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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
The James Bond curse, Madonna divorce rumors, Hanks the hero and more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                                 June 12, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

I've gotten a lot of letters this week asking why I haven't
given an update on my mom. No it's not because of Sandy...
there's just nothing new to report.

Thankfully she's doing well and the doctor's visits are spaced
out more. Next one is on Monday.

Also thanks to those of you who have gone through or know 
people who've had a Cornea transplant. And thanks for answering
my questions!

Okay, so let's get to the nooz...



Madonna Denies Hiring Divorce Lawyer...

Madonna has blasted rumors she has hired a divorce lawyer to 
end her marriage to director Guy Ritchie.

Media reports had suggested Madonna was preparing for a multi-
million dollar legal battle by taking on British attorney 
Nicholas Mostyn QC - the lawyer who represented Heather Mills 
in her divorce from Paul McCartney earlier this year.

The couple has been plagued by rumors of a split all year, but 
they have consistently denied their eight-year marriage is in 

And now Madonna's rep has hit out at the new rumors, saying the 
stories are "completely untrue". 


Is The Next James Bond Film Cursed?...

For some time now people have been saying the new James Bond 
film 'Quantum of Solace' is cursed. And if you too believe it,
the curse has claimed another victim... star Daniel Craig. 

Daniel sliced off the top of his finger during an action sequence.
This is the latest in a production that has been marred by 

Production had to be halted in April when a stuntman suffered 
serious head injuries after losing control of a vehicle and 
slamming into a wall in northern Italy.

This followed yet another mishap when an Aston Martin sports 
car had to be fished out of Lake Garda, Italy after it skidded 
off a narrow road in torrential rain and plunged into the water.

An outdoor James Bond set was also damaged over the weekend when 
a fire broke out at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England.

And now Daniel has suffered the latest misfortune. He was 
admitted to hospital on Tuesday after cutting his finger.

A source says, "There was quite a lot of blood and it was 
decided he needed to go to hospital for emergency treatment. 
Some people are beginning to believe the production is jinxed."

The accident comes just one week after Daniel's face was sliced 
open while filming a scene - requiring eight stitches. 


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               ? ? ? ? GUESS WHO ? ? ? ? 

This actress snubs romantic breaks with her actor husband in 
favor of a game of golf........Guess Whooooooooooooooooooooo

                     Answer Below 


Hero Tom Hanks Rescues Bride...

Tom Hanks played a real life hero this week by halting filming 
on his new movie to help a stranded bride reach her wedding.

Tom is currently filming Da Vinci Code sequel 'Angels and Demons'
in Rome and the crew were shooting outside the Pantheon church 
in the city when the actor spotted the stricken woman.

The bride, in her traditional white dress and veil, had arrived 
at the church - only to find her access blocked by the film crew, 
causing her to panic.

But Tom immediately halted filming and rushed over to help...
taking the woman on his arm, he escorted her and her father 
across the set to meet her groom at the altar.

Tom even gathered the train of her dress, to stop the long gown 
from dragging on the floor. The new movie is due for release 
next year. 


Mark Wahlberg Tells Beckhams To "Go Back To The U.K."

Actor Mark Wahlberg wants his soccer star neighbor David Beckham
to take his family and "go back to the U.K." - because the 
constant stream of paparazzi is ruining his life.

Mark lives on the same road as the Beckham family, after the 
L.A. Galaxy star, his wife Victoria and their three children 
moved to Los Angeles last year.

Private Mark loathes his new neighbors, because he now has a 
swarm of photographers constantly perched outside his front door.

He says, "That f**ker lives down the street from me, man! He 
has to go back to the U.K., because he has the paparazzi all 
over my house!" 


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LOOSE LIPS: "You've got to go past the line of people who 
can't get a table and that's a bad feeling." - 'House' star 
Hugh Laurie feels guilty about the privileges of fame when 
he is dining out in restaurants. 

        Celebrities of Yesterday & Today at evtv1.com 

                  *-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*- 

The actress whop snubs romantic breaks with her actor husband 
in favor of a game of golf?

It's Catherine Zeta Jones... Catherine is a huge fan of the 
sport, and credits it with keeping her relationship with husband
Michael Douglas going strong... as they have time to catch up 
properly on the greens.

Catherine does admit she can annoy Michael, as she is too eager 
to pass on her golfing tips.

She says, "He listens to me when I give him tips - but if he's 
having a bad day he pretty much tells me to shut up.

"But I use the time to catch up properly with him - golf is great 
way to spend time together and we have a good chat."

And the star can't imagine life without her hobby - insisting it 
makes her think straight... She explains, "It clears my mind and 
I'm not thinking about anything except that little white ball. I 
also go to the driving range and hit balls like they were going 
out of fashion."

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END OF Celebrity Nooz 
Copyright 2008      All rights reserved. 

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