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Publication: Site Reviews
Yard Sales and Neptune

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                  Tuesday, August 8, 2006                 

  Take a look at the featured site of the week

                   COMEDY ZONE

Comedy Zone

Comment The Post Below...

Welcome Fellow Surfers,

The trip to Jamaica was just amazing! Thank you to all the 
readers who offered advice. My friends and I took Laura's 
suggestion and checked out the Dunns River Falls climb, and 
we actually got to climb up a waterfall! It was a once in a 
lifetime thing and it was so cool. We also got to swim with 
the dolphins which was really great. It's amazing how well 
they are trained to follow certain hand movements and calls. 
I even have a picture of one dolphin kissing my cheek. So 

Keep on Surfin,
Contact Melissa


The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

The renowned name in hand bags Bovano has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
enough for camping, this will be the only backpack you will
ever need to buy. 

With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable double
strapped backpack even comes with it's own water bottle
holder for those long hikes. And its' best feature of all
is its' price. Only $9.99. To take advantage of this one
of a kind offer visit:
Bovano Backpack

             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Do you think Fidel Castro's death would be good for the 
Cuban people?

Question of the Week

                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 
Click Survey

Take this fun click survey and see how your instincts 
compare to hundreds of thousands of other random clickers.



Pets on the Go

Do you like to travel with your pet? If so, check out this 
cool site and learn some tips on taking your pet with you, 
some pet regulations, etc.



Yard Sale Database

If you love to check out yard sales, be sure to take a look 
at this handy site. It maps where all the hot sales are this 



 . . . . . . . . . . BIG Desktop Calculator. . . . . . . . .  
Normal Price: $14.99

This stylish and functional Calculator is perfect to keep on 
your desk or countertop. Also great for the workplace. B-I-G 
& easy to push keys make it simple to use. (I have one on my 

- 8 Digit Display  - Auto Power Off      - Adjustable Head
- Solar Powered    - Memory Keys         - Big Display 

Pick up one, two or more. Remember this item is on 
LIQUIDATION and once they are gone they will no longer be 
available at this low price of $1.99.

Calculator Measure 5 3/4" x 6 1/2" - Sorry there is a limit 
of 6 per order. Just visit us to see it or to order at:
BIG Desktop Calculator for JUST $1.99

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   


This project called Neptune is set for installation in 2007, 
with the goal of giving scientists, geologists, engineers, 
and educators an unprecedented insight into the ocean's 
depths. Neptune is a complex network of instruments, sensors, 
fiber-optic cables, and robots that will extend from the 
surface to the sea floor. This site provides more information 
about this amazing ocean observatory. 



Not Starring

This is a cool site that features "Your favorite stars, and 
the roles they didn't get". NotStarring.com is focused on 
movie stars and the roles they rejected, got turned down for,
or got fired from. You'll discover juicy information about 
films and actors you don't see in the trailer.



Introducing the Game Lovers 4-CDRom Collection 

You read this correctly. For the first time ever, you can 
get four (4) fully licensed CDRoms of some of the best games 
for just 99 cents. That's 99 CENTS FOR ALL FOUR!

It's the deal of a lifetime but it is a promotional offer so 
we MUST limit you to no more than four (3) collections per 
order. Included in this Exclusive Collection:

      - Asteroids           - Family Game Pack by Royale 
      - Mini Golf Master    - Brain Buster

Why are we offering this? Plain and simple, we want to get 
you to our PulseTV site to show you how easy it is to order 
and what great service we have. Grab this special deal (only
available to GopherCentral readers) by visiting us at:
Game Lover's 4-CDRom Collection

                ***** READER'S PICKS *****  

Movielist is great to preview movies

Thanks for all you do!
:) Shangy


Another unique gift idea!  Name a real star in the sky after 
a friend, colleague or loved one. A portion of the proceeds 
are donated to charity. --Susan


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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 
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