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Publication: Site Reviews
My final issue.

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                    THE WEBSITE REVIEW             
                 Tuesday, October 10, 2006                 
The best Site for understanding privacy and Internet 
Security on the Web: Visit MajorGeeks!


Welcome Fellow Surfers,

This marks my final issue of Site Review. It's been great
being your editor (twice!) and I will miss finding websites 
for you! I'm not sure who will be taking over Site Review, 
but rest assured it will be left in capable hands. Take care,

Keep on Surfin,
Contact Melissa

P.S. You can discuss this issue or any other topic in the 
new Site Review forum. Check it out here...

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             ***** QUESTION OF THE WEEK *****

Colin Powell recently revealed that he was fired by
President Bush. Do you agree that this was a good decision?

Question of the Week

                 ***** QUICK HITS ***** 

Ultimate Flash Face

Pretend like you're a police sketch artist and generate your 
own face sketch. Pretty cool!

Ultimate Flash Face


Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

This game gives you a distorted object, and it's your job to 
determine if it's an animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral


Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan is the creator of the smallest works of art on 
earth. His creations are simply amazing! Take a look:

Willard Wigan


Shiver Me Timbers... Let Your Pirate Flag Fly!

Store Price: $19.99

Release your inner Pirate with the colorfulJolly Roger 
Pirate Flag. Designed to strike fear into the hearts of 
potential victims, the mere sight of the Jolly Roger flag 
sent chills down the spines of many a captain and crew.

* 2 brass grommets for flag pole
* Measures 3' x 5'
* Water Resistant
* Durable Nylon

And for just $5.99 you can truly be like the pirates of old, 
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Jolly Roger Pirate Flag - $5.99

                ***** FEATURED SITES *****   

Interactive Dig Black Sea: The Pisa Wreck

Become part of a team of dedicated divers exploring the 
depths of the Black Sea - without even getting wet! Visit 
this interactive dig where you can track the progress of 
the expedition by viewing pictures, journal entries, and 
site-relevant historical information. 

Interactive Dig Black Sea: The Pisa Wreck



With the motto "Technology on your time", MakeZine is an 
open platform designed to inspire readers to start new 
technology projects in their own home. Unique projects 
include a videocam rocket, head-mounted water cannon, two-
can Sterling engine, and tips on how to freeze and revive a 
garden snail.



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                ***** READER'S PICKS *****  

The World Clock Zone

Want to know what time it is in Istanbul, or perhaps Mexico 
City? With the World Clock, you can find out the time and 
date of many places around the world.

Site comes from Leah!

The World Clock Zone


Hooked on Facts

Thousands of random, interesting facts at your fingertips! 
Susan  :)

Hooked on Facts

Viral Videos on the Net at EVTV1.com

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End of THE WEBSITE REVIEW - Another F-R-E-E Gopher Central 
Copyright 2006 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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