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          GOLF TIPS - Friday, July 20, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"
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Fellow Duffers,

Do you have any swing trainers? Do you have a heavy club? If
not, then I highly recommend you get one. They are properly
balanced and practcally force you into good positions. They
also build up all the muscles you use in your swing.

Boxers hit heavy bags, football players hit heavy sleds and
golfers should swing a heavy club. It just makes sense.


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How many strokes did you lose your last match by? Now, how
many short putts did you miss in that match? Would you have
won if you had sunk all your five footers? Five feet is not
necessarily short, but you get the picture. If you hone your
2 and 3 footers, then pretty soon you'll be sinking your 5
and 6 footers, and pretty soon you'll be the best putter in
your foursome. Yes--even if you currently stink at putting.
Stop by your local course for 30 to 60 minutes of strictly
putting practice 3 times a week for 4 weeks. I guarantee
you'll lower your score immediately.

Harvey Penick, the legendary teacher from Texas, said, "Golf
should be learned starting at the cup and progressing back
toward the tee. I'm talking about with children. The same thing
applies to adult beginners, but adults think that is too simple.
An adult beginner--especially a man--thinks he's not getting his
money's worth if you ask him to spend an hour sinking short
putts. He wants to pull out his driver and smack it, which is
the very last thing he will learn if he comes to me."


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It's these two specially designed magnets that pair up.

They dance, spin and even "sing"! When you toss them in 
the air they come together making a bizarre vibrating 
"song" that resembles the sound of an insect. 

They make unique conversation pieces, are great for relieving 
stress and they're endlessly fascinating. Order a set for 
yourself and another for a gift. To this day we haven't had 
one person who hasn't been thoroughly mesmerized by them.

Today's Deal of the Day

New studies show that visualization does nearly as much for
aports performance as practice. Say what? I can sit in my
chair and picture myself skiing, or running, or PLAYING GOLF
and I'll get the complete benefit of physical practice?

That's what I'm saying. Close your eyes and think about your
swing. See it. Give it a nice rhythm. Be realistic and perform
as complete a backswing as you ideally can. Square up the
clubface at impact and complete your follow through. Imagine
it. Visualize it repeatedly. See yourself doing it and your
mind will take over when you are actually on the course.
Just take deep breaths, relax and visualize each shot before
stepping in to hit it.

Trouble to the right? Don't say to yourself, "Don't go right.
Don't go right!" That get's your mind thinking about going
right. Instead, close your eyes and visualize the ideal
flight of the ball. Then step in and hit it.

Can We Save The Planet?

We can if we all work together. Living Green is a 
free newsletter that gives you earth-friendly tips 
and practices you can use in your household, school 
or community. 

Jump on board and do your part. It's really easy to
do when you learn some simple and easy-to-follow tips.
Living Green

From Sandy LaBauve

So how do you know if you’re getting it? How do you know if
your swing shape is coming around like you wanted to? How
do you if it’s getting rounded enough? You know what, you
can check your finish. Watch my finish position. Did you
notice how I can finish in balance? How did I do that when
you move through the shot? Especially when you’re hitting
an actual ball and you’re going so fast.

You have to be moving into the shot and getting to your left
side. You notice how my head is staying back a little bit.
My arms are nice and free and their wanting that club to
square up like this. I’m moving on to my left side and that’s
what you need to do to. Your finish will be like a report
card for what you did in your golf swing. If you made a swing
that was too up and down, you’ll probably bobble and your
weight will be on your toes. It won’t be all the way on to
your left side. If you made a swing with all arms and you
didn’t use your body pivot correctly. You’ll probably end up
with a finish where your arms are way low over here and not
finishing up above your shoulder.

When you finish correctly, you should be able to hold your
pose. Your weight should be all the way on the left side,
no weight back on your right. Your hands should be above
your shoulder, those are all good checkpoints. Your club
should be at an angle. All of those indicators tell us that
you’re probably gaining consistency, gaining distance and
hitting a lot of straight shots on the golf course. You’re
going to have fun if you can practice holding your pose.


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THREE Silicone Brushes. These are almost exactly like
the ones you see on TV. The difference? The price! Get
three (3) brushes for less than what you pay for one on
TV or from a store. This was a special buy we pulled off,
but we only got 1250 pieces. Once they're gone, they are
gone for ever. This is below the manufacturer's cost.


From Sandy LaBauve

Now when you get a little farther away from the green, you
have to explore some different shots. You can’t putt the
ball anymore because there’s too many obstacles to go over.
The next safest shot to play is what we call a "pitch and
run shot." It’s a shot where you catch the ball slightly on
the downswing, sometimes the ball rolls a little bit. But
still it’s a safer shot than trying to get the ball to go
way up and stop on a dime. I’ll show you how to hit this shot.

Take the ball and position it in the center of your stance.
Your feet should be pretty narrow and slightly open. That
means the left foot is dropped back and turned out. Use a
regular full swing grip and then when you make your swing
the important thing is to allow your wrist to hinge
naturally on the backswing but hold your finish. Watch a
practice swing. Now you’ll notice that I have a little
pivot here, that’s very important. When you forget the
pivot we’ll tend to flip our wrists and boy will we be
looking at some disasters. That fat shot and that skull
comes out awfully fast.

Let’s watch this when we hit one. I’m stopping the club a
little bit above my waist on the back swing and again
finishing a little below my waist. It helps sometimes if
you‘ll start with your weight favoring a little bit on your
left hand side. Remember, as we’re building a good short
game. First, putt the ball anytime you can. If you can’t
putt the ball, think about a pitch and run shot. Where you
get the golf club to work above the waist on the backswing
and below the waist on the throughswing. Get that pivot in
there so you won’t flip your wrists, it’s real important.
This is a good safe shot to play, your goal here is to get
the ball on the green so you have a chance to two putt
every time and occasionally you’re going to sink that putt
in one. That’s going to really help your score, have some
fun and grow into a good short game.

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