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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Where is Fannie Flagg

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Hello fans,

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Now on to today's featured celebrity. It's Fannie Flagg and
I have to admit I knew very little about her. The only
thing I really knew was she was a frequent guest on 'The
Match Game' but just check out all the info below!

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following celebrities have had a 
  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Henry Gibson: One of the regulars on the TV show "Laugh-In"

- Dan Rowan: One of the co-hosts of the TV show "Laugh-In"

- Dick Martin: The other co-host of "Laugh-In"

                 (Answer at the bottom)



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                     FANNIE FLAGG

BIRTH DATE: September 21, 1944, Birmingham, Alabama

BIRTH NAME: Patricia Neal 


CLAIM TO FAME: As mentioned for me, I really only knew Fannie 
for her appearances on 'The Match Game', and when I asked 
most that's the first that came out. The only other popular 
answer was... 'wasn't she in Grease?'

FAMILY LIFE: Husband: Dick Sargent (this is not really a
fact, can't find any definitive info on it. There were 
rumors on this... both Dick and Fannie were/are gay so
could it have been a marriage to hide it?)

Former Girlfriend: Rita Mae Brown (novelist)

INFO: Fannie Flagg began writing and producing television 
specials at age nineteen and went on to distinguish herself 
as an actress and writer in television, films, and the theater. 

Continued below....   



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TRIVIA: Staple celebrity guest on many daytime television 
game shows back in the 70s, including "Liar's Club" and 
"Password", among others.

Holds an honorary doctorate from Franklin Pierce College in 
Rindge, New Hampshire, where her book "Fried Green Tomatoes" 
is part of the freshman curriculum.

She was born Patricia Neal, a name she could not professionally 
use, as there was already a well-known Oscar-winning actress 
named Patricia Neal.

Show business career began when she entered a Miss Alabama 
pageant and won a scholarship to the Pittsburgh Playhouse

Fannie is openly gay, and was, at one time, the partner of author 
Rita Mae Brown, who outed her. Despite her openness regarding her 
personal life, Flagg removed a substantial portion of the lesbian 
content in the book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe 
in order to make the film Fried Green Tomatoes more commercially 

At one time, Flagg was linked in the press (and in some reports, 
said to be married) to actor Dick Sargent. The two appeared as a 
couple on the 1970s game show Tattletales, which featured 
celebrities and their spouses, though at no time were they 
presented as a true couple. Host Bert Convy would introduce them 
as "Dick Sargent and his lady, Fannie Flagg." Sargent was himself 
gay and eventually came out prior to his death in 1994.

Suffers of Dyslexia

Her script for Fried Green Tomatoes was nominated for both the 
Academy Award and the Writers Guild of America Award and won the 
highly regarded Scripters Award. 

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Fannie is still writing away. Her last novel
was Can't Wait To Get To Heaven which was published in 2006.

She divides her time between homes in California and Alabama.

See a video of Fannie taking you on a tour through some of the
real locations that inspired her writings:

Fannie Flagg 
c/o Sally Wilcox
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
PO Box 240002
Los Angeles, CA 90024 

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.fannie-flagg.com



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Crazy in Alabama (1999) .... Sally the Waitress
Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) (uncredited) .... Teacher
My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1988) .... Mrs. Capello
"The Love Boat" .... Liz Merritt / ... (2 episodes, 1979-1983)
    - Zinging Valentine/Temporary Secretary(1983) .... Liz Merritt
    - Decision/ Love My Dog (1979).... Mrs. Alicia Finch
"Harper Valley P.T.A." .... Cassie Bowman (1981-1982)
Grease (1978) .... Nurse Wilkins
Rabbit Test (1978) .... The President's Wife
Sex and the Married Woman (1977) (TV) .... Virginia Ladysmith
"Fernwood 2 Night" .... Sylvia Miller (1 episode, 1977)
    - Episode #1.28 (1977) TV episode .... Sylvia Miller
Stay Hungry (1976) .... Amy
The New Original Wonder Woman (1975) (TV) .... Amazon Doctor
"Wonder Woman" .... Amazon Doctor (1 episode, 1975)
    - The New Original Wonder Woman (1975) TV episode .... Amazon Doctor
Home Cookin' (1975) (TV) .... Adelle
"The New Candid Camera" (1974) TV series 
"Match Game 73" .... Herself / ... (1974-1982)
"The New Dick Van Dyke Show" .... 'Mike' Preston (3 episodes)
    - After the Ball Is Over (1972) TV episode .... Mike Preston
    - A House Is Not a Home, Yet (1971) .... 'Mike' Preston
    - Smoke Rings (1971) TV episode .... 'Mike' Preston
"Love, American Style" .... (segment "Love and the Bachelor Party") 1972)
    - Bachelor Party/Latin Lover/Test of Manhood (1972)
Some of My Best Friends Are (1971) .... Helen
Five Easy Pieces (1970) .... Stoney

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) (novel "Fried Green Tomatoes At 
    the Whistle Stop Cafe") (screenplay) 
"Dolly" (1987) TV series (unknown episodes)
"Candid Camera" (1960/I) TV series (writer) 

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven 
A Redbird Christmas
Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
Standing in the Rainbow
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
Fannie Flagg's Original Whistle Stop Cafe Cookbook

To see Then & Now pictures of Fannie Flagg, visit: 

Fannie Flagg Then & Now

LOOSE LIPS: "Once you're in, you're in.  It's like the 
Mafia... once a Monkee, always a Monkee." - Davy Jones


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Henry Gibson - ALIVE

Born: 09/21/1935

Dan Rowan - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 07/22/1922  Died: 09/27/1987

Dick Martin - ALIVE
Born: 01/30/1922



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- Brian Wilde, 80, British comedic actor (Porridge, Last of 
  the Summer Wine). 

- Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 90, Sri Lankan/British science fiction 
  author (2001: A Space Odyssey), heart failure. 
- Mia Permanto, 19, Finnish singer, finalist in Idols. 
- Paul Scofield, 86, British Academy Award-winning actor (A Man 
  for All Seasons), leukaemia.

- Philip Jones Griffiths, 72, British photojournalist, cancer. 
- Anthony Minghella, 54, British Academy Award-winning film 
  director and chairman of the BFI, post-surgical haemorrhage. 
- Geoffrey Pearson, 80, Canadian diplomat, son of former Prime 
  Minister Lester B. Pearson. 

- Roland Arnall, 68, American owner of Ameriquest Mortgage, 
  Ambassador to the Netherlands (2006–2008), cancer.  

- Wayne Davis, 44, American football player, Lou Gehrig's disease. 
Ivan Dixon, 76, American actor and director (Hogan's Heroes), hemorrhage. 
- Gary Hart, 66, American professional wrestling manager, heart attack. 
- John Hewer, 86, British actor (Captain Birdseye), natural causes. 
- Daniel MacMaster, 39, American rock vocalist (Bonham), staph infection. 
- Bob Purkey, 78, American baseball player, Alzheimer's disease. 
- Jonathan Williams, 79, American poet, photographer and publisher, 
  founder of The Jargon Society.  

- G. David Low, 52, American astronaut, colon cancer. 
- Ross Scaife, 47, American classicist and digital humanist, cancer. 
- Vicki Van Meter, 26, American pilot, apparent suicide by gunshot. 

- Gary Binfield, 42, British swimmer, 1988 Olympic relay finalist, 
  15-time All-American at the University of South Carolina. 
- Mike Dawson, 54, American football player, heart attack. 

- Bill Bolick, 90, American country music performer (The Blue Sky Boys). 
- Martin Fierro, 66, American saxophonist, cancer. 

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