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Publication: The Daily Tease
And The Winner IS...Jim

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     ????   THE DAILY TEASE - Exercise Your Mind   ???? 
                    Friday, May 4, 2007

           GopherCentral's Question of the Week: 

Do you agree with the Supreme Court upholding the ban against 
partial birth abortions? 

Question of the Week


Hello Everyone,

Congratulations to "Jim Brown" who won this week's Mind 
Scrambler. If you are the winner, please send me your 
complete name and mailing address so we may send you your 
prize as soon as possible. Please note in your subject 
header the word "Winner". This week's question was...

          I am something that nothing is,
          but yet I have a name. 
          I am sometimes tall and sometimes short. 
          I join your talks; 
          I join your sport,
          And I play in every game.
          What am I?
The answer I was looking for was your shadow. Thank you all 
for participating in the Mind Scrambler and don't forget that 
a new puzzle starts on Monday.

Keep those brain waves churning!



       *****   Michele's Mind Scrambler   ***** 


   Stay Tuned... A New Mind Scrambler Starts Monday

Submit your answer by visiting: Submit Your Answer Here

** All correct answers are put into a drawing and only
one winner is selected every week so keep trying. **

Mind Scrambler Tally:   Correct - 1087  Incorrect - 96

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Using real names to make common words/phrases, name the 
offspring: (the first one is free!)

1. Mr and Mrs Voyant - Clare (as in Clairvoyant)
2. Mr and Mrs Tress
3. Mr and Mrs Nasium
4. Mr and Mrs Tate
5. Mr and Mrs Anthemum
6. Mr and Mrs Mander
7. Mr and Mrs Mite
8. Mr and Mrs Time



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Answer To Today's Tease:  

2. Matt
3. Jim
4. Dick
5. Chris
6. Sally
7. Dinah
8. Justin


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