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Publication: NBC Soaps

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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The Horton women offer Hope some much-needed support. 
John puts his plan for Lois into action.


Billie, Patrick and Chelsea watch as Bo and Hope's re-
lationship crumbles. Bo admits the truth and Hope rushes 
out, devastated. Who will Bo protect, his wife or his 

Hope goes to Jennifer's, where she announces that her 
marriage is over! Billie is cleared of Zack's death. 
Austin offers Carrie a job. He asks Carrie to work for 
him and Lucas does the same. Whose offer will she take? 

Bonnie stops Mimi from telling Shawn the truth. She plays 
up her "heart attack" and begs Mimi and Shawn to get 
married quickly. Belle confides in Caroline. She tells her 
that she is still in love with Shawn. 

Abe undergoes a corneal transplant. Abe's corneal trans-
plant is successful! Bo is torn between Hope and Chelsea. 
Alice and Maggie come to Hope's rescue, urging her to be 
strong and to remember her love for Bo. But will Billie 
come between them - again? Sami issues Austin a warning. 

Hope tells Jennifer and Patrick her marriage is over. 
Billie is cleared of all charges. Tek continues to pursue 
Lexie. Chelsea is arrested. Carrie and Austin continue to 
grow further apart. Nicole has a surprise for Roman. 

Abe and Tek discuss Lexie. Hope rejects Bo's overtures. 
Kate manipulates Chelsea into attending Zack's funeral.


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Maya tells Noah that the "accident" probably wasn't an 
accident. Sheridan is suspicious of Chris.


Kay tells Tabitha that when she turned down Fox's marriage 
proposal, he assumed it was because she still loves Miguel. 
Kay wants to tell Fox the real reason she can't marry him,
but Tabitha urges her not to. 
After the tax office burns down, Sheridan is afraid that 
she will never find Otto. However, Chris plans to use his
mob connections to help. Ivy shows up to tell Theresa off 
for stopping Ethan's transfer to India. 
Fox is very understanding about Kay's desire to postpone 
their engagement until the planets have properly aligned-
but he would like an estimate as to when that will happen? 

Sheridan nurses Chris to back to health. Chris is hopeful 
that the thugs that beat him up will help them to find 
Marty. Maya recuperates from her attack at the Bennett 
house. Noah takes Fancy to a diner to clear up the shower 

Ethan and Gwen excitedly make plans for their move to New 
York. Unbeknownst to them, Theresa is busy making arrange-
ments to keep Ethan unemployed. A car crashes through the 
window of a diner that where Noah and Fancy are eating. 
When Noah realizes that Fancy is trapped underneath the 
vehicle, he is able to lift it and attempt to free her. 

When Ethan tells Theresa that he is leaving Harmony-and 
her-forever, she informs him that she will use all of her 
Crane resources to follow him and Jane. 


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