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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Dobie Gillis

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Hello fans,

Well you all voted and it was an overwhelming landslide to
KEEP the Celebrity Deaths section. So it's back.

But I need some help from all of you. I need your support.
All I'm asking if you see an advertisement for a product
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Now for today's featured celebrity. Do you remember or know 
who Dwayne Hickman is? The name sounded familiar to me but I 
couldn't think of what show I knew him from. The minute I saw 
his picture I remembered.

So let's catch up with Dwayne and see what he has been up
to since the old Dobie Gillis days. It's really a pretty
diverse career he has had.

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following ACTORS from THE GODFATHER 
  MOVIES have had a  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- James Caan - Played Sonny Corleone

- Abe Vigoda - Played Salvatore "Sally" Tessio

- Bruno Kirby - Played the Young Clemenza 

                 (Answer at the bottom)



BIRTH DATE: May 18 1934, Los Angeles, California

CLAIM TO FAME: While his first role was on 'The Bob Cummings'
show, Dwayne is known to all of us as Dobie Gillis from the
TV series, 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.'

FAMILY LIFE: Joan Roberts (April 1983 - present) 1 child 
Joanne Papile (March 1977 - 1981) (divorced) 
Carol Christensen (March 1963 - 1972) (divorced) 1 son 

INFO: Dwayne is the younger brother of child actor Darryl 
Hickman, followed in his sibling's footsteps into acting
appearing in such features as Captain Eddie (with Darryl) 
and playing the role of Nip Worden in The Return of Rusty.

Continued below....   


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TRIVIA: One of his earliest roles was an appearance in a
1942 'Our Gang' comedy.

Although at the show's debut his Dobie character was still a 
teenager in high school, Dwayne was already 25.

One of his co-stars in 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' was
Bob Denver (yes that's Gilligan) who was his sidekick, Maynard.
Interestingly enough, Dwayne and Bob knew each other before
this as they attended college (Loyola) together.

Worked for Howard Hughes in 1970 when he went to work for 
Hughes Tool Co. His job was not at the tool company but instead
as a booking agent in Las Vegas for the Landmark Hotel.

Accomplished artist; has had many art gallery showings.

WHERE IS HE NOW: After Dobie Gillis, Dwayne found himself stereo-
typed as a "youngster" just at the time of his life when he was 
too old to play any further such roles. He appeared in some minor 
"beach" films and made an unsuccessful TV pilot for a program in 
which he was to play a young schoolteacher.

He did still work in the entertainment business but behind-the-
scenes. As mentioned above as a booking agent in Vegas. He too
became involved in several projects in production roles. 

Later he became a programming executive at CBS, a role which he 
has since spoofed by appearing as such in several on-camera roles. 
He also worked as a director on various episodes of television 
series, and also portrayed Dobie in two TV reunions, 'Whatever 
Happened to Dobie Gillis' and 'Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis.'

He wrote a book in the 1990's an autobiography is entitled 
"Forever Dobie."

While Dwayne does still act, there are just not many roles. He
was last seen on the screen in 2005. Nowadays he is busy 
promoting his paintings at Gallery showings all around the

Upcoming Gallery Shows:
Friday and Saturday
August 10 and 11, 2007
Wildwood Gallery
40794 Village Drive
Big Bear, CA 92315

