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Publication: Site Reviews
Love Calculator and Missouri Skies

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                 Tuesday, October 3, 2006                 
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Welcome Fellow Surfers,

I know you were just getting used to having me as your 
editor again, but I need to tell you that I have accepted a 
new job. These are my last two weeks in the GopherCentral 
office! I am very sad to leave, but I know that it is time 
to move on. I am not sure yet who will be taking over as 
Site Review editor, but it will be left in capable hands. 
For now, let's get on with today's sites!

Keep on Surfin,
Contact Melissa

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Exclusive Moody Blues Live in Paris on DVD
The Lost Performance...

This exclusive and recently discovered footage of The Moody
Blues has been transferred to DVD.

The Lost Performance captures the Moody Blues at the
pinnacle of their career in 1970 and features many of their
now classic hits like:

     - Nights In White Satin    - Ride My See-Saw
     - Tuesday Afternoon	- Question

and many, many more...  

For just $14.99 it's your front-row seat to a mind-blowing
evening of classic rock. Grab a copy by visiting:
Moody Blues on DVD

             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Colin Powell recently revealed that he was fired by
President Bush. Do you agree that this was a good decision?

Question of the Week

                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 

Missouri Skies Rainbow

There are some beautiful images on this page. I can't 
believe the clarity of these - they look like postcards! 
Check them out...

Missouri Skies Rainbow


Quiz Website

If you're bored and looking to kill some time, here's a 
great site to do just that. QuizWebsite features 500 fun 
animated quizzes that you can take online. 

Quiz Website


Love Calculator

Find out who your friend's crushes are, or calculate the 
potential compatibility of two names with the LOVE 

Love Calculator


Drop 20 in 6 Weeks Naturally:  60 Minutes & Oprah Agree!

The Curb Your Cravings(R) Patch System will help you!
Eat 40 to 50% less & flatten your tummy with the natural
appetite suppressing power of this miracle plant formula! 

Finally, proven fast and effective results you can trust.

Free* - One (1) Week Trial. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Visit: Get your one week trial

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   

Documenting the American South

Providing insight into the history and culture of the South, 
this digital project is an invaluable resource for anyone 
who wants to learn more about the rich, beautiful, and 
historically tumultuous region of our country. Many of the 
collections offer insights into Southern perspectives on 
aspects of American History.

Documenting the American South

Ocean Explorer

Ocean Explorer was created by the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and gives the public inside 
access to current NOAA scientific marine explorations taking 
places in the oceans all around the world. See their 
progress in near "real time" and learn about the specific 
goals of each underwater expedition.

Ocean Explorer


Let Us Help Your Child... 

Normal Price: $19.99
OUR PRICE: $2.99

We're very excited and proud to offer 'The Stepping Stones'
DVD series. This series is designed for children 3 to 9
and will help them with their basic math skills. In fact,
it will improve their skills - guaranteed. 

A one-of-a-kind DVD collection, The Stepping Stones series 
makes learning fun. This DVD series is a MUST. In fact, we 
are so committed to getting these DVDs into every child's 
hands, we've priced them WELL BELOW retails. You would pay 
up to $19.99 for a single DVD of this series, but we've made 
them affordable at just $2.99 each. Check them out at:
Stepping Stones DVD Collection

                ***** READER'S PICKS *****  

From Linda K:

Folk Lore Weather Forecasting

Folklore weather forecasting is the DIY (Do-it-yourself) 
method of forecasting the weather. You use it exactly where 
you are at the moment you make an observation, you do not 
rely on a professional forecaster in a remote city. It 
applies to your neighbourhood and not to the next valley or
town....more here:
Folk Lore Weather Forecasting


From Susan:

Roadside Peek

"Roadside Peek will take you on a roadside journey in time. 
Travel the road along the old routes across America. See the 
old motels, bowling alleys, drive-in theatres, neon signs, 
petrol pumps, googie sites, tiki villages, and other roadside 
treasures, even Route 66..."

Roadside Peek

Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com

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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 
Copyright 2006 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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