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Publication: EVTV1 Insider
Smash or Trash it - Reefer Madness & Lucy video clips

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What's Up...   

Many thanks for all your help last week on the new player.

Good news... on Monday we will be switching to a bigger-
sized player and also implementing the dial-up one that
worked for so many of you... especially AOL users.

Until then I think we have one of our best issues... A great
clip chosen by Lewis (of Bizarre News) and then a funny clip
that reminds me of so much... funny and sad.

And don't forget to rate the clips on whether you think they
it's a Smash (a 5) or it belongs in the Trash (give it a 1)



Lewis from Bizarre News picks today's featured video
clip... and he's so right on the money.

Reefer Madness - The Pot Party
(Current Rating 2.6  - What will you rate it?) 

Some of the more recent clips we have on EVTV1.com include 
excerpts from the 1936 propaganda film "Reefer Madness." 
This movie was designed to deter kids from using marijuana 
by dramatizing the horrible and deadly effects of the 
insidious weed.

After viewing today's clip I have to wonder what the hell 
the people who made this film were thinking? If I thought 
I could get my wife to react to me this way by giving her 
pot I would go out and buy a dime-bag tonight.

Since when is wild, uninhibited sex a deterrent to 
anything? View it at: Reefer Madness - The Pot Party



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... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Sarah Silverman - Jesus Is Magic

Pam Anderson's Banned Pole Dance


Lucy Show - Unbreakable Dishes
(Current Rating 4.3 - What will you rate it?)
There are things in your life that you'll always 
remember. And, to this day I still remember the
day Lucille Ball died.

Marzee (editor of The Daily Recipe) and I were working 
at another company together (I got a job here and quickly
recruited her to work at the Gopher offices) and we
were both in Customer Service and our desks were across
from one another.

The radio was on and there was a news bulletin announcing
Lucille Ball's death. We both just stopped what we were
doing looked up and said 'Awww.' I think many felt they
had lost a friend when they heard this news.

Well, the good thing is we can always remember Lucy with
great video clips like this one. This is really funny.
While shopping at Macy's one-day sale, Lucy notices a 
sign that reads 'Try Our Unbreakable Dishes.' You can 
guess that what happens next only means trouble for Lucy.
View it at: Lucy - Unbreakable Dishes

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