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Publication: Today's Golf
Summer Dreams

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          GOLF TIPS - Thursday, February 7, 2008
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

I can't remember a winter with this much snow since I was a kid.
Normally there is at least one golfable day that falls on a
weekend every month of the winter. Not so this year. It started
snowing in the fall and hasn't stopped since. I have been
swinging in my bedroom, though. I made a little paper ball and
I've been hitting it with my 3 iron. Smooth and easy. Smooth and
easy. All the while trying to maintain my wrist cock as long as
possible. Smooth ands easy.

I'm going low this summer.


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Hip Turn in the Golf Swing
By Mike LaBauve

Let’s talk about your hip turn in your golf swing. I want you to
watch me throw a couple of balls first, watch what my hips do.
As my arms throw around in a circle, I am just rolling them on
the ground as if I was throwing some kids ground balls, you can
see how my arms travel around my body, my shoulders turn and my
hips turn also.

Now if you look at it on camera you might notice that my hips
might start first, or I might step first and everything rolls
around, but actually that is not the intent. I am just trying to
throw the ball around in a circle. The same thing happens in a
golf swing. If you are trying to swing the club more down the
line, like more of a two-plane swing, you will see more of a
tilt, a slide and a bump as you go to the left. As I turn
face-on for you it will look more like the hips sliding forward
as you get to your left side. Whereas in a one-plane motion as
the arms are turning around you will see the shoulders turn
around and likewise you will see the hips turn around and then
you post up on the left leg.

So let your arms go in a circle if you are trying to do your
one-plane motion and everything will move right on around into
a full finish. I promise you that you will hit it a lot better.

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Short Simple Swing
By Mike LaBauve

I have a great tip for you to try to shorten your swing. There
are a lot golfers that complain about getting too long and
casting from the top, and if you are swinging too much up and
down it is very easy to get too long. You can see if I take my
arms straight back I can almost put my club straight down my
back if I wanted to.

So here is what I want you to do. Standing straight up and
holding your club straight out in front of you take your club
and swing it level to the ground. Now if you swing it around
you, you will notice that you run right into your body. You can
not swing it back and farther than that. If I turn and face you
this is as far as I can go back, I have made a 90-degree turn
and this is as far as I can swing my arms back, they will not
go any farther. From there if you bend over a little bit I will
still be up against my body.

So swing your arms around on the backswing side, swing them
around on the follow-through side and you will not believe how
much shorter you will feel. You will feel like you are making a
half swing. But that is as far as the arms will go and you will
have plenty of power and much more consistency from there. Give
it a try.


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Driving It Long and Straight
By Mike LaBauve

If you need more distance and you are tired of slicing your
driver, this tip is for you. In all probability you are trying to
swing your driver on too straight a line. The club is going 
straight back along the target line and up in the air and then
back down again. That causes the clubface to open as it comes
through the golf ball.

I want you to try something. If you have been looking at the same
videotape over and over again, if you had your swing videotaped, we
see it all the time as teachers; the club is coming down too steep.
Let’s try this. I want you to bend over more than you ever thought
possible and then I want you to take the club and your arms and put
them in your back pocket. I have students do this all the time and
they do not even come close.

As a matter of fact, when they look at it on camera it looks perfect.
So bend over as much as you can, take your arms and put them back
in as flat as you can in your back pocket and then swing it around
to the other side as round as you can. I am going to exaggerate 
one for you, I am bent over and I am swinging flat back and flat
around. I just smoked that one right down the middle. You will too,
give it a try. If you end up topping the golf ball there is a good
probability that you swung it around, but you were not bent over
enough. Stay bent over, swing it around, give it a hit and go find
your ball way down the fairway. I promise it will work.

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