.com and
look to the right sidebar for the poll.

Be Well,



   See if you know if the following MUSICIANS have had a visit 
   from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Doc Severinsen - Bandleader for Johnny Carson on "The 
  Tonight Show"

- Miles Davis - Jazz great, he was a trumpeter, bandleader 
  and composer

- Fats Domino - Early rock and roll star, "Blueberry Hill", 
  "I'm Walking", "Ain't That a Shame"

                 (Answer at the bottom)


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Click Here To See Pictures of ANETA CORSAUT

BIRTH DATE: November 3, 1933, Hutchinson, Kansas   

CLAIM TO FAME: For me I really only know her as Helen   
Crump from 'The Andy Griffith Show.' I did not know that she   
was in the movie 'The Blob' with Steve McQueen.   

FAMILY LIFE: I could find no information on if she ever married   
or had kids.   

INFO: Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, Aneta came to California in   
the 1950s to pursue her dream of being an actress. She landed   
a part in the "The Blob", which has become a science fiction   
cult classic.   

Continued below....   


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TRIVIA: A lover of roses, Canterbury Bells and tomatoes;   
of dogs and cats.   

She was a Philadelphia Phillies fan.   

She loved her house tucked away in the grove of Studio City   

Aneta was very into politics throughout life, especially   
Democratic Party politics... a rarity for a person from Kansas.   

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Aneta passed away in 1995. Here are the   

DATE OF DEATH: November 6, 1995, Studio City, California   


Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park   
10621 Victory Boulevard   
North Hollywood, CA91606   

Los Angeles County   
California, USA   
Plot: Block G (Graceland), Section 651   

To see a picture of her gravesite Click here



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"Matlock" .... Judge Cynthia Justin / ... (7 episodes, 1987-1992)   
Return to Mayberry (1986) (TV) .... Helen Crump Taylor   
"Hotel" .... Mrs. Weaver (1 episode, 1986)   
    - Hearts Divided (1986) TV Episode .... Mrs. Weaver   
"Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series .... Blanche Dailey (1984)   
"Hart to Hart" .... Dorothy Smith (1 episode, 1983)   
    - Pandora Has Wings (1983) TV Episode .... Dorothy Smith   
"House Calls" .... Head Nurse Bradley (1 episode, 1979-1982)   
    - Sex and the Single Surgeon (1980) TV Episode .... Head Nurse Bradley   
The Toolbox Murders (1978) .... Jo Ann Ballard   
"Rich Man, Poor Man" (1976) (mini) TV Series .... Miss Erdlatz   
"The Blue Knight" .... Vera (1 episode, 1975)   
    - Triple Threat (1975) TV Episode .... Vera   
"Emergency!" .... Chuck's Wife / ... (3 episodes, 1974-1975)   
    - Simple Adjustment (1975) TV Episode .... Sheila   
    - Surprise (1974) TV Episode (as Aneta Carsant) .... Chuck's Wife   
    - Inventions (1974) TV Episode .... Helena Hartley   
"Adam-12" .... Judy (2 episodes, 1975)   
    - Something Worth Dying For: Part 2 (1975) TV Episode .... Judy   
    - Ladies' Night (1975) TV Episode .... Judy   
Bad Ronald (1974) (TV) .... Mrs. Mathews   
Blazing Saddles (1974) (uncredited) .... Tourist Mother   
Columbo: A Stitch in Crime (1973) (TV) .... Nurse Morgan   
"Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" .... Ethel Palmer (1 episode, 1973)   
    - Why Is a Crooked Letter (1973) TV Episode .... Ethel Palmer   
"Marcus Welby, M.D." .... Jenny Bailey (1 episode, 1973)   
    - Gemini Descending (1973) TV Episode .... Jenny Bailey   
"Nanny and the Professor" .... Dr. Neilson (1 episode, 1970)   
    - My Son, the Sitter (1970) TV Episode .... Dr. Neilson   
Me and Benjie (1970) (TV)   
"Mayberry R.F.D." .... Helen Crump Taylor (2 episodes, 1968-1969)   
    - Andy's Baby (1969) TV Episode .... Helen Crump Taylor   
    - Andy and Helen Get Married (1968) TV Episode .... Helen Crump Taylor   
"The Andy Griffith Show" .... Helen Crump (37 episodes, 1963-1968)   
"Gunsmoke" .... Eleanor Starkey / ... (2 episodes, 1965-1967)   
    - Ladies from St. Louis (1967) TV Episode .... Sister Ruth   
    - Twenty Miles from Dodge (1965) TV Episode .... Eleanor Starkey   
"Death Valley Days" .... Emilie Reed / ... (4 episodes, 1962-1965)   
    - The Red Shawl (1965) TV Episode .... Emma Donaldson   
    - Dry Water Sailors (1965) TV Episode .... Sarah Howard   
    - Paid in Full (1965) TV Episode .... Kathy McLennan   
    - Suzie (1962) TV Episode .... Emilie Reed   
"Ben Casey" .... Hanna Berger (1 episode, 1965)   
    - Where Does the Boomerang Go? (1965) TV Episode .... Hanna Berger   
Good Neighbor Sam (1964) (uncredited) .... Fran   
"The Eleventh Hour" .... Marian (1 episode, 1964)   
    - The Secret in the Stone (1964) TV Episode .... Marian   
"The Real McCoys" .... Karen (1 episode, 1963)   
    - The McCoy Hex (1963) TV Episode .... Karen   
"Bonanza" .... Rebecca Kaufman (1 episode, 1963)   
    - The Way of Aaron (1963) TV Episode .... Rebecca Kaufman   
"The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor" .... Mae Banks (1 episode, 1962)   
    - The Fourth Commandment (1962) TV Episode .... Mae Banks   
"The Gertrude Berg Show" (1961) TV Series .... Irma Howell (1961-1962)   
... aka Mrs. G Goes to College   
"Harrigan and Son" .... Susan Fenton (1 episode, 1961)   
    - The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Dead (1961) TV Episode .... Susan Fenton   
"Hennesey" .... Mrs. Vaughn (1 episode, 1961)   
    - The Specialist (1961) TV Episode .... Mrs. Vaughn   
"Zane Grey Theater" .... Amy (1 episode, 1960)   
    - Ransom (1960) TV Episode .... Amy   
"Guestward Ho!" .... Mrs. Bennet (1 episode, 1960)   
    - Bab's Mother (1960) TV Episode .... Mrs. Bennet   
"Johnny Ringo" .... Lottie Frome (1 episode, 1960)   
    - Black Harvest (1960) TV Episode .... Lottie Frome   
"Black Saddle" .... Mary Warren (1 episode, 1959)   
... aka The Westerners (USA: syndication title)   
    - Client: Peter Warren (1959) TV Episode .... Mary Warren   
The Blob (1958) .... Jane Martin   