Dwayne Hickman 
PO Box 17226
Encino, CA 91416 

Contact Dwayne Online: Click Here

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.dwaynehickman.com


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Angels with Angles (2005) .... Maynard G Gillis
Surviving Gilligan's Island (2001) (TV) .... Network Executive #1
"Clueless" .... Tripp Mariens (5 episodes, 1996-1999)
    - Parent Trap (1999) TV Episode .... Tripp Mariens
    - Back from Bakersfield (1998) TV Episode .... Tripp Mariens
    - Bakersfield Blues (1998) TV Episode .... Tripp Mariens
    - The Intruder (1997) TV Episode (as Dwane Hickman) .... Tripp Mariens
    - Romeo and Cher (1996) TV Episode .... Tripp Mariens
A Night at the Roxbury (1998) .... Fred Sanderson
Cops n Roberts (1995) .... Brian Thursday
"Murder, She Wrote" .... Brian Thursdan (1 episode, 1990)
    - Murder -- According to Maggie (1990) TV Episode .... Brian Thursdan
Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (1988) (TV) .... Dobie Gillis
High School U.S.A. (1983) (TV) .... Mr. Plaza
Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready (1977) (TV) .... Sgt. Ed Hutchins
Whatever Happened to Dobie Gillis? (1977) (TV) .... Dobie Gillis
"Ellery Queen" .... Linville Hagen (1 episode, 1976)
    - The Adventure of the Wary Witness (1976) TV Episode .... Linville Hagen
"Kolchak: The Night Stalker" .... Sergeant Orkin (1 episode, 1975)
    - The Youth Killer (1975) TV Episode .... Sergeant Orkin
"Love, American Style" .... (3 episodes, 1969-1973)
    - Love and the Persistent Assistant (1973) TV Episode 
    - Love and the Topless Policy (1972) TV Episode 
    - Love and the Phone Booth (1969) TV Episode 
"The Mod Squad" .... Russ (1 episode, 1969)
    - The Healer (1969) TV Episode .... Russ
"Disneyland" .... Jack Crandall (2 episodes, 1969)
    - My Dog, the Thief: Part 2 (1969) TV Episode .... Jack Crandall
    - My Dog, the Thief: Part 1 (1969) TV Episode .... Jack Crandall
My Dog, the Thief (1969) (TV) .... Jack Crandall
"My Friend Tony" (1 episode, 1969)
    - The Twenty Mile Jog (1969) TV Episode 
"The Flying Nun" .... Randy Putnam (1 episode, 1969)
    - The Boyfriend (1969) TV Episode .... Randy Putnam
"Ironside" .... Archie Bass (1 episode, 1968)
    - Due Process of the Law (1968) TV Episode .... Archie Bass
"Vacation Playhouse" .... Joe Hannon / ... (2 episodes, 1964-1967)
    - You're Only Young Twice (1967) TV Episode .... Lennie
    - Hey, Teacher (1964) TV Episode .... Joe Hannon
Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding! (1967) .... Hank Judson
We'll Take Manhattan (1967) (TV) .... Lucas Greystone
"Combat!" .... Corey (1 episode, 1966)
    - Run, Sheep, Run (1966) TV Episode .... Corey
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) .... Todd Armstrong
Sergeant Dead Head (1965) 
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) .... Ricky
Ski Party (1965) .... Craig Gamble
Cat Ballou (1965) .... Jed
"Wagon Train" .... Clay Shelby (1 episode, 1964)
    - The Clay Shelby Story (1964) TV Episode .... Clay Shelby
"The Greatest Show on Earth" .... Dr. Gregg Blakeley (1 episode, 1964)
    - Rosetta (1964) TV Episode .... Dr. Gregg Blakeley
"Pantomime Quiz" .... Guest Panelist (1 episode, 1963)
"The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" .... Dobie Gillis (1959-1963)
1001 Arabian Nights (1959) (voice) .... Aladdin
"The Bob Cummings Show" .... Chuck MacDonald (1955-1959)
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (1958) .... Grady Metcalf, Comfort's suitor
"Men of Annapolis" (1 episode)
    - Blue & Gray (????) TV Episode 
"The Lone Ranger" .... Johnny Barton / ... (2 episodes, 1951-1955)
    - Sunstroke Mesa (1955) TV Episode .... Johnny Barton
    - Two Gold Lockets (1951) TV Episode .... Younger Don Lindon
"Letter to Loretta" .... College Boy (1 episode, 1954)
    - It's a Man's Game (1954) TV Episode .... College Boy
"The Public Defender" .... Kenny Higgins (1 episode, 1954)
    - Fire Bell (1954) TV Episode .... Kenny Higgins
The Happy Years (1950) (uncredited) .... Fred 'Happy' Mather
Rusty's Birthday (1949) (uncredited) .... Nip Worden
Rusty Saves a Life (1949) (uncredited) .... Nip Worden
The Sun Comes Up (1949) (uncredited) .... Hank Winter
The Boy with Green Hair (1948) .... Joey
Rusty Leads the Way (1948) (uncredited) .... Nip Worden
My Dog Rusty (1948) (uncredited) .... Nip Worden
Her Husband's Affairs (1947) (uncredited) .... Boy
The Son of Rusty (1947) (uncredited) .... Nip Worden
For the Love of Rusty (1947) (uncredited) .... Doc Levy Jr.
The Secret Heart (1946) .... Chase as a Child
The Return of Rusty (1946) .... Bobby
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) (uncredited) .... Johnny Ryan
Captain Eddie (1945) .... Louis Rickenbacker
Melodies Old and New (1942) 

