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Publication: Today's Golf
The Secret

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, August 8, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

Did you ever play high school or college sports? If you did
then you know that a major part of the program is performing
drills.  Drills, drills, drills. Every sport has a drill for
every move, motion, shot or play. An in organized sports we
do drills until the thing being drilled is second nature--we
do drills until it is drilled into us.

Now, why don't we do that for our golf game? Yes, we're a bit
older, a bit busier--maybe even a bit flabbier, but I must
believe that if we are taking the time to study this game then
that means we are dedicated to getting better. So my personal
goal moving forward is to be more diligent in drilling my
short game. 100 yards all the way into the cup. That's what
I want to do. What comes to mind is when someone asked Ben
Hogan  for the "secret."

Hogan looked at the guy and said, "The secret's in the dirt."


Sports Videos From EVTV1.com
Sports Videos

Bill Forest from Troon Country Club has a putting drill that
will help you stop three putting. He says to take 10 balls 
to the putting green, stand 20 feet away from the hole and
lag the first ball all the way to the hole.

The next ball should be 2 feet short of the first ball. The
next ball two feet short of that ball, and so on. If one of
your putts passes the previous put then start all over.

Bill calls this "The Ladder Drill" and says it helps put an
end to the total focus on the line, but makes you more aware
of the speed of the putt. He promises that if you get a feel
for distance, then your putts per round will immediately

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Here's a quick little tip that I'm dying to test. This flies in
the face of all the "ball first" contact that we always read
about, but hey, I'll try anything that could get me closer to
the hole.

Play Fat-Free Chips

By Rick Grayson
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Back in the day, when you wanted to rat out someone who was
giving you trouble, you "dropped a dime" on them. With this
drill you can drop a dime on trouble and clean up your short
game on long chips and short pitches, up to about 60 yards.

To banish fat and thin wedges for good, place a dime three
inches behind your ball and think "shallow" back and through.
You want to hit the dime and the ball. Don't sweat a few chunks
at first - that means you're a little steep. Keep at it and
you'll soon groove a reliable path that offers a huge margin of
error, and always - always! - gets the ball airborne.

Drop a dime a few inches behind your ball, grab a wedge and
swing back with your arms and shoulders, as with a long putting
stroke. Hit the dime first--and accelerate through. The coin
pops up, but the shallow path and the wedge's bounce let the
club slide toward the ball, as if on skis. You'll never miss

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Driving Tips from Dave Pelz? The short game guru goes long.

I have edited his article because it is too long for this

Why your numbers are bad

1. PROS don't lose balance - or change foot position - until
they complete their swing and walk away.

YOU swing your driver so hard you fall off balance. (While
the players we measured rarely did this on practice swings,
it was almost the norm on real tee shots.)

2. PROS rarely swing their driver at 100 percent.

YOU try to hit the ball as far as you can with your driver,
trying to squeeze every inch possible out of your swing.
(In interviews, most of the amateurs answered 'as far as I
can' when asked how far they expected to hit their drives.
Although they usually laughed when they said this, I believe
they meant it.)

3. PROS aim down the right or left sides of the fairway,
anticipating that the ball will draw or fade back to the

YOU have no bias in aim direction, nor do you favor a side
of the tee box to compensate for your tendency to hit drives
left or right of your setup alignment.
(The amateurs we measured consistently teed the ball in the
center of the tee box and aimed straight down the middle of
the fairway.)

How to make them better

Throttle back
Commit to "swinging within yourself" and finishing in balance
without moving your feet. This may mean using only 85 to 90
percent of your available power (or effort), but your results
will improve because of it. Good balance is fundamental to
good golf. You can't hit drives repeatedly in the fairway
without it.

Favor the fade
Aim left if you usually slice. I know you don't want to play
for a slice and you'd rather take a chance on hitting one
straight (or even with a draw), but this attitude hurts your
scores. Always play the best you can with the game you brought
to the course that day. If you want to eliminate your slice,
work on it during practice at the range. On the course, aim
down the left side and get your drives to stop in the short

Hit for accuracy
Do whatever it takes to hit the fairway, even if that means
hitting 3-wood or a hybrid off the tee. If you give up 10
percent of distance for 10 percent more accuracy, you'll
shoot lower scores.


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Your big problem
You hit par-3 tee shots off the toe of your iron

My New Research on PLAYING PAR 3s
Under-clubbing, toed shots and target selection are your


Club Selection
Pros have a big advantage from 190 yards; not only are
their swings better, they also use shorter clubs.

Why your numbers are bad

1. PROS make contact in the center of the clubface more often,
making it easier to control the distance they hit their shots.

YOU make contact out on the toe of the clubface. As a result,
variable and less than maximum energy is transferred from club
to ball.
(More than 90 percent of the amateurs came up short of the
flagstick, no matter what club they used.)

2. PROS know how far they hit each club in their bag, and
seldom overestimate how much distance they will generate with
the club they select.

YOU select clubs based on an expectation of hitting them almost
perfectly and having the ball carry precisely to the hole. The
problem is, most amateurs don't hit perfect shots very often.
(Even the amateurs who hit a solid tee shot mostly came up
short of the hole.)

3. PROS calculate pin position and hazard locations when
selecting their landing targets.

YOU aim directly at the flagstick regardless of how close
hazards are to the target. (Since most of the amateurs' shots
came up short, many landed in the hazard.)

How to make them better

Cut out your cut
As you swing through the hitting zone, move your clubhead down
and out toward the target. This will curb your tendency to cut
across the ball and hit it on the toe. Practice this by hitting
balls from three inches inside a three-foot-long two-by-four
piece of wood aimed exactly at your target.

Go long
Select the club that will get you to the back edge of the green.
The ball will end up past the flagstick if you catch it pure,
but no harm done since your shots are rarely straight enough
for you to make the next putt anyway. Choosing a stronger club
will carry your average shots closer to the hole, leave shorter
putts and keep you out of hazards short of the green.

Be a scatter-brain
Imagine hitting 100 balls to a par 3; which pattern would your
shots fall into? From now on when you play a par 3, look for
the safest area on the green for your shot pattern (not you
perfect shot) to fall into, no matter where the flag is. 

More from Pelz in next week's edition...

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