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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, September 19, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

The Fed Ex Cup was great! How exciting. You just know that
Tiger wanted to win the inagural event. And man, was he on
fire in the third round or what? Too bad he fell apart and
shot a 63... Fell apart and shot 63? Only in our dreams.

My kids asked me how I can sit and watch golf on a beautiful

I told them, "It's more than golf. It's excellence. Tiger
Woods is better at golf than any other man is at anything
right now. We're living history, just like when Michael
Jordan played basketball. Woods is one for the ages."

"Hmmm," my daughter said, "it looks like regular golf to me."


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Quit Coming Over the Top

Keep your eyes on the path, not on the ball
By Mike Malaska
Top 100 Teacher

This story is for you if...

 You tend to hit a lot of pulls and pull slices
 You feel the clubhead cutting across the ball at impact
 You know you're supposed to swing inside-out, but can't

The problem

Your clubhead cuts across the ball from outside rather than
approaching it from inside the target line.

How you know you're doing it? Your typical bad miss is a weak
slice, a pull slice or a straight pull.

How to Quit Coming Over the Top

When you lock your eyes on the ball, it's hard to bring the
club to impact from the inside.

Why you're doing it

Your eyes and head are locked on the ball and the target line
as you swing to the top. This causes you to swing directly
down the target line from the top rather than from the inside,
but to get it there you have to throw the club over your right

The solution

It's all in your head - turn it slightly to the right after
you reach the top of your swing. This will put your eyes on
the correct inside-to-out swing path, rather than directly
on the target line. From this position, you're much less
likely to cut across the ball through impact. With minimal
practice, those killer pulls and pull-slices will turn into 
powerful draws.


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Cure a Sudden Case of Midround Slices

By Tom Stickney
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

The Problem

You're sailing through a round, when all of the sudden--whoa!
You slice a tee shot that lands one fairway over, and you
repeat the shot on the next tee.

What you typically do

You become bogged down with too many swing thoughts--Is it my
backswing? My downswing? You should know from experience that
this kind of overthinking never works, and usually just makes
matters worse.

What you should do

Save swing fixes for the practice range and concentrate on
this emergency cure:

As you swing through impact, make a conscious effort to square
up your clubface. If you're wearing a watch on your left wrist,
try to allow an imaginary person standing behind you to see
what time it is immediately following impact. It's a good
trigger to remind you to rotate your forearms through the
hitting area to p revent leaving the clubface open. Aim 10 yards
right of your intended target in case the ball hooks a little.

After your round, forget this quick fix and try to determine
the real cause of your slice. Most likely it's an outside-in
downswing path. That requires more than a Band-Aid. But the
watch trick works and can definitely help you turn a bad
driving day into a decent scoring day.

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Tip of the Day: How to Create Square Impact

Your right hand is in control
By David Glenz
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

The Problem

You can't tell if your clubface is square at impact.

The Solution

If you've taken a proper grip, your right palm should perfectly
mimic the angle of your clubface. This will allow you to use
your right hand as an easy-to-read indicator of exactly what
your clubface is doing at impact: if your hand is pointing right
at impact, your clubface is open; if it's pointing left at
impact, it's closed; if it's pointing at the target, it's square.

A square clubface at impact doesn't guarantee success, but it
gives you a much better chance for it.

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