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Publication: The Daily Tease
Daily Tease Video - Funny Dogs

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????   THE DAILY TEASE VIDEO - Exercise Your Mind   ???? 
                 Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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Hello Everyone, 

Dogs are funny. At least that's what our viewers think.
Funny dogs, cats, or other animals are some of our top
viewed clips on EVTV1.com. So I posted one today.

Keep those brain waves churning!



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               * Last Week's Clip Results *

Adventures in Babysitting - Babysitting Blues
(Current rating - 5)

Click here: Babysitting Blues

           *****   Michele's Video Tease   *****

Funny Dogs - Who Let The Dogs Out
(Current rating - 4.1)

Dogs have always been known as man's best friend. If you 
are a dog lover then this clip is for you. It's a series 
of clips that remind us just how funny they can be!

Click here: Funny Dogs - Who Let The Dogs Out


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