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Publication: Hold'em or Fold'em
Texas Holdem - I did not see that coming...

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HOLD 'EM or FOLD 'Em                        January 27, 2006
<%BLOG|January 27, 2006%>
Hello Poker Players, 

If you read last week's edition you know that I was going
to a poker game with $100 buy in.

I told you I'd let you know what I did and I ended up making 
it to the final table and lasted to number four before going 
all in with a full house... three 7's and two 4's.

Looking at the board, I thought there was no way I got beat.

I had pocket 7's... and on the flop two fours and a 7 came
up. So I'm going back and forth with this guy betting and
raising, trying to give him the opportunity to fold... he
says, All In.

Well of course I have to see him... I lost... he had pocket
4's. So he drew a 4-of-a-kind on the flop!

I think this hand will stay with me a very long time. 

Let's get to part two of pre-flop poker mistakes.

Ante Up,   

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

              ? ? ? WHAT ARE THE ODDS ? ? ?

You raise with JJ ('fish hooks'). The big blind calls. A, 
Q, 6 is the flop. The big blind bets into you... What's
your play?
                      Answer Below 

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POKER PREFLOP MISTAKES Part 2 - Telecasting (The Tell)
courtesy of cardschat.com

Whenever I play poker one of the things that helps me 
calculate whether I call is whether the other players are 
"telecasting" their play before the action gets to them. It is 
neither a mathematical aspect nor a psychological aspect of the 
game, but it is a combination of both. When you learn the art of 
spotting telecasters you can determine what the chances of some 
players calling you are based on their reactions to their cards.

What Is Telecasting?

Telecasting a play is when a player who holds a hand does 
something that makes it easy for you to tell what their next 
action will be. Some players will grab for 6 chips in a $3/$6 
game preflop and are waiting for the action to get to them. When 
players do this, it is easy for other players like you to pick up 
on exactly what their next action will be. You can take advantage 
of this knowledge by adjusting your play accordingly.

What can you do to take advantage of telecasting?

The best advice I can give to take advantage of telecasting is 
when you get your cards before the flop, don't look at them right 
away. Pause for about 5-15 seconds and watch the other player's 
reactions to their cards before you make your action. You might 
feel like you are slowing the game up a little bit, but nobody 
really cares about a few extra seconds here and there. In a low 
limit game most players will hold their cards carelessly as if 
they have a weak hand, grab for the same amount as the big blind
in chips if they are going to call, and cover their cards to 
protect them if they are thinking about raising. By doing this 
they are practically telling you what their next action is going
to be...

Continued below...


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If the majority of the table is telecasting or you can look at 
your opponents and tell that most of them want to muck their 
cards, go ahead and raise with any of the playable hands I gave 
you in the chart of Preflop Mistakes Part I. I've even done it 
many times from the under the gun position and I'm a bulldog when 
it comes to playing poker. Pushing hard gives you an advantage, 
the other players fold more often. You will usually take the 
blinds without a fight, but if you get a caller I would suggest 
pushing him out. Players tend to call you on the flop about 60% 
of the time if they call you preflop, but if you fire on the turn 
they usually fold their hand if they don't catch or have at least 
a pair.

Let's say you are in middle position and you have a telecaster 
behind you who is making the motion that he is going to raise. 
You have not looked at your cards yet because you are focusing on 
other people's reactions to their cards and watching them for 
telecasts of what their next play is going to be. After 10 seconds 
of watching the table and waiting for the action to get to you, 
you look down and see AA, a very powerful hand. Many people would 
flat out raise with this hand, but that is not the right play 
based on the information you now have. If you know that the 
players down the table is going to be raising, why not let him 
do the raising for you? The right play would be to call and let 
him raise. Once the action gets back to you, you can backraise 
(which is a smooth call then a reraise preflop) and make it 2 
more bets for the people between you and the raiser to get into 
the hand. They have already put in 1 small bet, but if they are 
limping or have only a mediocre hand, they will fold it in the 
face of a backraise for 2 more bets. People with pairs 7's and 
higher and two face cards will generally call you, but that's 
good... Now all because of picking up on that one telecast, you 
have built a pot and eliminated limpers all at the same time.

Telecasting can be used to protect your money as well. Lets say 
you are in the middle/late position with a hand like J10o and 
there are only a couple of callers. You see that that same guy 
is going to raise and he is behind you. Because you are playing 
tight and you now know that he is going to raise, you should 
muck your hand. You know that you will have to call 2 bets to 
see a flop and you have only a mediocre hand to play with. It's 
obvious you are beat preflop with that hand if there is going 
to be a raise so don't put any money in the pot if it's not 
worth it... Now all because of picking up on that player's 
telecast you will be saving yourself money, especially in the 
long run.

What can you do to prevent yourself from being a telecaster?

The best thing I can suggest to you is to not look at your 
cards until it is your turn to act. When you look at your 
cards before the action comes to you, you tend to change your 
posture or change the way you pay attention to the cards and 
the other players. Good players will pick up on this and will 
pick up on how you react to your cards… so don't look at them 
until it's your turn! What you should be most interested in is 
the other player's reactions to the cards when they are looking 
at them. The other players are usually not smart enough to know 
that they are giving you a huge amount of information by looking 
at their cards, which also gives you a huge advantage! But you 
are smart enough to pay attention to the other players and to 
not look at your cards until it is your turn and you will profit 
huge from this.

Continued below...

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My Final Words on Telecasting

So telecasting helps you to figure out what the other player's 
actions will be. Once you have learned enough about the players 
at your table and their habits, you can use the information to 
determine the chances that players that don't telecast will 
fold, call, or raise. If you can perfect the art of predicting 
the other player's cards by using telecasting, you can make a 
lot more money playing low limit poker games. 

              ...ANSWER to What Are The Odds...

QUESTION: You raise with JJ ('fish hooks'). The big blind 
calls. A, Q, 6 is the flop. The big blind bets into you... 
What's your play?

ANSWER: Muck your Jacks. Two overcards means you're probably

And in case you do not know what Muck means here is a definition"

To muck means to throw your cards away, or to fold. The discard 
pile is also called the muck pile which lead people to just call 
it mucking your hand when you fold.  So the options you have in 
poker are to bet/raise, check, or fold (which also means muck).

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End of HOLD'EM or FOLD'EM...

Copyright 2006 by GopherCentral All rights reserved.   

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