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Publication: Today's Golf

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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, October 26, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Getting cold out there. I put the winter gear in my trunk last
week, so now I'm ready for anything...except the early darkness.
That really puts a crimp in stealing an hour and a half for a
quick nine on the way home.


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Swing Basics: Ball Position
By Laird Small

Benchmarking the basics. Finding the correct ball position for
you. There is always a huge debate, should we move the ball in
our stance based on the club we are hitting or do you keep the
ball in the same location for all your shots? Let me show you
what the manufacturer has intended for you and then you can
make your own decision based on that.

Here is have my sand wedge. When this club is presented on the
ground the way that it was designed to be applied to the ball
you can see that the club shaft is leaning forward. Now when I
get my 5-iron here and place that on the ground in the way that
the manufacturer intended it also leans forward but not as much
as the sand wedge. When I get my driver you can see here that
the shaft is actually behind the hitting surface. What that
starts to tell you is that perhaps the ball location should
move around in the stance.

To get the ball location correct in your stance let's go back
and take a look at what our posture was from a set up stand
point from a face on position. As we reviewed in that we wanted
to have our hands in the middle of our body and we want a
slight tilt back with our left hip joint because the right hand
is lower on the club.

What that does is move my hands forward at address so that my
hands are slightly in front of my belly button but not forward
of my left hip joint. What I want to be able to do in the golf
swing is get my hands in the correct position every time so my
hands are going to be in this position for all of my shots. To
do that and have the club presented to the ball presented to
the ball properly the way the manufacturer intended, there are
my hands and that is where my sand wedge should be played. If
I get my 5-iron here is where the manufacturer intended that to
be played. If I get my driver here you can see where the
manufacturer intended it to be played. So if we can get our
hands correct in our stance based on our posture so our hands
our going to be slightly forward of center in the same place
every time, the golf club will come to our hands so that we can
play the ball in a different position in our stance every
single time and get it right for our basic shots.

Now this ball location may change for you based on the shot you
have to hit, uphill shot, downhill shot, those types of things,
but at least you have a basic understanding of where the ball
should be played in your stance based upon the shot you are
going to play with the instrument you are going to play. The
manufacturer has done all the work for you. Allow that to work
for you.

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Grip the Club to Increase Distance
By Debbie Doniger

Hi, I’m Debbie Doniger and I am a Master Instructor with the
Jim McLean Golf School. Today I am going to give you a tip
geared towards the woman golfer although a male player will
benefit as well. In order to create a more powerful backswing
we need to do a few things. What I usually see the woman
golfer do is have a grip that is too much in the palm. This
feels powerful but it is not.

What it does not enable you to do is use your wrists properly
so that at the top of the swing you bend your elbows too much
and you lose what we call width at the top of your swing. So
before you go out and play I want you to make sure that the
grip is mainly in the fingers of your left hand, where you can
actually take your thumb and forefinger off the club and hold
the club in the last three fingers of your left hand.

You will also notice that the heel pad of your left hand will
be on top of the grip. Then add your right hand to the grip,
which will also be mainly in the fingers. Then with super-light
grip pressure and your forearms nice and relaxed you should be
able to swing the weight of the clubhead and your wrists will
be able to hinge more naturally. When your wrists hinge better
then you can coil up to the top of your backswing and see that
you will have much more width, where your hands are farther
away from your head as opposed to next to it.

This is a much more powerful way to hit the golf ball, I hope
this helps.


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Push and Pull Shots
By Hank Haney

Where your golf ball starts off is probably the most mis-
diagnosed thing there is in the game of golf. I just hit a
shot that started off to the left. Most people think that is
because they came over the top. When they talk about coming
over the top the are talking about an outside path to the
swing, but the problem is that if you look at the divot I
made on the ground my divot is going straight. So that golf
ball did not go to the left because of the path of my swing
was outside, it went to the left because my clubface was too

The clubface actually has a much bigger influence on where
that golf ball starts than your path. In fact, if your
clubface is closed and you contact the outside part of the
golf ball you have a 70 five percent influence going in that
direction. If you path of your swing were going straight
through you would only have a 25 percent influence going in
the direction of the path. So the clubface has a much greater
influence on where the ball starts.

The ball will start somewhere in between the two, but always
favoring the point that you contacted on the ball. So the
moral of the story is, if your ball starts out to the left or
right, check your divot. If your divot is going straight then
you know that it was your clubface being opened or closed that
caused the golf ball to start off in a certain direction. If
it was the path then you know you are working on the right
thing. But more times than not, it is the clubface that causes
the ball to start off to the right or to the left. Open face
to the right, closed face to the left. It all starts with a
good diagnosis. If you can make the diagnosis then you have a
chance of fixing your swing.

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