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Smash or Trash - Shirley Temple & Sprintime for Hitler...

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What's Up...   

I have to say I'm pretty shocked by how you all rated the
Lazy Sunday clip. It now has an average rating of 2.6.

I think this one is just funny and clever.

Well let's see if you don't agree a little more with my
picks this week... and remember to rate them, so we know
if they should be trashed...



Shirley Temple Dancing With Bojangles
(Current Rating 3.3  - What will you rate it?) 

I know this is going to sound dumb, but for the longest
time, I didn't know there was really a guy named Mr.
Bojangles. I always thought he was a character that 
Sammy Davis Jr. sang about.

Well in this clip you can have some fun with everyone's
favorite little girl, Shirley Temple who is kicking up
her heels with the legendary (and very real) Mr. 
Bojangles. This clip also has the distinction of being
one of the most popular tap dances ever. It's a classic..
View it at: Shirley Temple & Bojangles


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... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Parnell & Samberg - Lazy Sunday (SNL)

Crazy Dogs


The Producers - Springtime For Hitler
(Current Rating 3.4 - What will you rate it?)

I saw the current version of the movie 'The Producers'
and I have to say I think the original with Gene Wilder
and Zero Mostel is sooooo much better. 

I've talked to some people who were fortunate enough to
see the Broadway show starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan
Lane and while they absolutely loved the show, they too
were disappointed in the movie.

Anyways to watch one of the many, many funny scenes from the
original movie, visit the link below. But please note, the
quality is not quite as good as others on the site. We are 
working on fixing this. But it's still pretty funny. 
View it at: Springtime for Hitler


When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple With a Red Hat...

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