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Publication: Travel Freebies
Free Attractions

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Travel Freebies                                 July 5, 2006

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Hello Travelers,   

Today's issue features some of the hottest freebies from 
last month in case you might have missed an issue. Be sure
to act fast because they may expire soon.

Travel On,   

And don't forget you can comment, post a freebie on our TF
Blog by visiting: http://blog.gophercentral.com/tf.html

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Free Season Passes...

There's nothing like a free ride. Especially when it's at 
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"Last week our house was robbed, but all of our valuables
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This revolutionary hidden wall safe looks like an ordinary
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Free Car Seat

When travelling, every child should be in a car seat and every
parent wants what best for their child. And safety is the first 
place to start. Keep your baby safe with a free Britax Car Seat,
either the Companion or the Roundabout. Do what's best for your 
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Free Attractions

Are you looking for a place to vacation with a lot of things
to do. Now you can find FREE Things to Do in Every State! 


         The Garden Creations Weather Forecaster
      Measures Wind, Rain and Temperature all in One

Standing at 5 feet tall the Garden Creations Weather Station 
keeps track of temperature, precipitation, wind speed and
wind direction. The large 15" thermometer, with Fahrenheit 
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attached rain gauge measures precipitation, while the weather 
vane and wind spinner on top measure relative wind speed and 
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Weather Forecaster


$500 Target Gift Card

Planning a vacation? Well Target has all of your needs!
They have everything you need from fishing rods to camping
gear. And it can all be yours with a free $500 Gift Card. 


Try all 4 Downy Simple Pleasures for Free

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