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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Predictions for 2007

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Issue date: Saturday, January 6, 2007
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hello and warm new year greetings to all my readers! As 
the great cosmic wheel turns and a new year begins, there 
are two topics that inevitably come to mind: 
(1) resolutions and (2) prophecies. I gave up interest in 
new year resolutions many years ago, but predictions and 
prophecies always pique my imagination. Here is a brief 
look at some of the top predictions for 2007. This 
information has been gathered in part from the psychic's 
own websites and also from various media reports and while 
I've cross-referenced as many details as possible, I can't 
claim that this list is 100% percent accurate but it's 
pretty darn close:>). You can find further info and detail 
by simply doing online searches of any of these psychics. 

Nikki, Psychic to the Stars, says that this year will see: 
an explosion around the Rockefeller Center; a fatal 
derailment of the Orient Express; terrorist attacks on the 
White House and an unnamed TV talk show host; a poisoning 
of potato crops killing thousands in North America; major 
disease strains in walruses and monkeys; a US invasion and 
takeover of Cuba after Castro's death and a 48 hour power 
blackout over North America. 

She also predicts that a UFO will land near the Potomac 
River in Washington, DC., an explosion at the Wall Street 
Journal, and danger around the Pope. Weather predictions 
include a giant tornado hitting Oklahoma City and a 
hurricane hitting New York City; giant snowstorms to hit 
Toronto and New York and more tsunamis are expected world-
wide. Nikki's "Star Watch" forecasts the following: 

Splits: Johnny Depp and wife, Michael Douglas and 
Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelly, 
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and Pamela Anderson and Kid 
Rock. (This has already happened). Nikki also has plenty 
of warnings for celebs: Leonardo DiCaprio will be 
kidnapped, as will Paris Hilton, and there is a danger 
of the same for Princes Harry and William. Naomi Campbell 
will be caught shoplifting. Conan O'Brien will suffer a 
fall on ice. 

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Health issues and other scares are predicted for Woody 
Allen, Keith Richards, Daniel Craig, Howard Stern, David 
Letterman, Madonna, Beyonce Knowles, Hugh Hefner and 
Annette Funicello, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. 
She also predicts that Chastity Bono will marry, as will 
Penelope Cruz. Paula Abdul will slap Simon on American 
Idol and walk off the show. 

Other personalities Nikki places on her Health Watch/Death 
roster include: Bill Clinton, Tammy Faye Baker, Hillary 
Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, George Bush 
Senior, Vice President Cheney, David Letterman, Loretta 
Lynn, Larry King, Kirk Douglas, Nancy Reagan, Gerald Ford, 
Fidel Castro, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Luciano Pavarotti, Saddam 
Hussein (yep),  Loretta Lynn, Tony Blair, Aretha Franklin, 
Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson, Billy Graham, Sophia Loren, 
Gerald Ford, David Blaine, Omar Sharif, Anna Nicole Smith, 
Keith Richard, Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love, Dick Clark, 
Mohammed Ali, Michael J. Fox, Nelson Mandela, Jerry Lewis, 
Doris Day, Farrah Fawcett, Wayne Newton, Roger Smith, and 
Elizabeth Taylor. She adds that there will be assassination 
attempts on Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, and President 
Bush. Nikki says that last year, she accurately predicted 
the Australian Crocodile Hunter's death in the February 7, 
2005, issue of the Sun Magazine, the death of Lou Rawls, a 
split between Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Britney 
Spears' split from K-Fed, and Kate Hudson's divorce. She 
also says she predicted the death of Shelly Winters, 
Madonna adopting a child, the pregnancy of Angelina Jolie 
as well as the pregnancy and marriage of Katie Holmes. 


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From the Dec. 28/06 issue of The New York Post: psychic 
Paula Roberts, who last year predicted Castro out of power 
in the fall, Bill Gates stepping down as Microsoft CEO, and 
the discovery of a West Side historical graveyard (came to 
pass), predicts for 2007: 

A Presidential win for Hillary Clinton in '08 with John 
Edwards as V.P., a large cluster of Katrina victims 
unearthed in New Orleans and a small earthquake in May in 
NYC at 5 am. On the international front, she predicts that: 
Afghan poppies will be hit by blight (Allied biowarfare 
suspected); England's Cambridge laboratory will discover a 
new fuel; Sri Lanka will use scorched-earth tactics against 
Tamil rebels and Putin will make bizarre statements about 
recent poisonings. 

John Cohan, who also labels himself "Psychic to the Stars" 
says: Jennifer Lopez will have a daughter via in vitro 
fertilization; Kevin Federline will hook up with Lindsay 
Lohan and Charlie Sheen will hook up with Pam Anderson. 

Psychic 'WENDY!' predicts that Castro dies, with the death 
kept secret at first. Cuba will undergo open travel, 
foreign investment, and a real estate boom. Bush will try 
unsuccessfully to end the war in the spring and his 
popularity will improve. 

Sylvia Browne predicts for 2007 that England, Spain and 
France will be hit by numerous terrorist attacks, likely 
by the underground subway systems and the trains; FEMA will 
be involved in a scandal concerning missing money; real 
estate will boom again. There will be huge drug busts in 
June, both on the eastern and western coasts due to trouble 
with port security. She predicts no large USA or Canada 
terror plots. Liz Taylor is dying, with Sylvia seeing her 
'life force' flickering. 

The east coast will have one of the mildest winters we have 
seen. There will be a tsunami in New York. Bush will bring 
the troops home. 


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Astrologer Dr. Louis Turi, who claims to have predicted 
the Dec. 2006 hanging of Saddam Hussein in books published 
several years ago, predicts: shocking earthquakes and 
volcanic eruptions in February and August; huge restructur-
ing of the Internet and television networks; major advances 
and restructuring at NASA; UFO activity and the discovery 
of new planets. He also predicts a full restructure of the 
US economy and the reinstitution of the draft; a huge 
upsurge in deaths from heart attacks; and tremendous 
medical (heart) and technological discoveries; frightening 
news pertaining to nuclear plants and nuclear technology 
and secret deals in the US/Russia; tremendous planetary 
action/changes in our universe; bad news for the Pope's 
health and religious affairs and the Middle East in April 
and October 2007; death news for President Bush, Larry 
King and Clinton in June/March/December and new bacterial 
diseases in March 2007. 

So, what do you all think? How valid are prophecies and 
predictions? Do we only note and remember the hits and not 
the misses? Are psychic predictions, as skeptics claim, 
merely good guesses based on known circumstances? Are 
some predictions simply self-fulfilling prophecies? Do you 
have any predictions for the coming year - or further into 
the future? If so, please share them at our forum: 

Paranormal Insider Forum

Carpe diem!


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