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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where are Captain & Tennille...

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Hello fans,

Today we're catching up with Captain & Tennille. Let me share
a story of my crossing paths with them.

Two years ago I was at a Home Video convention and I was
meeting with a company in their suite at the Belagio. 

I got there a little early and was sitting in the living room
area waiting for my meeting. I'm sitting next to a couple 
chatting with them. All the while I'm thinking, where do I
know this lady from?

I finally asked her... did you used to be at another video
company because you looks so familiar to me. She smiled and
asked me if I've ever heard of Captain and Tennille.

Well I was a bit embarrassed. The minute she mentioned it
I recognized them both. 

They were very nice and kept me company while I waited for
my meeting. They were there because they were working with
the company to release DVDs of their show.

Anyway... that's my story... let's get to the issue and
find out where are they now?

Be Well,



  See if you know if the following BONANZA SONS have had a 
  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Michael Landon - Played Little Joe Cartwright

- Pernell Roberts - Played Adam Cartwright

- Dan Blocker - Played Hoss Cartwright

                 (Answer at the bottom)


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Captain (Daryl Dragon) - August 27, 1942, Los Angeles, California
Toni Tennille - May 8, 1940, Montgomery, Alabama

CLAIM TO FAME: The singing duo will always be known for their
pop hit, "Love Will Keep Us Together."

FAMILY LIFE: Captain and Toni have been married since
1975... I guess love has kept them together!

Prior to marrying Daryl, Toni was married before in 1962 
but I don't know how long the marriage ended. She was 
married to Kenneth Shearer.

Daryl's father was the legendary Los Angeles Symphony 
conductor, Carmen Dragon. Daryl's younger brother, Dennis 
Dragon, was the founder of the popular 1980s band, the 
Surf Punks.

INFO: Toni married Daryl at her parents' urging, when they 
were about to go on tour together and her parents worried 
about their public image. ("Living together" was still 
largely frowned upon in America during the early 1970s.) 
Neither Toni nor Daryl took the marriage seriously at the 
time, but came to value it more and more as the years went by.

TRIVIA: Keyboardist for The Beach Boys in the early 1970s, 
Daryl was given the nickname "Captain Keyboard" by singer 
Mike Love, and has been known ever since as the Captain

Daryl's father is legendary composer Carmen Dragon.

Toni sang background vocals on Pink Floyd "The Wall".

Toni's was also a backup singer for The Beach Boys in the 
early 1970s, making her arguably the first "Beach Girl".

They met in 1971 in San Francisco, when Toni was staging 
a musical she had written called Mother Earth at the 
Marines Memorial Theatre. Toni hired Daryl as a musician 
for the production after which, in turn, he helped Toni get
a job with The Beach Boys.

Toni performed backup on a number of Elton John albums most 
notably (and prominently) on the classic "Don't Let the Sun 
Go Down on Me". She also appeared as a backup vocalist on 
tracks by Art Garfunkel. 

The singing duo have been referenced several times on the 
popular show The Simpsons. In "Mommie Beerest", Homer and 
Marge appear dressed as Captain and Tennille, respectively. 
Homer, in a captain costume, plays the piano to a lyrically 
different version of "Love Will Keep Us Together". In "Simpson 
Tide", Homer is assigned to a nuclear submarine under the 
command of "Captain Tennille". Also, in "Trash of the Titans", 
the Simpsons celebrate the made-up holiday of "Love Day" by 
decorating their front yard with a mechanized string quartet 
(made to look like the Care Bears) that played "Love Will 
Keep Us Together". 

Continued below...



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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Throughout the '90s, they continued to 
perform various concert dates at venues around the world, 
frequently at Harrah's Lake Tahoe

At the same time throughout the 1980s and '90s, Toni enjoyed 
a second career as a big band and pop standards singer, not 
unlike pop colleague Linda Ronstadt. She released several 
albums and performs with orchestras throughout the country.

She also enjoyed a year as the star of the Broadway tour of 
'Victor/Victoria'. At the end of that project, she and Daryl
were to have embarked on a twenty-fifth anniversary tour; 
however, the stresses of the road proved too demanding and 
the Captain & Tennille instead put a hold on their career as 
a performing duo. 

In November 2003, Tennille performed a benefit concert for 
the Reno, Nevada Chamber Orchestra, where her surprise guest
was none other than Daryl Dragon. This was the first time they 
had publicly performed as Captain & Tennille in many years. As 
a result, their first live recording, 'An Intimate Evening' with 
Toni Tennille, was released to commemorate the event.

2005 marked a resurgence for Captain & Tennille when Brant Berry, 
the vice president of a small Portland, Oregon-based entertainment 
company, Respond 2 Entertainment (R2), an avowed fan, signed an 
agreement with Dragon & Tennille to release projects.

The first, and most anticipated, was the home video release of 
Captain & Tennille's 1976 variety series, on a three-disc DVD 
set containing eleven complete episodes with lots of bonus 
musical tracks.

