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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Jodie's fear of cats, Kanye the travel mogul and more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                                April 2, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

It's my sister's birthday and I can't remember the last time
we got to spend it together.

She's still in town and has decided to stay a bit longer.
My mom is doing much better so there doesn't look like a
need for her to leave and come back.

I have a business trip scheduled for the week of the 14th,
so I was trying to get her to leave and come back... but
we believe my mom's vision will be okay and she will be
able to be on her own.

Soooo... what to do for her birthday! We have a doctor's
appointment for my mom and we will probably just go out
to dinner after that... if my mom is up to it that is.

Anyway, since I will be out most of the day, Jeanie will
once again be covering for me.

Let's get to today's nooz items.



CSI Star William Petersen Signs On for Ninth Season...

William Petersen, the star of hit forensic drama 'CSI:
Crime Scene Investigation', has signed up for a ninth

The 55-year-old, already one of the highest paid TV actors,
will reportedly receive $600,000 per episode.

In the eighth series of CSI, Liev Schreiber stood in for
Petersen in order for him to appear in a production of the
Dublin Carol in Rhode Island.

Petersen is understood to have reached a deal where he only
appears in episodes that allow him to fulfill commitments to
the Christmas-themed play.

CBS, the producers of CSI, were anxious to secure their star
for another series after losing original cast member Jorja
Fox last autumn.


Ludacris & Tommy Lee To Star In Green Reality Show...

Rapper Ludacris and Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee have
teamed up to star in an environmentally-friendly reality
TV show. The odd couple are joining forces for upcoming
program, 'Battleground Earth', which will see the pair
traveling across America fighting against the various
pollutants that are destroying the environment. The 10-
episode Discovery Network show, which premieres in August
of this year, will climax with a climate change awareness
concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

? ? ? ? GUESS WHO ? ? ? ?

This actress is obsessed with house renovations... as a child
she was taught home improvement....Guess Whoooooooooooooooooo

Answer Below



Normal Price: $9.99

Don't let the size fool you... This amazing little flashlight
uses nine of the brightest led bulbs available and is one of the
most energy efficient types of flashlights available today! With
its compact size and light weight design makes it really handy
and portable. It's perfect for camping, travel, boating, home
emergency kits, or even walking the dog! Colors may vary.

- Waterproof - 100,000 hour LEDs - Safety Bell
- 10 mile visibility... - 120 foot effective range
- Anti-shock structure - Takes 3 AAA Batteries (INCLUDED)

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Lion Mauling Left Jodie Foster Fearful of Cats...

Jodie Foster has had a life-long fear of cats since she was
almost mauled to death by a lion when she was eight years
old. The actress was a child star on the set of 1972 movie
'Napoleon And Samantha', when a big cat co-star lashed out
at her. Jodie remembers, "I was walking ahead of him. He was
on an invisible leash, some piano wire. He got sick of me being
slow, picked me up and held me sideways and shook me like a doll.
"I was in shock and thought it was an earthquake. I turned
around and saw the entire crew running off in the other direction.
"The trainer then said, 'Drop it' and he opened his mouth and
dropped me." Jodie insists she had no problem returning to the
set two weeks later and firmly believes the animal spared her
life - but she admits the incident 36 years ago has left her
wary of all kinds of felines. The 45-year-old - who plays a
phobic adventurer in new movie 'Nim's Castle' - told Jay Leno,
"Now cats freak me out a little bit."


Kanye West Launches Travel Firm...

Enterprising rapper Kanye West has launched a new online travel
company to aid fans trying to get to concerts. West's Kanye
Travel Ventures is a venture that marries some of the best
business travel minds and leisure bosses to give music fans
quality packages to concerts and events. Now, fans of the
rapper will be able to customize their trips on the KTV site,
KanyeTravel.com, including purchasing concert tickets and other
performance-related merchandise and events, at the same time as
they are booking their travel reservations.


DIGITAL PHOTO KEYCHAIN (4MB with a 1.1 Screen)

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This is the best way to treasure your precious memories than
with the Mini Digital Photo Keychain.

- Holds as many as 30 photos
- Ultra bright, high-resolution 1.1" color LCD screen.
- Rechargeable internal battery provides up to 3 hours of viewing time.
- Includes a USB Cable for transferring and charging
- Includes software drivers for Windows & MAC

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than giving the grandparents one of these ALREADY loaded with
pictures? That's why we'll give you an additional discount
when you buy two. Grab one for yourself and one as a gift!

DIGITAL PHOTO KEYCHAIN (4MB with a 1.1 Screen)


LOOSE LIPS: "I think I might be the only person left in
Hollywood who has nothing fake about her." - 'Desperate
Housewives' star Teri Hatcher is proud of her decision to
grow old gracefully.

Celebrities of Yesterday & Today at evtv1.com

*-*-* GUESS WHO *-*-*-

The actress who is obsessed with house renovations... as a
child she was taught home improvement?

It's Renee Zellweger... Renee owes her handiwork talents to
her engineer father Emil who made sure she was never too
scared to get involved with his various projects as she was
growing up. She insists she is proficient in car maintenance
as well as home improvements, and always finds an opportunity
to make use of her talents. She says, "He (my father) always
made sure my brother and I knew how to change tires, the oil
and the brake shoes. We built a house together, all of us,
when I was about nine or 10. "We wired it, laid the foundation
and tiled the floors. It's easier than you think. Believe me,
when I'm not working, I'm not afraid to pick up a paintbrush.
I'm always redoing my places.

"During (the filming of 1996 film) Jerry Maguire, I lived in
this little apartment I referred to as the 'crack apartment'.
I got in there with a shovel and redid the whole place while
we were making the movie. "When I told Tom Cruise about it,
he went out and bought me a stereo."

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END OF Celebrity Nooz
Copyright 2008 All rights reserved.

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