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Publication: Today's Golf
Pretty Colors Cause Pain!

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          GOLF TIPS - Wednesday, October 10, 2007
 "Tips... News... And More... All For The Love Of The Game"

Fellow Duffers,

The days grow short and the leaves are changing. This makes for
difficulty when trying to find your ball that is not in the
fairway! I wish I had time to play during the week. It hurts me
to drive by the empty courses on my way to the office, but then
on the weekend when I want to play, the parking lots are full
and it's a 5 1/2 round. Sometimes those extra two hours takes
the fun out of it.


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Turning Your Body
By David Glenz

Shoulder turn, it’s a concept you all think you should have and you
think that is where your power emanates from. Everybody talks about
the big shoulder turn for more power. Most of you are going to
misuse this as a concept, it will get your swing very top heavy
with a lot of over the top movement coming from your shoulders and
upper arms.

As an example, I can actually turn my shoulders 45 degrees and I
don’t even stretch the muscles across my sides or in my lower back
at all. Where we really want you focused is more with the center of
your body. There are a couple of movements your body should make.

The center of your body should move back into the right leg and
forward into the left as you go back and forth with your swing.
Additionally, the center should also rotate as it is moving back
and then driving into the front leg. What you will notice when I do
this is that my shoulders do rotate as I am coiling and unwinding.

But as a concept let’s get you out of the shoulder area and get you
using the center of your body as the coiling point of the swing. It
is going to give you much better timing sense with your hands in
relation to the body. As far as a drill practice this. Put your
hand on your center, around your stomach area, and practice this
rotating movement and make it a back and through movement, it is a
key element to the golf swing and it is one that is going to
provide more energy and better contact to your golf shots.

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Ball Position Routine
By John Webster

Hello, my name is John Webster, Master Instructor for Jim McLean
at the Doral Resort and Spa. As you know, great players do not
keep one ball position; they move it around for various shots.
Here is one simple way to make sure you know where the ball
should be positioned for these different shots.

For chipping and pitching, you step in with your right foot
behind the ball, leave it there, and then bring your left foot
in and forward just a bit. This keeps the ball back of center.
As you walk in for a mid-iron, you step in with your right foot
behind the ball, bring in your left foot in front of the ball,
and then take equal steps back and forward with your left and
right feet. Now the ball should be fairly well-centered. As you 
walk in for a driver, step in with the right foot, bring in the
left and take a big step to the right with your right foot, 
leaving your left in its original position.

So just to review, for chipping or pitching the right foot comes
in, stays there, and then you move in with the left. For
mid-irons, right foot in, then equal steps back and forward with
the left and right foot, and for driving, right foot in, left
foot stays, and then a big step back with the right foot.

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I know I've run this tip before, but it's so important that
I want to run it again.

Analyze Your Impact
By Hank Haney

I want to give you some tips on how you can analyze your impact
with the golf ball and what you can do to make it better. The
only purpose of the golf swing is to return the golf club to
the golf ball, squarely with the proper angle of approach so
that you can contact the ball with the center of the face and
the ball and the turf at the same time.

When you hit into the golf ball, ideally the back of your left
hand should be flat at impact. Your weight primarily on your
left side and your hands pressed forward. You are contacting
the ball and then the turf. Now how do you know if your impact
is not correct?

If your golf ball is flying too high you are hitting with your
hands collapsed. If the ball is too low you have the clubface
hooded too much, maybe your left hand is bowed down too much
and the clubface is delofted. If you are hitting to the right
you are hitting with the side of your hand instead of the back
of your hand. If you are hitting to the left your hands are
turned over, cupped with the wrist forward or rotated over too
much, that is causing you to hit the outside part of the golf
ball and hook it.

Ideally the back of the left hand should be facing your target
at impact; that is your key. If you can return the back of the
left hand to face the target at impact you are going to have a
straight shot with the proper trajectory. Too high you are
hitting on the collapse, too low you are bowing it down too
much. To the right, with the side of the hand, to the left,
turning your hands over too much. Back of the left hand, square
to the target at impact and that is where your shots are going
to go.

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