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Publication: Where Are They Now
Where is Pia Zadora...

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  See if you know if the following GAME SHOW CELEBS have 
  had a  visit from the "Grim Reaper":  

- Orson Bean - Regular panelist on the TV game show "To Tell 
  the Truth", he was the voice of Bilbo Baggins in the animated 
  movie "The Hobbit" and played the storekeeper on the TV series 
  "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman"

- Brett Sommers - She was a regular panelist on the TV game 
  show "Match Game"

- Bert Convy - Host of the TV game show "Tattletales"

                 (Answer at the bottom)



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                        PIA ZADORA

BIRTH DATE: May 4, 1954, Hoboken, New Jersey

BIRTH NAME: Pia Alfreda Schipani

CLAIM TO FAME: Boy this one was a hard one. I asked around
the office and many didn't know who she was. I went home and
asked my mom what she thought Pia Zadora was famous for and
she didn't miss a beat she said, "for marrying a rich man."

So I'm going to say she's the Paris Hilton of the 80's.
She's famous, but for what no one knows.

FAMILY LIFE: Kaufer, Jonathan (August 1995 - November 2001)
(divorced) 1 child

Riklis, Meshulam (September 1977 - March 1995) (divorced) 2 children

Children: Jordan Maxwell (1997) with 'Jonathan Kaufer' ;
Kady (1985) and Christopher Barzie (1987) with 'Meshulam Riklis'.

INFO: Her first film appearance was in 1964's infamous 'Santa
Claus Conquers the Martians', as Girmar, a young Martian girl.
She won a Golden Globe as 1982's "Most Promising New Star," but
also won "Worst New Star" in the 1982 Golden Raspberry Awards.

Continued below....



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TRIVIA: Her son's godfather is Don King

Zadora is her mother's maiden name.

Won the now defunct best new star of the year Golden
Globe despite the fact that she actually made her
acting debut eighteen years earlier.

Became the first thespian to "win" back-to-back RAZZIE Awards 
when she was named Worst Actress of 1982 for 'Butterfly' and
Worst Actress of 1983 for 'The Lonely Lady'.

Appeared in a Penthouse spread in 1983. The picture for her
1984 "Rock It Out" single was taken from this shoot.

In 1984, her song "Rock It Out" earned a Grammy nomination for
Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Among her fellow nominees:
'Lita Ford' , 'Bonnie Tyler' , 'Wendy O. Williams' and eventual
winner 'Tina Turner' . 

Considered for the role of Evita Peron in Evita which instead
went to Madonna.

Played youngest daughter Bielke for two years in "Fiddler on
the Roof" on Broadway (1964-1966).

It was during a 1972 bus-and-truck production of "Applause"
that was touring in Ohio that she met Meshulam "Rik" Riklis,
a 49-year old corporate businessman. She was 17. Four years
later they married.

She made her first records in the 1960s, which included "Bye
Bye Boy", for which she was billed as "Little Pia".

In 1990 she toured as an opening act for 'Frank Sinatra' .

Father, Alphonse Schipani, played violin in Broadway pit
orchestras, and mother, Saturnina Zadorowski, was a theater
wardrobe supervisor.

Attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art while a child
as a means of overcoming shyness.

In 1961, the six-year-old was selected by noted screen and
stage actor 'Burgess Meredith' to appear in the Broadway 
production of "Midgie Purvis" starring the one and only
'Tallulah Bankhead'.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: After remarrying in 1995, she appeared on
Broadway in "Crazy For You" to favorable reviews, but during
this production she suffered a miscarriage and took a brief
retired from show business.

Bought the Pickfair mansion in January 1988, only to have it
demolished. The mansion, former home of early movie stars
Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, was one of Beverly Hills'
most famous privately owned properties.

The outside gate with the letter P is all that remains of the
original home.

In 2004 Pia was featured in The Encyclopedia of Guilty
Pleasures: 1001 Things You Hate to Love.

Retired from show business and living at Pickfair in
Beverly Hills, California with her ex-husband Meshulam
Riklis and her three children.

In other news, Pia and ex-hubby Meshulim Riklis sold their home
"Pickfair" for $20 million.

