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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy

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Hello fans,

I'm rushing around the office like a mad-woman. I'm trying
to get two weeks worth of work done in one week.

My mother is having a cornea transplant next week and I
will be out of the office. I'll be working from home, but
I find it harder to get stuff done at home. Too many

But I have to say I found today's WATN feature very
fascinating. It's on Heather Thomas and I was just so 
shocked of what she has been up to. Check it out below.

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following celebrities have had a 
  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- James Whitmore: Appeared in "The Asphalt Jungle", "Them!", 
"Planet of the Apes", "Give 'em Hell, Harry!", "The Shawshank 
Redemption" and many other movies and TV shows

- Roscoe Lee Brown: Actor known for his distinctive voice, he 
appeared in "The Cowboys", "Uptown Saturday Night" and other 
movies, he's the narrator on the movie "Babe". 

- Peggy Lee: Jazz and pop singer, "Is That All There 
Is?", "Fever"

                 (Answer at the bottom)


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                     HEATHER THOMAS

BIRTH DATE: September 8, 1957, Greenwich, Connecticut

CLAIM TO FAME: No doubt Heather is almost exclusively known
for her role as "Jody Banks" in the Lee Majors' TV series, 
'The Fall Guy'

FAMILY LIFE: Harry 'Skip' Brittenham (October 1992 - present) 
3 children. 
Daughter: India Rose (b. 19-Jun-2000)
Daughter: Kristina (stepdaughter)
Daughter: Shauna (stepdaughter)

INFO: Sales of Heather in her turquoise bikini-sporting 1980s 
poster rivaled the sales of Farrah Fawcett's famed 1970s pinup.

Continued below....   



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TRIVIA: Attended UCLA Film School c. 1976-1979 intending 
to write & direct.

While at UCLA, she was romantically linked with then unknown 
actor Corbin Bernsen. 

Voted "Favorite Female Newcomer" in 1982 by readers of US magazine.

Wrote an unsold TV pilot for UPN called "School Slut" (2000)

She overcame a cocaine addiction in the 1980s. 

She's a good fly-fisherwoman and a closet farmer. 

Afghanistan World Foundation Celebrity Committee
Al Franken for Senate 
Dean for America 
Hillary Clinton for President 
John Kerry for President 
Obama for America 
Planned Parenthood 

See a list of her donations:

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Heather continued to act after 'The Fall 
Guy' ended in 1986, but she quit acting in 1998... BUT...
she just mentioned that her children are old enough now 
that she feels comfortable getting back into acting after 
a decade's break. 

She has stayed busy writing screenplays and being active
in politics.

In April 2008, she released her first novel, 'Trophies'
and her schedule has been packed. She's getting ready
to tour to promote the novel. 

about politically active Hollywood wives. Readers 
shouldn't expect a satire, however. Thomas wrote the book 
with a strong point: Much of the industry's charitable and 
political giving is driven by the moguls' wives. They are 
a force of their own.

"They have the money and the time," Thomas said. "What are 
you going to do? You're going to change the world."

Heather has been in the news lately as monthly gatherings,
called breakfast salons, in
her home in Santa Monica have 
have become a must-invite for Hollywood and D.C. types.

From John Edwards, to Nancy Pelosi many have made the rounds 
there over the years. For more details on this visit:


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Heather Thomas 
c/o Larry Kennar
Code Entertainment
9229 Sunset Boulevard Ste 615
Los Angeles, CA 90069 

Secondary Address:
Heather Thomas
Innovative Artists Agency
1505 10th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Video of Heather in The Fall Guy:


