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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Robin Williams splits with wife, Tina & Britney and more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                               March 28, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

Let's get to the nooz right away. I am waiting to get my
picture taken for our www.evtv1.com website. We still have my 
Driver's License picture up there.

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Robin Williams' Wife Files For Divorce...

Robin Williams and his wife Marsha have split after 19 years of 

Robin Williams' wife has filed for divorce after 19 years of 
marriage, the actor's rep, Mara Buxbaum, has confirmed. 

Marsha Garces Williams filed a divorce petition in San Francisco 
on March 21, citing irreconcilable differences. The pair have two 
children together: daughter Zelda, 18, and son Cody, 16. 

Garces, 51, and Williams, 56, wed in April 1989, shortly after 
the actor's divorce from his previous wife. 

According to the eight-page court filing, Garces is asking for 
joint legal custody of Cody, that the boy live with her and 
Williams get visitation, as well as payment of attorney fees 
and spousal support (amount to be determined). 

The papers indicate she will ask the court to divide their property 
once all their assets have been tallied. 


Tina Wants Britney For '30 Rock'...

'30 Rock' writer and actress Tina Fey is desperate for Britney 
Spears to guest star on the hit show - after the pop singer's 
appearance boosted ratings on rival show 'How I Met Your Mother.'

Tina has appeared with Britney before on 'Saturday Night Live' 
and is eager to work with her again. And Tina, 37, has another 
beloved superstar on her wish list - Oprah Winfrey.

She says, "We would love to work with Britney. I've worked with 
her twice on Saturday Night Live and she was very professional 
and nice... "(And) I want Oprah to play my best friend. I want 
to spend time with Oprah, and I don't know what I need to do to 
make it happen."

Spears' cameo role on 'How I Met Your Mother', which aired on 
Monday to rave reviews, scored the show's biggest ratings ever.

               ? ? ? ? GUESS WHO ? ? ? ? 

This actress said she wants to be cryogenically frozen when 
dies................Guess Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

                     Answer Below 



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Tyra's "Not Quitting" Top Model...

Retired supermodel and TV host Tyra Banks has dismissed 
reports she is going to leave her reality show 'America's 
Next Top Model'. Tyra was rumored to be quitting the hit 
series after a number of fights with fellow mentor Jay 
Manuel and the pair are reportedly "not speaking". It was 
also alleged Banks' stint on America's Next Top Model was 
"detracting" her from her "big plans" to focus on her chat-
show, The Tyra Banks Show. But Banks' spokesperson insists 
the reports are wildly inaccurate. The representative tells 
US Magazine, "The rumors about Tyra leaving and the fight 
with Jay are not true!" 


Richard Widmark Dead At 93...

Richard Widmark, whose character in Kiss of Death, Tommy 
Udo, famously pushed an old lady in a wheelchair down a 
flight of stairs while giggling all the while, has died 
after a lengthy illness at age 93. In its obituary, the 
Associated Press quoted Widmark as saying about the scene 
in a 1961 interview, "I played the part the way I did 
because the script struck me as funny and the part I 
played made me laugh. The guy was such a ridiculous beast." 
The role won him his only Oscar for best supporting actor. 
Years later he told the AP that although he had made a 
career out playing killers, cops and gunslingers, he was 
nevertheless "an ardent supporter of gun control. It seems 
incredible to me that we are the only civilized nation that 
does not put some effective control on guns."


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LOOSE LIPS: "I don't want to look at other people my age in 
leather, so why would I put it on?" - George Michael on 
resurrecting his trademark 1980s leather jacket for his 
upcoming tour. 

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                  *-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*- 

The actress who revealed she wants to be cryogenically frozen 
when dies?

It's Lucy Liu... Lucy, 39, wants her iced body to laid to rest 
in the wardrobe of late socialite Nan Kempner - famous for her 
fabulous designer outfits. 

"When I die I wish to be cryogenically frozen in Nan Kempner's 

"And when I wake up, I can choose from her incredible collection. 
That would be wonderful."

Obviously Lucy was joking, but I thought you would enjoy it.

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END OF Celebrity Nooz 
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