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Publication: EVTV1 Insider
Smash or Trash: The Glock & Attacked by a Snake...

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What's Up...   

Both of today's video clips just make me laugh.



Gun Safety - The Glock 40 
(Current Rating 3.5  - What will you rate it?) 

The quote you're going to want to pay attention to in this clip 
is where the cop who is doing the demonstration says, "I'm the 
only one in this room professional enough, that I know of, to 
handle this gun." 

While teaching a gun safety course at a high school, a cop 
lectures students on the im-portance of gun safety. Everything 
he tells them goes out the window when he shoots himself in 
the leg during the demonstration. Check this one out:
See it at: Gun Safety - The Glock 40


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Custard Explosions (Danger Mouse)
Custard Explosions

Prank: Deer On The Car
Prank: Deer On Car


Attacked By A Snake
(Current Rating 3.7 - What will you rate it?)

In humor, you have to admit, genuine reactions are 
always the best ones. For example, this poor news anchor 
has no idea what's about to happen to him during a soft 
news segment involving some exotic reptiles. 

There's not a comedic actor in the world who could duplicate 
this timing and reaction. 

While this news anchor and his guest check out a Texas rat 
snake, the 4-inch lizard resting on the desk suddenly makes 
a surprise attack. The reaction of the anchor is priceless.
Attacked By A Snake


Just too funny... look at the ad below... and on the day,
we run the Glock clip... not planned folks!

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