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My Giant (1998) .... Showgirl 
Against the Law (1997) .... Felicity 
"Pointman" .... Lynn Forbes (1 episode, 1995)
    - Going Home (1995) TV episode .... Lynn Forbes
Hidden Obsession (1993) .... Ellen Carlyle 
"Swamp Thing" .... Tatania (1 episode, 1992)
    - Tatania (1992) TV episode .... Tatania
"P.S.I. Luv U" .... Mary Markham (1 episode, 1991)
    - There Goes the Neighborhood (1991) TV episode .... Mary Markham
In the Director's Chair: 
  The Man Who Invented Edward Scissorhands (1990) . Tortured Siamese Twin 
"Flair" (1990) (mini) TV mini-series .... Tessa Clarke 
Red Blooded American Girl (1990) .... Paula Bukowsky 
Rodney Dangerfield: Opening Night at Rodney's Place (1989) .... Joan Emery 
The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (1988) (TV) .... Lt. Carol Campbell 
Hoover vs. the Kennedys: The Second Civil War (1987) .... Marilyn Monroe 
Stein des Todes, Der (1987) .... Merryl Davis 
Ford: The Man and the Machine (1987) (TV) .... Evangeline Cote 
"Mike Hammer" .... Andrea (1 episode, 1987)
    - A Blinding Fear (1987) TV episode .... Andrea
Cyclone (1987) .... Teri Marshall 
"The Fall Guy" .... Jody Banks (112 episodes, 1981-1986)
"Cover Up" .... Amber (1 episode, 1984)
    - Murder in Malibu (1984) TV episode .... Amber
"T.J. Hooker" .... Sandy (1 episode, 1984)
    - Hardcore Connection (1984) TV episode .... Sandy
"The Love Boat" .... Sheila (2 episodes, 1983)
    - Japan Cruise: When Worlds Collide/The Lottery Winners (1983). Sheila
    - Putting on the Dog/Women's Best Friend/(1983). Sheila
Zapped! (1982) .... Jane Mitchell 
"B.J. and the Bear" (1 episode, 1980)
    - The Girls of Hollywood High (1980) TV episode 
"California Fever" .... Joanne (1 episode, 1979)
    - Beach Wars (1979) TV episode .... Joanne
"Co-ed Fever" (1979) TV series .... Sandi 
"David Cassidy - Man Undercover" (1 episode, 1978)
    - Flashpoint (1978) TV episode 

To see Then & Now pictures of Heather Thomas, visit: 

Heather Thomas Then & Now


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

James Whitmore - ALIVE
Born: 10/01/1921

Roscoe Lee Brown - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 05/02/1925   Died: 04/11/2007

Peggy Lee - DEAD (Heart Attack)
Born: 05/26/1920   Died: 01/21/2002



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- Phil Armstrong, New Zealander radio producer of the 
  Paul Holmes Breakfast Show on Newstalk ZB, 

- John Jay Iselin, 74, American public-access television 
  innovator, descendent of John Jay, pneumonia. 

- Sam Aubrey, 85, American basketball player and coach 
 (Oklahoma State Cowboys) 
- Irv Robbins, 90, American businessman, co-founder of the 
  Baskin-Robbins ice cream chain. 
- Witold Woyda, 68, Polish fencer, double gold medalist at 
  the 1972 Summer Olympics.  

- Alvin Colt, 92, American Tony Award–winning costume designer 
  (On the Town, Guys and Dolls, Pipe Dream, Li'l Abner). 

- Eight Belles, 3, American racehorse, 2008 Kentucky Derby 2nd 
  place finisher, euthanized. 
- Lynne Cooper Harvey, 92, American radio producer, Radio Hall 
  of Fame member, wife of radio personality Paul Harvey, leukemia. 
- Morgan Sparks, 91, American engineer, inventor of the first 
  practical bipolar junction transistor. 
- Ted Key, 95, American cartoonist (Hazel), complications from 
  bladder cancer and stroke. 
- Beverlee McKinsey, 67, American soap opera actress, natural causes. 

- Robert M. Isaac, 80, American politician, mayor of Colorado 
  Springs, Colorado (1979–1997), pneumonia. 
- Mildred Loving, 68, American civil rights pioneer, challenged 
 Virginia interracial marriage law (Loving v. Virginia).  
- Frank Y. Whiteley, Jr., 93, American thoroughbred racehorse 
  trainer (Ruffian). 

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