Pia Zadora
1143 Summit Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210



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"Frasier" .... Jill (1 episode, 1999)
    - Dr. Nora (1999) TV Episode (voice) .... Jill
Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990) (TV) .... Little Miss Muffet
Hairspray (1988) .... Beatnik Chick (special apperances)
Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1988) .... Dee Dee
Pajama Tops (1984) (TV) .... Babette Latouche
The Lonely Lady (1983) .... Jerilee Randall 
Butterfly (1982) .... Kady Tyler
Fake-Out (1982) .... Bobbie Warren
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) .... Girmar

"Beavis and Butt-Head" (1 episode, 1994)
    - Safe House (1994) TV Episode ("Rock It Out")
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) ("This Could Be The Start Of Something")
Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1988) ("Let's Dance Tonight", "When The Rain Begins To Fall")
Formel Eins Film, Der (1985) ("Little Bit Of Heaven")
The Lonely Lady (1983) ("THE CLAPPING SONG")
Butterfly (1982) ("IT'S WRONG FOR ME TO LOVE YOU")
Fake-Out (1982) ("Those Eyes")

PIA (1982) 
ROCK IT OUT (1983)
I AM WHAT I AM 1986 (CD)
PIA - TODAY! 1988 (CD)
PIA Z. 1989 (CD)

Don't know who Pia is, want to see Then & Now pictures, visit:
Pia Zadora Then & Now

LOOSE LIPS: "They never told me about winning all those Razzie
Awards... Maybe because they were afraid that, after reading all
the reviews, I might kill myself!" - Pia Zadora


--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE

- Orson Bean (Alive)
  Born: 07/22/1928

- Brett Somers (Alive) 
  Born: 07/11/1924
- Bert Convy (DEAD - Brain Cancer) 
  Born: 07/23/1933  Died: 03/18/2001 


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- Jean-Claude Brialy, 74, French actor and director, cancer. 
- Preston Martin, 83, American banker, Deputy Chairman of the 
  Federal Reserve Board (1982-1986). 
- William Morris Meredith, Jr., 88, American poet and 
  Pulitzer Prize winner. 

- Dave Balon, 68, Canadian ice hockey player, multiple sclerosis. 
- Norman Kaye, 80, Australian actor and musician, 
- Shinichi Yamazaki, 76, Japanese public official implicated in 
  recent bid-rigging, possible suicide by jumping. 

- Barbara Cox Anthony, 83, American heiress to Cox Enterprises 
  and 45th-richest person in the world, after long illness. 
- David Lane, 68, American neo-Nazi leader and author. 
- John Macquarrie, 87, British theologian, Lady Margaret 
  Professor of Divinity at Oxford (1970–1986). 
- Toshikatsu Matsuoka, 62, Japanese Minister of Agriculture, 
  suicide by hanging. 
- Parren Mitchell, 85, American Representative from Maryland 
  (1971–1987), a founder of Congressional Black Caucus, pneumonia. 

- Edward Behr, 81, British foreign correspondent and author. 
- Marquise Hill, 24, American football player for the New 
  England Patriots in the NFL, drowning. 
- Jack Kerr, 96, New Zealand cricket player, Chairman and 
  President of NZ Cricket. 
- Wiley Mayne, 90, American congressman from Iowa (1966–1974), 
  cardiopulmonary incident. 
- Howard Porter, 58, American basketball player (Villanova, 
  Bulls, Knicks, Pistons). 
- Izumi Sakai, 40, Japanese singer and member of Zard, 
  cerebral contusion. 
- Gretchen Wyler, 75, American Broadway and television actress 
  and animal rights activist, complications of breast cancer. 
- Ed Yost, 87, American inventor of the modern hot air balloon. 

- James Beck, 77, American art historian (Columbia University), 
  critic of art conservation practices, lung cancer. 
- Aubrey Singer, 80, British television executive, head of BBC 
  Two (1974–1978).  

- Arwon, 33, New Zealand-born racehorse, longest surviving 
  Melbourne Cup winner, euthanasia. 
- Buddy Childers, 81, American jazz trumpeter, cancer. 
- Robert Hellman, 60, American legislator who served for 10 
  years in the Indiana Senate, cancer. 
- Charles Nelson Reilly, 76, American Tony-winning actor and 
  Match Game panelist, complications from pneumonia. 
- Herbert Reynolds, 77, American educator, President of Baylor 
  University (1981–1995). 
- Rodney Smith, 67, American chairman and CEO of Altera 
  (1983-2003), bicycle crash.  

- Norm Maleng, 68, American prosecutor for King County, 
  Washington, cardiac arrest. 
- Christopher Newton, 37, American murderer, execution by 
  lethal injection. 
- Minako Oba, 77, Japanese author. 
- Patrick Stockstill, 57, American film historian for AMPAS, 
  complications following a heart transplant.  

- Clyde Robert Bulla, 93, American children's author. 
- Kei Kumai, 76, Japanese film director. brain hemorrhage 

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