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What's Up...   

Woo Hoo... thanks to your help, our comments section is live
on the site for everyone. 

You can post or read any comments. And you HAVE to check
out last week's on the Grape Stomper. There are a whole
bunch of them.

This is just going live, so you pretty much will be the
first to comment on most clips.

Have fun and don't forget to rate today's clips, as well
as comment on them.



(Current Rating 4.1  - What will you rate it?) 

You may have heard about a clip of some kids putting this
experiment to music. Well this video is the inspiration for
their hi-jinks...

This is so cool. Of course, I don't think Mom or Dad will 
like it if you do it in the house, but you may want to 
try this outside. Question is, will you ever eat a Mentos 
and then chase it down with a Soda?
WATCH IT NOW: Click Here


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.. Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Watch It Now

Watch It Now


(Current Rating 3.2 - What will you rate it?) 

Probably the most famous clip from the movie is the one
with Jack Nicholson yelling 'You Can't Handle The Truth'
(which we also have on the site)... but this one to me
is also great. I think Tom Cruise does a GREAT impersonation
of Jack in it. 

It's a pivotal moment from the film where Daniel (Tom 
Cruise) gets the idea that Jessup (Jack Nicholson) will 
just admit he ordered a 'Code Red'. The only problem is he 
is not sure how he will get him to do this.
WATCH IT NOW:  A Few Good Men - I Have No Idea


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