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Site Review Video - Jeff Corwin - Orangutan Friends

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                 Sunday, August 13, 2006


Welcome Fellow Surfers,

Many viewers seem to enjoy animal clips, so I have an 
interesting one today on orangutans. We follow Animal Planet's 
Jeff Corwin into the Botswana jungle where he goes to visit 
the animals in the orangutan rehab center. Check it out by 
scrolling to the link below. Don't forget to rate the clip 
and leave your feedback in the comments section!


P.S. Sometimes due to heavy traffic on our site, videos will 
load slowly. If this happens, please do not try to refresh. 
Try leaving the window open for a minute or two and the 
video should load. If it doesn't, please save the email and 
try again later! We thank you for your patience.

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Jeff Corwin - Orangutan Friends
Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin visits an orangutan rehab center 
in the Botswana jungle. Over 200 orangutans are rescued here 
and eventually released. From babies until young adults the 
orangutans are trained to be independent. 

Jeff Corwin - Orangutan Friends

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