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Publication: Trivia Today
We all scream for ice cream.

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           TRIVIA TODAY - Wednesday, July 23, 2008 
       "Six Items a Day of Enduring Insignificance" 

Greetings Infomaniacs,

Today we are having an "ice cream social" here at work. 
Every month our Staff Association offers little incentives 
like this to thank employees for their hard work. It's 
really nice! So, if you'll excuse me, I have a bowl of ice 
cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles calling my name...



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                    TODAY'S MYSTERY QUOTE 

QUOTE: “I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more 
soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice 

HINT: (1888-1939), American journalist, founded the 
American Newspaper Guild.


                        RANDOM TIDBITS 

The first frozen dessert is credited to Emperor Nero of 
Rome. It was a mixture of snow (which he sent his slaves 
into the mountains to retrieve) and nectar, fruit pulp and 
honey. Another theory is Marco Polo, 13th century bard and 
adventurer, brought with him to Europe from the Far East 
recipes for water ices....said to be used in Asia for 
thousands of years.


Italo Marchiony sold his homemade ice cream from a pushcart 
on Wall Street. He reduced his overhead caused by customers 
breaking or wandering off with his serving glasses by baking 
edible waffle cups with sloping sides and a flat bottom. He 
patented his idea in 1903.


In 1983, Cookies 'N Cream, made with real Oreo cookies, 
became an instant hit, climbing to number five on the list 
of best-selling ice cream flavors. It also holds the 
distinction of being the fastest growing new flavor in the 
history of the ice cream industry.


2-pk Limelight Flush Night Lights...

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The biggest ice cream sundae ever made was 12 feet high and 
made with 4,667 gallons of ice cream and 7,000 pounds of 
toppings in Anaheim, Calif., during 1985.


During the stuffy Victorian period, drinking soda water was 
considered improper, so some towns banned its sale on 
Sundays. An enterprising druggist in Evanston, IN, 
reportedly concocted a legal Sunday alternative containing 
ice cream and syrup, but no soda. To show respect for the 
Sabbath, he later changed the spelling to "sundae."


Dolly Madison created a sensation when she served ice cream 
as a dessert in the White House at the second inaugural ball 
in 1812.


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                  *** Weekly Mind-Scrambler *** 

I come in different shapes and sizes. Part of me are curves,
others are straight. You can put me anywhere you like, but
there is only one right place for me.
What am I?

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email me your complete name and address and I will ship 
your prize. 
Be sure to put "Winner" in the subject line.


QUOTE: “I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more 
soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice 

ANSWER: Heywood C. Broun

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