Don't know who Aneta is, want to see pictures, visit:   
Aneta Corsaut   

LOOSE LIPS: "She's intelligent enough to know the roles she can   
do a good job at - it's not like she's trying to play Erin   
Brockovich." Luke Wilsonon the acting skills of his 'Blonde   
Ambition' co-star Jessica Simpson.   


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

- Doc Severinsen (ALIVE) Born: 07/07/1927

- Miles Davis (DEAD) Born: 05/26/1926 Died: 09/28/1991 (Stroke)
- Fats Domino - (ALIVE) Born: 02/26/1928


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- J. Robert Bradley, 87, American gospel music singer, diabetes. 
- Abdul Sabur Farid Kuhestani, 54/55, Afghan legislator and Prime
  Minister (1992), assassination by gunshot.  
- Wally Schirra, 84, American Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo 
  astronaut, heart attack. 
- Nicos Symeonides, 68, Cypriot Defense Minister. 

- Phillip Carter, 44, British businessman, honorary VP of Chelsea 
  FC, helicopter crash.
- Brad McGann, 43, New Zealand film director (In My Father's Den), cancer. 

- Emgee Pretorius, 83, South African actor, heart attack. 

- Kevin Mitchell, 36, NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers (Super 
  Bowl XXIX) and Washington Redskins, heart attack. 
- Tom Poston, 85, American actor (Newhart). 
- Gordon Scott, 79, American actor who portrayed Tarzan in six 
  films (1955–1960), complications of surgery.  
- Zola Taylor, 69, American singer, member of The Platters (1954–1964),
  complications of pneumonia.  
- André Valardy, 68, Belgian humorist, actor and film director, cancer. 

- Milt Bocek, 94, American baseball player. 
- Josh Hancock, 29, American baseball relief pitcher for the St. Louis 
  Cardinals, car accident. 
- Joseph Nérette, 83, President of Haïti (1991–1992), lung cancer. 
- Lee Roberson, 97, American founder of Tennessee Temple University.

- Lloyd Crouse, 88, Canadian politician, Progressive Conservative MP 
  (1957–1988), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (1989–1994). 
- Luigi Filippo D'Amico, 83, Italian film director. 
- Dabbs Greer, 90, American actor. 
- René Mailhot, 64, Canadian journalist for Radio-Canada, pneumonia. 
- Tommy Newsom, 78, American musician from The Tonight Show, cancer. 
- Hala Shawkat, 75, Syrian actress, brain cancer. 
- Debora Vaarandi, 90, Estonian poet. 
- Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, 94, German physicist and philosopher. 
- Bertha Wilson, 83, Canadian who was the first female Supreme Court 
  judge, Alzheimer's disease.  

- Karel Dillen, 81, Belgian politician, founder of the Flemish 
  Interest party. 
- Bill Forester, 74, American NFL football player. 
- Kirill Lavrov, 81, Russian actor, after long illness. 
- Robert E. Webber, 73, American scholar and author on 
  Christian worship renewal, pancreatic cancer. 

- Conchita Montenegro, 94, Spanish actress. 
- Mariusz Sabiniewicz, 44, Polish actor, cancer. 
- Shin Hyon Hwak, 87, Prime Minister of South Korea (1979–1980), 
  complications of back injury. 
- Jack Valenti, 85, American president of the Motion Picture 
  Association of America (1966–2004), complications of stroke. 

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End of WHERE ARE THEY NOW- http://www.celebritynooz.com
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