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Publication: Hold'em or Fold'em
Texas Holdem - What is pot committed?

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HOLD 'EM or FOLD 'Em                        January 6, 2006

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Hello Poker Players, 

Today we're answering at a question that keeps getting asked.
'What does pot committed mean?'

Plus we have some Hold'em tips for you.

Ante Up,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

              ? ? ? WHAT ARE THE ODDS ? ? ?

You flop a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor flush draw. 
What are the odds against improving your hand on the turn?

                       Answer Below 


courtesy of learn-texas-holdem.com

My question has to do with being "pot committed". I often 
hear, "He had to call the all in bet because he was pot 
committed". How do you know when you are pot committed? Is 
this a bigger factor in tournament play than in a ring game?
Thanks - Mark

Pot committed means that the pot is laying you such good 
odds, or that so many of your chips are already in the pot, 
that you have to call. Let me give you an example. Say you 
are in the big blind with 110 total. The blind is 100 so 
you only have 10 left. 

Unfortunately, you have the worst hand in poker, the 72. 
The small blind raises. Now, it would be absurd here to 
fold for only 10 more, so you have to call. There is no 
hand in poker, even AA, that beats 72 so many times that 
10 more would be a bad call. That is an extreme example, 
usually someone becomes pot committed when more than half 
of their stack is invested in a pot. 

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Being pot committed happens just as often in a tournament 
as it does in a live game. One of the skills in no limit 
holdem is how to manipulate pot size to trap your opponent 
and maximize your winnings. Slow playing is something that 
uses pot commitment to reel someone in. Now, how do you 
know when you are pot committed? This is a murky question 
because you need to take into account what your opponent 
might have. If you are certain that you are beat, it is 
never correct to call the river. Other times, you may have 
so much invested, and the pot is so large, that you might 
put more money in. Say you bet the whole way with AK, and 
you have 2/3's of your chips in the pot on the river when 
the opponent goes all-in. Here it would be very hard to 

Another example might be if you raise preflop with a marginal 
hand and someone goes all-in for twice that amount. Since you 
are getting 3:1 on your money now if you call, it is very tough 
to fold, even though you know you are behind in the hand.

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QUICK TIP: In Hold'em you definitely need to know when to
fold'em. If you are dealt pocket cards that have no chance,
it's in your best interest to either fold right away or,
if the bet is low enough, stay in one round to see the flop.

An example of a had that offers little hope would be low 
unconnected (two cards not in sequence) and unsuited cards,
say the 2 of clubs and an 8 of diamonds. Immediately you
see that there is no possibility for a straight or a flush,
and the cards are very low.

              ...ANSWER to What Are The Odds...

QUESTION: You flop a gutshot straight draw and a backdoor
flush draw. What are the odds against improving your hand
on the turn?

ANSWER: More than 2 to 1 against or less than 30% of the time.

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End of HOLD'EM or FOLD'EM...

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