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Publication: EVTV1 Insider
Lot's of videos including Saddam's final moments...

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What's Up...   

First let me give you the correct link to one of the videos
from last week. It was How NOT To Rob A Liquor Store: Click Here

Now for a couple of links to two videos that you may or
may not want to see... the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

The first clip cuts away right before the hanging and the
second clip does not. Please, please do not watch either
of these if you are squeamish. 

Footage leading up to the Saddam Hanging (non graphic)
Click Here for non graphic version

Actual Footage of Saddam's Hanging (Warning Graphic)
Click Here for the Graphic footage of the actual hanging

Well let's get to our featured clips.


PS Don't forget to rate and COMMENT on each clip. Check
out what others are saying too. It's pretty interesting.


(Current Rating 4.0... What will you rate it?)   

Do you remember this series? I have to admit I had
never heard of it. But when we got this clip a couple
of people in the office were so excited about it. 

"Ultraman, here he comes from the sky. Ultraman, 
watch our hero fly!" Starting in 1966 these lyrics 
thrilled millions of Japanese kids every week when 
it introduced TBS Network's new fifty meter tall 
space hero, Ultraman...

When you go to watch the clip, check out the comment 
by rugratz2222... I thought it was a good point.
UltraMan - Theme Song 


Move Around in Style with The Telescopic Walking Stick

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extra help walking around, the Telescopic Walking Stick is
just what you need. It's fully adjustable to fit your height
perfectly and the spring loaded shaft helps reduce strain on 
your wrists, back, knees, legs and feet. With a built in
compass this telescopic walking stick will get you through
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1. Saddam's Hanging (Non Graphic Version)
2. The Nutcracker Ballet: Sugar Plum Fairies

3. Trump vs. Rosie pt. 2
4. Super Mario Bros. In Vice City

5. Trump vs. Rosie


(Current Rating 4.3... What will you rate it?)   

I know I have run this clip in the past... but I just love
it and find it fascinating. Even after watching more than
a 100 times I'm still in awe.

Skydiving is something that many people would love to try. 
In this clip watch as a group of skydivers perform an 
amazing feat in the air. You wonder how they can do this 
and not get all tangled up.
Amazing Air Feat



1. Why Rumsfeld Got Fired
2. Jingle Pets - A Christmas
3. Fruitcake Lady Part 1 Fruitcake Lady Part 1
4. Saddam's Hanging
5. Christmas House

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