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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Ashton the role model, Pamela's garage sale and more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                                 May 8, 2008

Pamela Anderson Has Spring Cleanout For A Good Cause

Fans flocked to a garage sale held by Pamela to offload the 
contents of one of her LA homes. 

The sale, which will benefit animal rights organization PETA - 
a cause close to her heart - revealed the Canadian-born actress 
has a good eye for interior decor. Among the items on offer are 
5,000 square feet of vintage French country furniture, fine 
porcelain, and elaborate chandeliers. 

Those hoping to walk away with a memento of the 40-year-old's 
'Baywatch' days were not disappointed either. One of the more 
recognizable pieces on sale was a signed lifeguard's float 
used by the actress during her time on the show.


Matthew McConaughey For Captain America...

Matthew McConaughey is among the favorites to land the leading 
role in Marvel's upcoming 'Captain America' movie, according 
to reports.

Matthew is an early leader in the race to don the patriotic red, 
white and blue suit for the 2011 movie.

But website CinemaBlend.com insists McConaughey is only one of 
the actors Marvel bosses are considering for the role.

MovieBlend.com also offers a critique of the movie star as 
Captain America, suggesting he'd be a "strange choice".

The website reports, "Though he's made a lot of movies, there's 
still been no real evidence that Matthew can really act. Aside 
from his questionable acting ability, there's also his public 
persona as a rarely bathed, pot smoking slacker.

"The McConaughey we've all come to know embodies just about 
everything that 'Captain America' isn't."

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Adrian Grenier Wants 10-Year Entourage Contract...

'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier loves starring on the hit 
TV show so much, he would happily sign a 10-year contract to 
guarantee his name on the credits for the next decade.

The actor has been playing the lead role in the Mark Wahlberg-
produced show for four years, portraying movie star Vincent Chase.

And Grenier is convinced there is still so much that can be 
done with his character.

He says, "If they offer me another 10 years, I'd take it. Can 
you imagine! We could have Vince sitting at home while his sons 
run around getting into trouble.

"It's be a spin-off - like Muppet Babies!"


Ashton Kutcher Is A Role Model For Demi's Kids...

Ashton Kutcher is happy to be a role model for his wife Demi 
Moore's children - as he was a troubled teen but managed to 
turn his life around.

The 30-year-old insists he was often in trouble with the police 
as a kid, but is proud he put his problems behind him to carve 
out a successful Hollywood career.

And the actor hopes that his step-daughters Rumer, 19, Scout, 
17, and Tallulah, 14, will be able to follow his example and 
grow out of their teen angst.

He says, "I tell them I was just like them. I broke into my 
high school - I wanted some money fast and I thought the easy 
out was the best way.

"I was the guy that sat in the police cell, the guy that walked 
around town with my baseball cap down because I was ashamed 
of myself.

"Now the whole world's accepted me as a successful person. Kids 
are often told, 'You are a bad person.' But you can turn your 
life around." 


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LOOSE LIPS: "I wouldn't have a career at all it wasn't 
for her. She's my favorite person in the world." - 'Entourage'
star Kevin Connolly pays tribute to his mother after she 
was named Mom of the Year in Long Island, New York. 

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                  *-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*- 

The celebrity who was offered $200,000 to front a chain 
of sex stores?

It's Paul McCartney's ex, Heather Mills... Heather turned
the offer down to become the face of a chain of sex stores. 

Private Shops wanted her to promote a range of adult material. 
‘Heather is beautiful, outspoken, has charisma and is a 
wonderful mother,’ a Private Shops spokesman said. 

‘She would have appealed to all our customers. Men would 
have loved her looks and figure while our female clientele 
could associate with her ambition and strength of character.’ 

A spokesman for Heather, 40, confirmed she had declined the 
offer - because it wasn’t the right direction for her career.

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END OF Celebrity Nooz 
Copyright 2008      All rights reserved. 

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