A new direction for the Captain & Tennille began in October 2006 
with the release of Cartoon Network's animated special Casper's 
Scare School. Not only did the duo record two songs for the movie, 
they voiced the dialogue for the characters who sang the songs. 
Tennille portrayed Aunt Belle and Dragon was Uncle Murray, who 
together formed a two-head-on-one-body being known as the Ankle. 
The two songs they performed, "Why Does Love Make Me Feel So Good" 
and "World Without Fear", were written by Magnus Fiennes, younger 
brother of popular motion-picture stars Ralph and Joseph Fiennes

The two recently moved to Prescott, Arizona and have been busy
getting acclimated to the quiet and beautiful surroundings as
well as building their new home. They broke ground in May 2007.

In October the two will be flying to New York to appear at Avery 
Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center in a tribute to Neil Sedaka’s 
Fifty Years of Songwriting.



Crazy Captain and Tennille Video - Shop Around

Love Will Keep Us Together

Muskrat Love

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1975: Love Will Keep Us Together - U.S. #2 
1976: Song Of Joy - U.S. #9 
1977: Come In From The Rain - U.S. #18 
1978: Dream - U.S. #131 
1979: Make Your Move - U.S. #23 
1980: Keeping Our Love Warm 
1982: More Than Dancing [Australia only] 
1995: Twenty Years Of Romance 
2002: More Than Dancing...Much More 
2006: The Secret Of Christmas 


Chart positions are from the U.S. Billboard Hot 
100 and Adult Contemporary charts.

April 1975: "Love Will Keep Us Together" - #1 Pop (4 weeks)/#1 AC (2 weeks)
August 1975: "Por Amor Viviremos" - #49 Pop (Spanish version of "Love Will Keep Us Together") 
September 1975: "The Way I Want to Touch You" - #4 Pop/#1 AC (2 weeks) 
January 1976: "Lonely Night (Angel Face)" - #3 Pop/#1 AC (1 week) 
May 1976: "Shop Around" - #4 Pop/#1 AC (1 week) 
September 1976: "Muskrat Love" - #4 Pop/#1 AC (4 weeks) 
March 1977: "Can't Stop Dancin" - #13 Pop/#12 AC 
June 1977: "Come in from the Rain" - #61 Pop/#8 AC 
September 1977: "Circles" - #9 AC 
April 1978: "I'm on My Way" - #74 Pop/#6 AC (also #97 Country) 
August 1978: "You Never Done It Like That" - #10 Pop/#14 AC 
December 1978: "You Need a Woman Tonight" - #40 Pop/#17 AC 
October 1979: "Do That to Me One More Time" - #1 Pop (1 week)/#4 AC 
March 1980: "Love on a Shoestring" - #55 Pop 
May 1980: "Happy Together (A Fantasy)" - #53 Pop/#27 AC 

Casper's Scare School (2006) (TV) (voice) (as Tennille) .... Belle
"Ellen" .... Tennille (1 episode, 1996)
    - Splitsville, Man (1996) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Tennille
"The Love Boat" .... Lynn Mitchell / ... (2 episodes, 1978-1981)
    - Separate Beds/America's Sweetheart (1981) .... Lynn Mitchell
    - The Kissing Bandit, The/Mike and Ike/Witness (1978) .... Susan
"Fantasy Island" .... Betty Foster / ... (3 episodes, 1979-1980)
    - Crescendo/Three Feathers (1980) TV Episode .... Susan Lohman
    - Nobody's There/The Dancer (1979) TV Episode .... Betty Foster
    - The Comic/The Golden Hour (1979) TV Episode .... Sandy Larson

Casper's Scare School (2006) (TV) (voice) (as Captain) .... Murray
"Space Ghost Coast to Coast" .... The Captain (1 episode, 1999)
    - Sequel (1999) TV Episode .... The Captain
"Ellen" .... Captain (1 episode, 1996)
    - Splitsville, Man (1996) TV Episode (uncredited) .... Captain

To see Then & Now pictures of Captain & Tennille, visit: 
CAPTAIN & Tennille Then & Now


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

Michael Landon - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 10/31/1936  Died: 07/01/1991

Pernell Roberts - ALIVE
Born: 05/18/1928

Robert Stack - DEAD (Surgical Complications)
Born: 12/10/1928   Died: 05/13/1972


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- Mike Osborne, 66, British jazz musician. 
- Maia Simon, 67, French actress, physician-assisted suicide. 

- Nate Hill, 41, American football player (Green Bay Packers, 
  Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins). 
- Pepsi Tate, 42, British bassist (Tigertailz), pancreatic cancer. 
- Len Thompson, 60, Australian footballer (1965–1980), heart attack

- none notable - 

- Robert Jordan, 58, American fantasy novelist (The Wheel of 
  Time), cardiac amyloidosis. 
- Calvin L. Rampton, 93, American governor of Utah (1965–1977), cancer. 
- Garrard "Buster" Ramsey, 87, American football player and coach, 

- Marie-Simone Capony, 113, French doyenne and fifth-oldest person 
  in the world, heart failure. 
- Wayne Knupp, 31, American vocalist (Devourment), multiple 
  organ failure. 
- Colin McRae, 39, British World Rally champion, helicopter crash. 
- Brett Somers, 83, American actress, comedienne and panelist (Match Game), 
  stomach and colon cancer.  

- Benny Vansteelant, 30, Belgian world champion duathlete, bike accident. 

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