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Publication: Today's Golf
Want to Shoot Lower?

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          GOLF TIPS - WEdnesday, April 16, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Want to have more fun when playing golf? Then walk your course.
It is the best 5 miles you will have. After walking a couple of
times you won't want to ride anymore...and it's faster...and
you'll shoot lower.

Try it. Walk a couple of times and keep track of your scores.
Then ride a couple of times and compare.

Which worked best and what made you feel better?


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The "Eyes" Have It

We all miss more putts than we think we should. A lot of times
it is simply due to the fact that our eyes are out of position.
If our eyes are too much inside the target line we will
actually see the hole to the right of where it actually causing
the ball to be hit toward the toe of the putter as we attempt
to pull the ball toward the hole. Conversely if our eyes are
outside the target line we see the hole actually left of where
it is causing putts hit toward the heel of the putter in an
attempt to push the ball into the hole. Putts not hit in the
center of the clubface also do not have the energy of a putt
hit on the sweet spot causing major distance control problems.

There are 2 really easy ways to check and correct where your
eyes are at address. The first one is to use a large mirror and
put a 12 inch piece of tape on the mirror. Place a ball on the
tape, take your set up and check where your eyes are. They
should be slightly inside the tape but parallel to it. The
second way is to take your set up and place a ball on the
bridge of your nose and drop the ball. The dropped ball should
hit the inside edge of the golf ball to the heel of the putter.

Kevin Weeks is Director of Instruction at Cog Hill Golf & CC in
Lemont, IL. Kevin was the 2005 Illinois Section Teacher of the
Year and is the number 2 ranked instructor in the State of
Illinois by Golf Digest Magazine. 


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By Donald Crawley, PGA Professional

Using one basic motion, you can eliminate guess-work and hit
the ball close from just about any greenside situation. I call
this the, "chitch," because it combines the low chip-and-run
with a higher pitch shot. Its trajectory is in between, which
makes it a great go-to short-game play.

When to play the chitch

You can hit this shot inside 30 yards of the green or whenever
you have some green to work with and the ball is not in sand 
or deep rough.

Club selection:

You should choose a club based on the carry-to-roll ration you
need. To fly the ball half the total distance and let it roll
the final half, use pitching wedge.

PW = 50 percent air, 50 percent roll

SW = 70 percent air, 30 percent roll

A 9- or 8-iron will carry about one-third the distance to the
hole and roll about two-thirds.

8-iron = 35 percent air, 65 percent roll

I recommend taking no more than a 7-iron, which should fly the
ball about a quarter of the way.

7 iron = 25 percent air, 75 percent roll


Play the ball one inch back from the middle of your stance,
because the chitch should always roll a little. Your hands
should be in line with your left heel so the shaft of the club
leans forward. Put 60 percent of your weight on your front
foot. This setup encourages you to make contact while the club
is descending.

The chitch swing:

Keep the hands soft with a light grip pressure. Arms will swing
back with a little shoulder turn and a partial wrist hinge. Let
the arms and handle lead the clubhead in the downswing. As
the leading edge of the club strikes the bottom of the ball
allow the legs and tummy to turn through the shot. The length
of the follow through should be the same length as the backswing.
I call this a, 'soft but dead hands chitch,' which will be a
score saver, and a one do-it-all shot around the green.

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This from "Ask Th PGA Expert"
Instruction -- Bill Forrest, 2006 PGA Teacher of the Year

I am looking for a practice routine that I should follow at the
driving range. I am a high handycapper (aprox +20). I can only
practice about once a week. Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks, Jeffrey

Jeffery: Take an hour out of your day and use it in this manner;

putt - 15 minutes (10 minutes on putts 6 feet or less)
chip (7 iron) - 5 minutes
lofted chips (PW) - 5 minutes
pitches (LW) - 10 minutes.........2 different types
bunker (LW) - 5 minutes
Total - 40 minutes
The remainder (20 minutes) of your practice session is on the
range, beginning with short clubs, short swings to hit short
shots and ending with long clubs, long swings to hit long shots.
SW/PW - half swings
7/8 iron - half swings
4/5/6 iron - 3/4 swings
Fairway wood - full swings
Driver/3 wood - full swings
Always divide your balls into fifths.
That's your hour, practice with a purpose.

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