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Publication: Hold'em or Fold'em
Test your Texas Holdem Poker Knowledge

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HOLD 'EM or FOLD 'Em                          March 17, 2006

Hello Poker Players, 

Happy St. Patrick's Day. We've got a fun issue today. You'll
get to test your Texas Hold'em Knowledge.

See how much you've learned or what things you need to work

Ante Up,   

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


You've probably learned a lot up to this point and now its 
time to put that knowledge to the test. The following quiz is 
based on information that has been presented throughout in
previous issues. Let's see how much you've learned. 
(Answers appear at the bottom)

1.) You're on the button with 10d - 10h. The pot is raised 3x 
the big blind in front of you. You are short stacked with 10x 
the big blind in chips. You should:

 A. Muck your cards
 B. Call the raise
 C. Double the raise
 D. Push all - in

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QUIZ Cont'd...

2.) You're heads-up in a tournament. You have 4x as many chips 
as your opponent in the big blind. Your opponent limps in and 
you look down at Ad - Ah. You should:

 A. Check your option
 B. Make a large raise
 C. Make a callable raise 

3.) In a 7-player game, everyone folds to you in the small blind. 
You look down at Js - 10s & raise 3x the big blind. The big blind 
calls quickly & the flop comes 9h - 8s - As. You bet 9x the big 
blind and your opponent comes over-the-top, all-in. The call would 
require an additional 12x the big blind in chips on your part. 

 The call is the smart play. TRUE or FALSE?

4.) You hold As - 7h in the big blind. The pot is raised and then 
re-raised to 12x the big blind before reaching you. You are the 
shorts tack with 20x the big blind in chips. You should:

 A. Muck your cards
 B. Call the raise
 C. Re-raise all-in

5.) You hold 10h - 8h in the big blind. Both the dealer & the 
small blind call & you check. The flop comes 10d - Ah - 7h. The 
dealer immediately pushes all-in for 15x the big blind & the 
small blind folds. You have 40x the big blind in chips. 

 The call is the smart play. TRUE or FALSE?

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6.) You are in early position in a tournament with 8 players 
remaining. It is folded to you and you look down to see 6h - 6s. 
You are the short stack with 12x the big blind. You should:

 A. Call the big blind
 B. Muck your cards
 C. Raise
 D. Push All-in

7.) You are on the button and look down at Kh - Kd. Three players 
ahead of you limp-in and you raise to 3x the big blind. Two 
players call and the flop comes 10s - 4h - Ah. The first player 
bets 6x the big blind and the second player calls. You should:

 A. Call the bet
 B. Muck your cards
 C. Re-raise
 D. Push all-in

8.) You are on the button with Qh - Qs. Two players ahead of you 
limp-in and you raise to 6x the big blind. The big blind calls 
your raise and everyone else folds. The flop comes Qd - 10d - 5d 
and your opponent checks. You should:

 A. Push all-in
 B. Make a substantial raise
 C. Check
 D. Make a small raise
9.) You are the chip leader in a tournament with 4 players 
remaining. Looking down at Ah - Jh, you raise to 6x the big 
blind. Everyone folds except for the big blind who re-raises 
all-in for an additional 10x the big blind. You therefore have 
to call 10x the big blind to win 22x the big blind. 

 The call is the smart play. TRUE or FALSE?

10.) You are playing heads-up against the chip leader at the final 
table of a tournament. Your opponent raised from the button and 
you called with 9d - 10d. The flop comes 7s - 8d - Jh. You should:

 A. Check to your opponent
 B. Push all - in
 C. Make a small raise

11.) Following the previously mentioned scenario from question 10.), 
you check and your opponent bets the pot (Roughly 1/15 of your chip 
stack). You should:

 A. Muck your cards
 B. Call the raise
 C. Make a small raise
 D. Push all-in 

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12.) Rank the following starting hands from best to worst: 

 Kh - Ks
 Ah - Kh
 As - Ad
 Qh - Jh
 Jd - Jh
 As - Kd
 Ah - Qh
 5s - 6s
 8h - 8d

13.) In poker, the term "on-tilt" refers to which of the 

 A. Being on a hot streak
 B. Being on a lucky streak
 C. Playing like an intelligent player
 D. Playing frustrated and carelessly

ANSWERS... To get the answers to these question, visit:
Texas Holdem Quiz Answers

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End of HOLD'EM or FOLD'EM...
Copyright 2006 by GopherCentral All rights reserved.   

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