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Publication: SoHo News and Tips
Learn How to Delegate to Lower Stress Levels

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It's important to know how to delegate work so that you can 
keep your stress level at a minimum. Today's article touches 
on this subject and how to successfully manage it. 


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Learn How to Delegate To Lower Stress Levels 
Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal. 

Question: I have a lot of workplace stress. Mostly 
I have too many projects going on at once, and I 
have a hard time delegating them to others.

Answer: The reason so many leaders have trouble 
giving up projects is because they've risen up the 
corporate ladder by doing everything themselves. 
If early in your career you had asked others to do 
your work, you might have been pegged as a lazy 
employee, not someone who deserved a promotion.

But now what likely has made you shine is at odds 
with what will make you successful. You have more 
projects than you can handle by yourself; you've 
outgrown your individual capacity. At this point, 
you have to redefine what you think your job is 
and start seeing yourself as a manager (or else 
spend the rest of your nights splattering takeout 
all over your keyboard).

"A manager is a generalist, whose job and skill 
set it is to get the work done through other 
people," says Rodney Lowman, a professor at the 
California School of Professional Psychology in 
San Diego with an expertise in career assessment 
and development. "To the extent that you see your 
job as doing it, not getting others to do it, it 
becomes difficult to let go. If you're doing the 
job yourself, it's done at great personal cost."

Once you've come to terms with the fact that you'll 
be more effective the more work you can get off 
your desk, and are able release many of your 
projects, another reason to worry might crop up: 
How can you trust the person you ask to do the job?

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First ask yourself, "Can anyone do this as well as 
I can?" The answer is "probably not; no one can do 
it as well as you." When you've got that out of 
the way, ask yourself, "Can anyone do it period?"

"It's the 80-20 rule," says Charles Lobitz, a 
psychologist in Denver who works with executives. 
"If they can do it at 80 percent of what you can, 
you've freed up your time. The key is to stop
believing it has to be done as well. Being perfect 
isn't being successful."

When you've identified someone who can do the work, 
ask them to take on the task in a way that elimin-
ates the stress-inducing compulsion to check on 
their progress as often as you check your 
BlackBerry. You can do this by being assertive and 
setting a deadline immediately. Tell the person: 
"This is what we need to do and this is when we 
need to do it by."

"Eliminate the ambiguity," says Frank Massino, a 
psychologist in New York who coaches executives. 
"State the expectation. If there's no deadline, 
there isn't clear accountability. If you're clear, 
concise, and have realistic expectations, people 
will follow directions." The key is knowing it's 
your job to boss them around in the first place.


You have to not only want success, but create it. And one 
of the ways of creating success is to act with the self-
confidence of a successful person. Visualize success to 
achieve success. Whatever your specific goal is, picture 
the scenario and see yourself acting successfully.

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me know at mailto:mandi@gophercentral.com 

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