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Site Review Video - Ghosts of the Bayou

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                 Sunday, October 1, 2006


Welcome Fellow Surfers,

Halloween is almost here so why don't we start off the month 
with a clip about ghosts. This clip takes us to the city of 
New Orleans, a city that some say has more ghosts that any 
other. Do you believe in ghosts? Well, whether you do or not, 
you have to admit that some of these people's stories are a 
little spooky! 

Please scroll down to the link to view the clip. Don't forget 
to rate it - and please leave your comments!


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Try leaving the window open for a minute or two and the 
video should load. If it doesn't, please save the email and 
try again later! We thank you for your patience.

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Ghosts of the Bayou

Do you believe in ghosts? They say that no city has more 
haunted houses then the city of New Orleans. In this clip, 
watch as a restaurant owner and his staff explain their 
experiences with what they think are ghosts. 

Ghosts of the Bayou

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