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Publication: Celebrity Nooz
Alba marries, Hatcher not happy, Simpsons pay raise & more...

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CELEBRITY NOOZ                                 May 22, 2008

Here's the Scoop....

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Jessica Alba Quietly Marries..

Turns out Jessica's marriage was so hush-hush her brother 
was left stunned at the news. Jessica married on Monday and
her brother had no idea the ceremony had taken place.

Josh Alba found out via US Weekly magazine, and was stunned 
that the couple had not mentioned the secret wedding.

When told of the news by the publication, he couldn't believe 
the news: "My sister!? I'm going to have to call her!"

And when asked if he thought longtime beau Cash Warren was a 
good suitor for the actress, he added, "Well, he's my brother-
in-law now."

The couple was reportedly so desperate to keep the ceremony 
private, they didn't invite any guests - seemingly refraining 
to tell any close family members of their intentions to wed.

Alba and Warren announced their engagement in December, shortly 
after she confirmed she was pregnant with her first child.


Teri Hatcher Not Happy About TV Daughter's Dismissal...
Teri Hatcher has hit out at the producers of 'Desperate 
Housewives' for axing her onscreen daughter from the show.

The actress was devastated when she discovered Andrea Bowen 
would not be a part of the regular cast for the next season.

In the finale, which aired on Sunday, the cast was transported 
five years into the future, and Bowen's character Julie was 
revealed to be a student at Princeton University.

As a result, the character will be absent from the next season 
of the show - and Hatcher thinks that is a mistake.

She tells USA Today newspaper, "She (Bowen) is somebody who I 
have done the majority of my work with for four years. I've 
watched her grow up from 13 to 18, get a driver's license.

"I can't begin to tell you the depths of how impossibly hard 
it is for me to think about her not being there.

"This is a totally producer/network decision that I have 
nothing to do with, and I guess I can go out on a limb and 
say I don't support."

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Eastwood Shoots Down 'Dirty Harry' Rumors...

Clint Eastwood has shot down at rumors that he is planning 
to star in a sixth and final Dirty Harry movie. Appearing 
Tuesday at a news conference at the Cannes Film Festival, 
Eastwood said that the rumors, which first appeared in the 
London tabloid The Sun and spread quickly, were "untrue." 
The actor-director who was in Cannes to promote his latest 
film, 'The Changeling', which is competing for the Palme 
d'Or award, said that he had "no intention" of ever making
another Dirty Harry film. "There are certain things you have 
to be realistic about," Eastwood said, and one of those 
things is that "Dirty Harry wouldn't be on a police depart-
ment at my age." (Eastwood turns 78 on May 31.) 

Asked why he agreed to allow 'The Changeling' to be presented 
as part of the competition (many producers take the position 
that the competition is a risky business) Eastwood, who 
himself presided over the Cannes jury in 1994, remarked that 
playing a film out of competition "is like playing it safe." 

Eastwood's jury selected Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction'
for the Palme d'Or, leading some French critics at the time 
to accuse him of boosting an American film. But Eastwood said 
today that the Tarantino film was not his first choice, "but 
it was collectively the choice of the jury." 


'The Simpsons' Cast Settle Pay Dispute...

The cast of TV 'The Simpsons' have settled an ongoing pay 
dispute with TV bosses - landing a major pay increase 
which will see their earnings rise to $500,000 an episode.

The cartoon's actors, including Dan Castellaneta, Julie 
Kavner and Nancy Cartwright, had been embroiled in lengthy 
negotiations with executives at Fox TV to have their wages 
increased from $320,000 for the next 22 episode series.

But the pay boost has now brought their earnings more in line 
with live action sitcom stars and guaranteed the show will 
return for its 20th season



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The celebrity who used to plaster his face in his mother's 
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It's 'American Idol' judge, Simon Cowell... Simon admits he 
always hated school and went to extreme lengths in order to 
stay at home.

Cowell used to fool his parents into thinking he was sick by 
covering himself in a pale foundation and pretending to be ill.

He says, "I didn't like school so I had a trick - I would put 
my mother's white make-up on. "I'd get a cup of tea, put it on 
my head and tell my parents, 'Not feeling well, feel my 

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