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Publication: Miles, Miles, Miles
United Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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           M I L E S,  M I L E S,  M I L E S   
                 Earn 'Em And Burn 'Em!   
Cool Travel Mail

Wednesday, May 10, 2006  

Dear MILES, MILES, MILES member,   

Here's what I have for you in this week's issue...   


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         Users to get nearly $700 Million

Eli Lilly, the makers of Zyprexa, is now settling lawsuits.
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Your Settlement


Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

* Ask for an Escort Pass - When making your air travel 
reservation, you can ask for a special services request that 
will provide for assistance from ticket counter to gate. 
However, if you wish for a friend or loved one to accompany 
you through security and out to the gate, you can also 
request an escort pass. Your companion must show I.D. and 
must also follow security procedures - but if you are a 
nervous or neophyte traveller, having someone you know and 
trust by your side can make your trip through the airport 
more pleasurable.

* Assistance Dogs - Always let the airline or other 
transportation company know you will travel with an assist-
ance dog. You may request a bulkhead seat, but it may not 
be assigned until airport checkin. A standard aisle seat 
may not be the best seat for you and the dog. They frequent-
ly have a small area under the seat with a bar that curves 
into that spot. Some airlines have more leg room that others. 
Service animals must be allowed on board with a disabled 
person at no charge, but can be denied boarding if they are 
a health or safety threat. 

* Disability Discounts? - Remember that not all discounts 
are given freely - sometimes you must ask specifically if 
there are any disability discounts. I recently learned that 
some amusement parks will let wheelchair-bound individuals 
go in free of charge! No big deal if you travel by yourself,
but to a family with a child in a wheelchair, it saves!

* Executive Lounge May be Available - As an RN who has 
escorted disabled travelers to many cities, I have found 
that many airlines will allow the disabled traveler to use 
the executive lounges for layovers. These areas often have 
better seating and restroom accommodations. This courtesy 
is especially nice for the person with a spinal cord injury 
or for others who are w/c dependent.

* Glucose Quick Fix for Diabetic Drivers - Juvenile (Type 1) 
diabetics can experience episodes of low blood sugar. It may 
be frightening to go into a pocket or purse and try to dig 
out glucose tablets when there is no time to hunt. By taping 
a strip of velcro to the dash and the other to a tube of, 
e.g., glucose tablets, it becomes a quick, easy, no panic 
situation when this occurs. Simple, inexpensive - and could 
save you your driver's license.

* Golden Access Passport - Persons who are blind or 
permanently disabled can obtain a Golden Access Passport, 
which is a free lifetime entrance pass to all U.S. national 
parks. To obtain this passport, go to any National Park 
Service facility that charges an entrance fee and show proof 
of medically determined disability and eligibility for 
receiving benefits under federal law. You will receive your 
Golden Access Passport, free of charge. The Passport admits 
the passholder and any accompanying passengers in a private 
vehicle. Where entry is not by private vehicle, the Passport 
admits the passholder, spouse, children, and parents. The 
Passport also provides a 50% discount on federal use fees 
charged for facilities and services such as fees for camping, 
swimming, parking, boat launching, and cave tours.

* If You Travel in a Wheelchair ... - When booking an air-
line reservation through a travel agent, make sure the agent 
contacts the airlines to let them know: 
-that you are using a wheelchair 
-that you need to have an aisle chair or gurney to get to 
your seat on the airplane. 

* Injection Medications? - If you are taking injection 
medication (diabetic, interferon, etc.) and have to travel, 
you can avoid a lot of embarrassment at airport bag checks. 
-Get a letter from your doctor stating that you require 
syringes for a medical condition. 
-Purchase a small thermal insulated lunch bag to keep your 
medications cool. 
-Bring along a plastic jar with a screw-on lid (such as an 
empty peanut butter jar) to dispose of your used syringes. 
-Never toss in the garbage - always turn in the used items 
at a hospital or clinic during your trip. 
-Always carry your medication vials, syringes, swabs, etc.
with you in a purse or carry-on. 

