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Publication: Steals and Deals
Steal: Fun shower item Deal: For Contact Lense users...

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We've got two very different items. One is great fun in the
shower ;) and the other is just a great item for contact
lense users who alternate with glasses.

Be Well,

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VIBRATING SOAP - For "Fun" in the Shower...

Normal Price: $19.99

This extremely unique bar of soap can also be used as a 
hand held massager to loosen up your aching body the next 
time you take a bath or shower. Made with scented or 
unscented soap, it comes with a built-in vibrating motor. 

Just take it out of its soap dish and feel the vibrations 
begin. When you're finished, simply put it back into its 
dish and it will stop vibrating. And best of all - it is 
100% safe for use in water. 

This item is a VERY POPULAR bridal shower gift. Check it
out at: Today's Steal of the Day

. . . .


Normal Price: $19.99

   "What a great idea... why didn't they think of this 
    years ago?"

  ==> It's the 2-in-1 Contact Lens and Glass Case <==

You'll never have to try to cram a contacts case into your 
glasses case. This handy and gorgeous looking case makes it 
easy to switch between the two... because it carries BOTH 
while protecting from scratches. 

This alone is great, but you also get tweezers a mirror, plus 
two bottles you can fill with cleaning and soaking solution. 
Also ideal for carrying sunglasses. Perfect for traveling or 
just to keep at home. It's a GREAT Gift item. To see this 
innovative product or to order, VISIT: Today's Deal of the Day

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