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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Lamont from Sanford & Son

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Hello fans,

Before we get to finding out aboud Demond Wilson (Sanford
& Son), it is time to vote for the next round of celebrities
you want to see featured. Here's the list:

Erik Estrada - CHiPS 
Peter Frampton - Singer 
Season Hubley - Actress 
Staci Keanan - Step by Step 
Mackenzie Phillips - One Day At A Time 
Adrian Zmed - Grease 2 

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  See if you know if the following OLDER ACTRESSES have 
  had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

Barbara Billingsley - Played Beaver's mom, June Cleaver, on 
the TV series "Leave It to Beaver", she's also famous for her 
ability to speak "jive" in the movie "Airplane!"

Jane Wyman -  Appeared in many movies, including "Johnny 
Belinda" and "Magnificent Obsession", and starred as Angela 
Channing in the TV series "Falcon Crest", she was the ex-wife 
of former US president Ronald Reagan

Maureen O'Hara - Starred in the movies "How Green Was My 
Valley", "Miracle on 34th Street", "The Quiet Man", and 
"The Parent Trap"

                 (Answer at the bottom)



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                      DEMOND WILSON

BIRTH DATE: October 13, 1946, Valdosta, Georgia

CLAIM TO FAME: I think everyone knows Demond for his role
as Lamont Sanford opposite Red Foxx in 'Sanford & Son'. 

BIRTH NAME: Grady Demond Wilson 

FAMILY LIFE: Cicely Loise Johnston (May 1974 - present) 
6 children 

INFO: Played Lamont through the run of the series, and in 
fact became the de facto star when Redd Foxx walked off the 
show in 1974 and his character was written out for the rest 
of the season. Foxx returned the following year and the pair 
worked together until the show's cancellation in 1977.

Continued below....   



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TRIVIA: When Demond was 12 years old, his appendix ruptured, 
which almost ended his life. He vowed then that he would some
day serve God.

Became a minister in 1984.

In 1965, when Demond was 19 years-old, he was cast in a major 
production of "Slow Dance on the Killing Ground." However, before 
the show opened Demond was drafted by the Army. He was placed in 
the 4th Infantry Division and sent to Vietnam, where he fought 
for a little over a year.

WHERE IS HE NOW: In 1984, feeling burned out, he decided to become 
a minister, something he wanted to do since he was 12 years old. 

At the time, he was also using cocaine. "I didn't want to see 
anybody, didn't want to talk to anybody," he recalls. Then, he 
found strength in his faith -- so much so that he changed the 
course of his life. "I went from sinner to saved by grace," he says. 

In 1994, Demond founded a nonprofit organization called Restoration 
House of America, which is devoted to rehabilitating former prison 
inmates. The organization is located near Lynchburg, Virginia and 
resides on about 500 acres of land. 

He also turned his attention to writing and has written books,
screenplays and short stories. Here is a listing:

Juvenile Fiction:
John Neuman Smith, CAP Publishing and Literary Company, 1999
Lil' Mowande, CAP Publishing and Literary Company, 1999
Mr. Fish Takes a Wife, CAP Publishing and Literary Company, 1999
Plus eight other stories...

New Age Millennium, CAP Publishing and Literary Company, 1998

The Legend of Ned Turner.

He is currently writing a book entitled "War of the Ages" the 
male/female Dilemma.  

Has/had a Christian TV program "Harvest Time" which aired both
nationally and internationally.  

No address availalbe

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"Girlfriends" .... Kenneth Miles (4 episodes, 2004-2005)
    - Good News, Bad News (2005) TV Episode .... Kenneth Miles
    - Who's Your Daddy? (2004) TV Episode .... Kenneth Miles
    - L.A. Bound (2004) TV Episode .... Kenneth Miles
    - New York Unbound (2004) TV Episode .... Kenneth Miles
Hammerlock (2000) .... Morgan Rivers
Me and the Kid (1993) .... Agent Schamper
"The New Odd Couple" (1982) TV Series .... Oscar Madison (unknown episodes)
"The Love Boat" .... Bart / ... (2 episodes, 1979-1981)
    - Black Sheep/Hometown Doc/Clothes Make the Girl (1981) TV Episode .... Jesse, Isaac's Uncle
    - Brotherhood of the Sea, The/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy's Pride (1979) TV Episode .... Bart
Full Moon High (1981) .... Cabbie-Busdriver
"Baby, I'm Back" (1978) TV Series .... Raymond Ellis (unknown episodes)
"Sanford and Son" .... Lamont Sanford (135 episodes, 1972-1977)
Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues (1972) .... Rupert
"Mission: Impossible" .... Simmons (1 episode, 1971)
    - Underwater (1971) TV Episode .... Simmons
The Organization (1971) .... Charlie Blossom
"All in the Family" .... Horace (1 episode, 1971)
    - Edith Writes a Song (1971) TV Episode .... Horace
"Praise the Lord" .... Himself (1 episode, 2004)
    - Episode dated 29 April 2004 (2004) TV Episode .... Himself
American Soundtrack: Rhythm, Love and Soul (2003) (TV) .... Himself
"Biography" .... Himself (1 episode, 2000)
    - Redd Foxx: Say It Like It Is (2000) TV Episode .... Himself

To see Then & Now pictures of Demond, visit: 
Demond Wilson Then & Now

LOOSE LIPS: "Many people asked me about what my life was like 
before I came to God. Its very simple, really. I was lost, but 
now I’m found." - Demond Wilson


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Barbara Billingsley - ALIVE
Born: 12/22/1915

Jane Wyman - DEAD 
Born: 01/05/1917  Dead: 09/10/2007

Maureen O'Hara - ALIVE
Born: 08/17/1920


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- Chen Chi-Li, 64, Taiwanese triad member, former leader of 
  the United Bamboo Gang. 
- Antonie Iorgovan, 59, Romanian politician, lead author of 
  the Constitution of Romania, heart attack.  

- Herbert Muschamp, 59, American architecture critic for The 
  New York Times, lung cancer. 
- Tony Ryan, 71, Irish entrepreneur and joint founder of Ryanair, 
  after long illness. 

- Elfi von Dassanowsky, 83, Austrian opera singer, actress 
  and film producer. 
- Gary Franklin, 79, American movie critic for KABC-TV in 
  Los Angeles. 
- George Grizzard, 79, American actor, lung cancer. 
- Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark, 94, former Princess 
  of Greece, last surviving great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 
- Dan Keating, 105, Irish republican activist, patron of the 
  Republican Sinn Féin political party. 
- Tawn Mastrey, 53, American radio disc jockey (KNAC), hepatitis C. 
- James Michaels, 86, American editor of Forbes (1961–1999), pneumonia. 

- Harry Lee, 75, American politician, Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, 
  Louisiana, leukemia. 
- Al Oerter, 71, American athlete and Olympic gold medallist in 
  discus 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1968, heart failure. 
- Tetsuo Okamoto, 75, Brazilian swimmer and Brazil's first Olympic 
  swimming medallist (1952), respiratory failure. 
- Ned Sherrin, 76, British broadcaster and theatre producer, throat cancer. 
- Ralph W. Sturges, 88, American Mohegan tribal chief. 

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