* Oxygen Tubing - If you are a person who needs to travel 
with oxygen on an airplane, either ask for or take enough 
tubing (plus connectors) with you so that if you need to use 
the restroom, the tubing will be long enough to reach. Don't 
take chances removing the oxygen long enough to go to the 
restroom and get back. It could easily cause fainting or 
passing out.

* Travel Agent to the Rescue - If you travel in a wheelchair, 
book through a travel agent. If you purchase tickets on a 
non-stop or direct flight but the airline does a schedule 
change to a connecting flight, your travel agent can explore 
other options, and can even get you a refund on a non-
refundable ticket. When you make your reservation, volunteer 
information on the type of wheelchair (i.e. manual; electric; 
wet or dry cell). Also, explain exactly how much assistance 
you will need. If the reservations agent is unfamiliar with 
special needs clients, (s)he may not ask - which could result 
in delays or frustration at the airport. 


How Smart Are You?

If you're like me, you always wondered what the heck your
I.Q. is and what an I.Q. test is all about. 

Well, now you can find out. And the best part you can do
it online, now, for free. You'll get the results right away,
too. Have some fun and hopefully you will get to brag :)
VISIT: How Smart Are You 

Program: Northwest WorldPerks
Offer: Earn 20 miles per $1 spent on magazines. 

Choose from over 1,400 magazines with up to 80% savings – 
plus earn 20 miles per $1 spent. Browse popular magazines 
including People, Time, Sports Illustrated, Cooking Light, 
Parenting and more. Show your thoughtfulness for a whole 
year with a gift subscription for Mother's Day, Father's 
Day or for the graduate. Free shipping and all gift orders 
receive a free gift card.

LINK: http://www.nwa.com/mall/offer/books/Magazines.com.html


Program: Worldhotels "Suite Miles and Nights in the City"
Offer: Earn 5,000 miles for every night stay in a member 
hotel suite.  

Worldhotels has launched a two-part promotional program - 
"Suite Miles and Nights in the City" - which rewards guests 
5,000 miles for every night they stay in a member hotel 
suite. The miles are credited to the guest's choice of 12 
frequent flyer programs. The promotion runs through May 31 
and again Sept. 1 through Nov. 30. 

LINK: http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2006/4/emw376767.htm

      This is the Ultimate Tool For any Outdoorsman
   The All Purpose Camping Tool with Mini Survival Kit

Whether you're camping, fishing, hunting or hiking, the All
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When it comes to your safety in the woods, there is no excuse
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All Purpose Camping Tool  

Program: Midwest Miles
Offer: Earn up to 10,000 miles for certain flights from 
Kansas City.

First: ONLY Kansas City-based Midwest Miles members living 
in the 64000-67999 zip code range are eligible to 
participate in this promotion. Between May 1 and Aug. 31, 
eligible Midwest Miles members will earn up to 10,000 bonus 
miles for flights from Kansas City to the following cities: 
Boston; Ft. Lauderdale; Los Angeles (LAX); Milwaukee; New 
York La Guardia; Orlando; Pittsburgh; San Antonio; San 
Francisco; San Diego; Tampa; or Washington, D.C. (DCA). 

LINK: http://www.midwestairlines.com/MAWeb/midwestMiles/mmNewsletterDisplay.aspx?itemId=356


Program: United Mileage Plus
Offer: Earn miles with Grocery Miles. 

From May 1 through June 30, 2006, you can earn an additional 
2,500 bonus miles when you spend $1,500 or more in qualify-
ing purchases with your Club Card at participating Safeway, 
Dominick's, Genuardi's, Pak'n Save, Pavilions and VONS 
stores through Grocery Miles. Miles are awarded for Grocery 
Miles members who spend $1,500 during the promotion period 
only. The 2,500-mile bonus is in addition to the everyday 
miles you'll already be earning.

LINK: https://secure.ualmiles.com/GroceryMiles2.jsp


That's all for this week. Hope you enjoy your travels and   
remember to always be safe!      


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