"Sister, Sister" (1994) TV Series (unknown episodes)
"Harry and the Hendersons" (1991) TV Series (unknown episodes)
"Designing Women" (3 episodes, 1989-1990)
    - A Class Act (1990) TV Episode 
    - Julia and Suzanne's Big Adventure (1989) TV Episode 
    - Odell (1989) TV Episode 
"Get a Life" (1990) TV Series (unknown episodes)
"Charles in Charge" (1984) TV Series (unknown episodes)

Don't know who Dwayne is, want to see Then & Now pictures, visit:
Dwayne Hickman Then & Now

LOOSE LIPS: "I have always loved art and architecture, in fact, 
that has always been my first love, never acting or film work."
- Dwayne Hickman 


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

- James Cann - ALIVE
  Born: 03/26/1940
- Abe Vidgoda - ALIVE
  Born: 02/24/1921  
- Bruno Kirby - DEAD (Cancer)
  Born: 04/28/1949  Died: 08/14/2006


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- Kiichi Miyazawa, 87, Japanese Prime Minister (1991–1993), 
  natural causes. 

- Patrick Allotey, 28, Ghanaian footballer for Feyenoord and Ghana. 
- William Hutt, 87, Canadian actor, natural causes.

- Liz Claiborne, 78, Belgian fashion designer, cancer.
- Bobby Hussey, 67, American basketball coach at Virginia Tech 
  and Davidson College. 
- Patrick Knight, 39, American convicted double murderer, execution 
  by lethal injection.  

- Dana Bullen, 75, American journalist and advocate for freedom of 
  the   press, cancer. 

- Byron Baer, 77, American legislator for New Jersey (1971–2005), 
  heart failure. 
- Chris Benoit, 40, Canadian professional wrestler, suicide by hanging. 
- Shayne Bower, 42, Canadian professional wrestler known as "Biff 
  Wellington", heart attack. 
- Charles W. Lindberg, 86, American marine who helped raise the first 
  flag on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima. 
- Fritz Massmann, 80, American basketball trainer for the New York 
  Nets (1970–1992). 
- Joy Simonson, 88, American feminist, complications of pneumonia. 
- Ralph Stayer, 92, American businessman, founder of Johnsonville Foods. 

- Rod Beck, 38, American Major League Baseball pitcher. 

- Billie Beatty, 73, American gospel guitarist, heart attack. 
- Nancy Daus, 43, American professional wrestler and manager, wife 
  of wrestler Chris Benoit, murder by strangulation. 
- Ralph Morano, 74, American harness racing trainer and driver. 
- Guy Vander Jagt, 75, United States Representative from Michigan 
  (1966–1993), pancreatic cancer. 

- Bob Evans, 89, American founder of Bob Evans Restaurants, pneumonia. 
- Marshall Shulman, 91, American Sovietologist who founded the 
  Averell Harriman Institute at Columbia University. 
- John Todd, 96, American computer scientist and mathematician. 

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