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Smash or Trash - Lazy Sunday & Singing Dogs...

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What's Up...   

Well, we have more changes to the site. New colors and a new 
logo. What do you think?

Also our first clip we are featuring is at the larger size.

If you have any problems viewing the clips, please let us


PS on both of the featured videos... don't forget to
Rate them... we want to know what you think.


Parnell & Samberg - Lazy Sunday (SNL)
(Current Rating 4.8  - What will you rate it?) 

This may be the funniest and most clever thing to come
from Saturday Night Live in a very long time. It's one
of the most popular clips and not only is it funny...
it's pretty darn catchy. I find myself singing okay
rapping (which I can't do very well) this song. Also,
this clip has the distinction of being the first at
our new, bigger size. View it by visiting: 
SNL - Lazy Sunday


          NEWS ALERT: What You Don't Know About
          The Birth Control Patch Could Kill You

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           * blood clots      * strokes   
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... Last Week's Clip Rating Results (out of a possible 5) ...   

Get A Yob - Mind of Mencia

Has Bush Fallen Off The Wagon?


Crazy Dogs
(Current Rating 3.6 - What will you rate it?)
My brother just got a dog for the family. It is surprising
because he has always said no when his wife and kids brought
up the subject. Growing up we always had cats in the house.
And my sister-in-law was just dying for a dog and for her
birthday that is the gift he gave her. She said it was the
best gift he ever gave her. His name is Milo and he's 
adorable. So in honor of this event I thought it would be
fun to show a crazy and cute clip on dogs.

As lovable and friendly as they are, sometimes man’s best 
friend can act extremely silly. This compilation of dog 
video clips reminds us just how cute and funny they can be.
View it at: Bush Off The Wagon


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Sudoku, the fiendishly addictive number puzzle game that has 
taken the nation by storm, is now available in electronic
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15,000 different puzzles to solve, eSudoku will give hours 
of satisfaction and game play. And for only $19.99 you can
play your favorite puzzle game anytime, anywhere without a
pencil! Do you have what it takes to become a Sudoku Master? 
Visit: Sudoku Handheld Game

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